Galactic Hot Dogs Island

Grilled Cheese for Galactic Hot Dogs Island

Hey Poptropicans, it’s Slanted Fish, and today’s menu brings us grilled cheese and neon wieners! That’s right… it’s time for some Galactic Hot Dogs.

This weekend on the Creators’ Blog, while we were busy with our April Fools prank, Poptropica shared some behind-the-scenes goodies for Galactic Hot Dogs Island, as it was one of March’s Islands of the Month. Let’s take a look.

First, as they do with every island, the artists working on GHD Island had to follow a style guide to keep the overall look consistent as they created their creepy monsters and planetary paradises. As you can see below, this included using a thick black 2-point line on foreground objects (unique among the Poptropica islands), and a suggested font by the name of Grilled Cheese! Yum. Check it out below (click to enlarge):

Also, if you look closely at the stand-in character, he’s carrying an unused green bag that says “P-Con 2014,” along with a badge to match it. Probably an early prototype. What other interesting things did you find in there?

Anyway, after finalizing their designs, the next step for the artists was to test out the animations. We’re not able to embed them here on the PHB, but you can check out the little videos over on the Creators’ Blog post.

We also get to see this delightfully disgusting drawing of the zombie space pirate:

Neat-o. Well, that’s about all for the Earthly Cool Cats – uh, I mean Galactic Hot Dogs. GHD is no longer an Island of the Month – yes, we know we’re a little late on this news, but hey… so were the Creators. 😉

Anyway, as it’s Wimpy Kid Month, the current IOTMs are Wimpy Wonderland and Wimpy Boardwalk – which will be open to everyone for the month of April, so get on it!

Stay popping, Poptropicans!


16 thoughts on “Grilled Cheese for Galactic Hot Dogs Island”

      1. Or even putting a hot dog wiener in between slices of toast. My stepdad does that, he says it’s just as delicious, but I’m not a toast kinda person

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