Memoirs from Cars

Hey Poptropicans, it’s Slanted Fish!

Today’s post is brought to you by Disney’s Cars, which is coming out with its third movie in theaters June 16. It’s the first ever ad on the new Poptropica Worlds, and you can find it on Home Island by the wheel as well as on your TV screen inside your house! Watch the quick video, and you’ll be rewarded with a Lightning McQueen hat. (Note: This ad may not appear for all players as it appears to be region-specific.)


Thanks goes to Young Hippo for the images above.

If you’re lucky, you may also come across this ad on original Poptropica, right on Home Island! You can go inside and play a Cars 3 racing game as one of three characters: Cruz Ramirez, Lightning McQueen, or Jackson Storm. Avoid obstacles and get the boosts to make it to the finish line first, and if you win, you’ll get a Racing Outfit and Lightning Power!


Credit goes to idk, Mom on the Side, and Hyper Gamer for the pictures above.

Interestingly, Mom on the Side – whose blog post was retweeted by Poptropica – writes: “Disney is the official exclusive launch partner of Poptropica Worlds!” Well, Disney has often advertised with Poptropica in the past, but this declaration of being the exclusive partner seems to imply that they are the only ones now, and/or that they might hold some share of Poptropica. However, considering that the blogger also mentions that the Cars 3 game is on Worlds, when it is currently only on the original Poptropica, perhaps we should regard this information a little dubiously.

UPDATE: Poptropica has left a comment on this post to clarify that the quoted statement above “means that Disney is our first and only advertiser on Poptropica Worlds. No other ads will run at the same time as the Cars 3 ads.”

Back on Worlds, if you go to decorate your house, you’ll find a new Cars 3 poster waiting for you among your wall decorations. (Now if only they’d fix the problem where furniture items being purchased aren’t showing in the decor options…)

cars poster

Anyway, have fun with your brand-new red hat with eyeballs and road-ripping action poster! Ride with caution, Poptropicans, and keep popping!


15 thoughts on “Memoirs from Cars”

    1. There have been instances of annoying ads (think accidental sidebar clicking or long in-between scenes solely for ads), but on the whole, they’re not too bad. 😛

      1. You mean like how one super power granted to ad-watchers made my character fly around continually and for no reason, prevented her from talking to other people in the common room due to the inability to stay on the ground for more than two seconds, and turned her into A BOY when she finally left? And the worst part was it wasn’t even my power (I never watched the ad)–other people in the room were using it and somehow I got affected.

    1. No, mommy blogs are going to ruin the game. Or at least ruin it for me…
      If you want to know what I’m talking about, ask me and I’ll send you the link on Discord.

  1. I want to watch Cars 3 so bad. Have you guys seen the trailer? And by the way why does it matter if you’re in a different region or something to get the Cars 3 ad

  2. Hi everyone! To clarify, the statement “Disney is the official exclusive launch partner of Poptropica Worlds” means that Disney is our first and only advertiser on Poptropica Worlds. No other ads will run at the same time as the Cars 3 ads.

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