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Movie Theater: Coming Soon!

Hey everyone, it’s Perfect Sky.

As I logged on to Poptropica this morning, I noticed that something pretty exciting – with a very bright, eye-catching design – had just popped up on Home Island: a Movie Theater!

movie theater

“Movies” coming soon to Home Island? Yup, that’s what it looks like, and I have a few guesses as to what these movies could be. But before we get into the theories, shoutout to Fierce Flyer for being the first blogger to notice and post about this update!

Now, we don’t know what exactly this will entail, but the wheel guy beside it has hinted that whatever it is, it’ll be free (though not the popcorn):

movie theater 2

Now, while we’re waiting for the theater to open, let’s take a moment to consider some possibilities for the content of the movies.   

Island Trailers:

Although the current map provides short written summaries for every island, and yes, I know the Creators have already made island trailers, new players would be more likely to find these trailers if they were accessible right there on Home Island. So, some (probably not all) of these movies may be already-existing island trailers.


Is it really a movie theater, or just the official ad hub? This probably isn’t the case, but I’ve seen many other online games add “movie theaters” filled with advertisement videos and nothing else, where watching an ad gives the player some kind of prize. If the Pop movie theater does feature ad videos, hopefully it will be in addition to other movies. If not, then  I’m sure the Creators could at least think of some awesome prizes.

Poptropica Cartoons:

It would be pretty cool if the movie theater had cartoons, not necessarily following the plot of any island, starring classic Pop characters. Also, the Creators might even use this as an opportunity to introduce new characters, whether those characters would eventually appear in future islands or just movies.

Previously Mentioned Movies:

The theater may feature some movies that have already been mentioned previously through in-game posters, such as “Night of the Living Carrots.”

previously mentioned pop movies

It’s also possible that the same movies won’t be playing all the time. Just as the availability of certain items in the Poptropica Store rotates in a cycle, it may be the same for movies.

Some things to consider

Regardless of what these movies consist of, there are a few things to consider in order to keep any expectations more realistic.

  • The Creators obviously can’t make long, complex, full length films free of charge, so these movies definitely wouldn’t be very long.
  • Although movie tickets are apparently free according to the guy by the wheel, popcorn, which I’m assuming would be a handheld item players can carry around, costs “like a bazillion coins.” Since credits are much easier to obtain in larger quantities now, it makes sense that there would be some kind of other fee to pay upon entering the theater, but this would probably only apply to non-members. The theater itself is free, but any other items available for purchase within the theater may be really expensive.
  • The theater probably won’t have many movies available on opening day. I mean, it could, but I wouldn’t be surprised if only a few movies release at first, and if new movies only release one at a time. After all, the Creators are also busy with much bigger projects like Poptropica Worlds.

Well that’s all for my theories, and of course, I may be totally wrong. Share your thoughts on the movie theater in the comments below!

-Perfect Sky ✨

21 thoughts on “Movie Theater: Coming Soon!”

  1. Cool, but don’t you think Home Island is kind of running out of space since they’re adding a bunch of stuff? It could use some expanding, because that’s where the Wheel Deal use to be. 😦

    1. Yeah, the wheel is still there, but the area is starting to look more crowded. An expansion would definitely be needed if they plan to add more buildings to Home Island

      1. Or the current buildings could be shrunk. That’s what they did to the shop in order to fit the theater in.

  2. I wonder if they’ll carry over the concept of the movie theater to Poptropica Worlds? This seems like a great idea if they have mini-cartoons or prizes to spice up the game, either way it’s worth waiting for.

  3. You want to know what the home islands should add, you know how the home page was removed? There should be a place where it puts the Pop quizzes. Creators why don’t you do that????

      1. For the new people they will not be able to answer the Pop quizzes. Think about it. you can only answer pop quizzes in the home page but they removed it.

  4. I’m excited for the movie theater. I wonder what it will be like. The guy at the wheel gave me an idea that maybe we can watch movies or something and have popcorn with it! Yummmm…… :3

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