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Pop 5: Most Educational Islands

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Hey Poptropicans, it’s Purple Claw, and today I’ve got a Pop 5 list for Poptropica’s most educational islands! Previously, I made a post asking which Poptropica (Original or Worlds) was more educational, and [spoiler alert] Original won that round.

So now, I’ve made a list of top 5 educational islands, all from Pop Original! Keep in mind that this list is just my opinion, and it may contain spoilers. That said, let’s get into it!



Counterfeit Island is really well-made, with lots and lots of art, a really exciting mystery, and a super cool villain (#BlackWidowFTW). Also the Balloon Boy long-running gag started on this very island, so you can blame Counterfeit Island for the whole “dearest Balloon Boy” thing in new Poptropica Worlds trailer.

The most educational thing about this island were, of course, the art pieces at the art museum. That’ll probably help you a bit in class, in case a teacher that lame asks you about a painting and who made it, and if you know it because you saw it on Poptropica, you’re in luck! If you didn’t get that info from Pop, well… kudos to you. If you didn’t know the answer at all… then… you’re on your own.

I’m getting off track here… so let’s continue on, shall we?



Hear me out on this one. I’m aware that this island is hated by, like, most of the community because of its glitches and its overall grossness, but it can still be educational.

Basically, on this island you travel through a person’s body to kill a deadly virus. In your adventures, you travel through different parts of a human’s body, such as the heart and brain, plus you learn how dangerous deadly viruses can be. It could be more informative, but it’s a decent start.

Still, I must say, this island isn’t really that well made. The bright colors sometimes hurt my eyes, plus the difficulty is extremely hard and a bit annoying at times. But overall, it’s not half bad.



Red Dragon Island is one of Poptropica’s most popular islands, and for good reason. It’s visually great, the story is really interesting (though it’s inspired by a non-Poptropica book), the platforming is fun and not too frustrating, and it’s also pretty educational.

It’s a really beautiful island which introduces us to good ol’ ancient Japan and its culture. From sumo wrestling, to helping random strangers, writing Japanese characters, catching mythical river demons, snipping meticulously at bonsai trees (that’s sorta educational, right?), to fighting Japanese dragons – this island is full of interesting tidbits!



While I think Time Tangled is a bit, well, overrated, there’s no denying it’s one of Poptropica’s most educational islands. I mean, when you go back in time to various periods of history, there’s just so much to see.

You go to Mount Everest, to Ancient Greece, to all sorts of places to repair the future, but while you’re doing that, you actually learn something. The new SUI version doesn’t have those Fact Monster bubbles I mentioned in a previous post (thankfully), but even still, you might pick up a new fact or two as you explore these historical environments.

However, there’s a glitch to play the non-SUI version of Time Tangled, with all the Fact Monster bubbles. To activate it, make sure you have the time device given to you by your older self, then go into the Party Time Tower common room, use the device to go to any time period, and voila! The whole island will be a non-SUI! (Special thanks to Tall Melon for reminding me about it!)



Ah, Mythology Island! This island intrigued me, not just because of the wonderful storyline and the visually great graphics, but because I learned a whole lot about Greek mythology too!

As some of you might know, I was born in Greece. I learned a little about Greek mythology in third grade, but not much, so it was really cool to explore it more in Poptropica.

Everything about this island is educational, and really fun at the same time. There’s the museum of Olympus (which has info about various Greek gods and goddesses), Aphrodite’s minigame where you’re supposed to guess the deities’ names, and all the mythical creatures you get to meet. The whole island is really well thought-out!

I congratulate Poptropica for making islands that are both educational and really fun at the same time. They really can appeal to everyone!

If you enjoyed reading this post, check out the original post on Clawtropica, and browse the blog for even more cool content.

Thanks for reading! I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

🐾 Purple Claw 🐾

20 thoughts on “Pop 5: Most Educational Islands”

  1. Bruh, someone should make a top ten/five islands we want to see remastered in Pop Worlds.

    5. Shark Tooth/ Early Pop- Cuz of nostalgia

    4. Wild West- Cuz of possible cool western music, and it’s an awesome island

    3. Red Dragon- Cuz it’s a great island, especially the ninja and dragon stuff at the end

    2. Spy Island- Cuz it’s my favorite island

    1. Super Villain- Cuz of the epic music that could be there! (Ex. In the boss/challenge in Binary Bards mind, I think of the Super Mario Galaxy last boss but without the opera)

  2. Meh, unless you consider taking Art History, I doubt you’d be asked anything from Counterfeit. To me, Time Tangled is the most educational. You mentioned that you would have disliked the Fact Monster bubbles if they had been there when you played, but in actuality (as someone’s who played the island when they were there) they never really interrupted the flow of the story and it was rather hard to click on them in the first place. They really did add a new layer of education to the island.

    Other than that, yeah, I agree. Red Dragon and Mythology are pretty nice, and I’m actually one of three people who really like Virus Hunter Island and never had a problem with it in terms of glitches.

  3. I think the most educational one is time tangled.mythology is also educational if you take greek mythology classes.counterfeit if you take art.the other two are not that educational.

    1. As DJAlexaHattomi said (I’ll call him Vampi), Red Dragon’s much more educational than you think. Everything is about Japanese mythology and its culture, which is really interesting AND educational. With Virus Hunter you can also learn more about different body parts, and how deadly viruses can be. Not everything educational has to help you in school. 😉

  4. I mean, Red Dragon’s more educational than you think. Everything that happens when you get in Japan can somehow be linked to Japanese mythology. (Examples: the ninja teachings are relatable to the way of the Ninja in Japanese mythology; the Sun and the Moon are relatable to the Sun Goddess Amaterasu and the Moon God Tsuki-Yomi; much more could be said.)

      1. If you want to get more into Japanese mythology, I’d try watching Gaijin Goombah’s Okami video trilogy. It’s back from during his second anniversary on YouTube some many years ago, but it’s still cool to watch. (Spoiler alert: my favorite YouTuber talks a specific thing in the second episode.)

  5. Well, the costume contest winners are here and whats even better is that they are goin to be in the original Pop!

    Although I have some bad feelings of controversy if you know what I mean. (pay to play)

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