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Of Bucktoothed Bunnies and Binary Boots

Hey Poptropicans!

Dr. Hare has taken over the world again! Well… his face has, and by “world” we mean “Poptropica’s social media.” Check out the rad new profile picture on Pop’s social accounts! It’s got some pretty smooth and stylized lines and highlights, again possibly to be seen in the upcoming Poptropica Worlds.


It’s even made its way to the side of the Creators’ Blog:


This tweet from Poptropica confirms that this will be the new face of their social media, but also that they plan to rotate the selection of icons, which means we may see another villain featured in the future:

For more social media shenanigans, check out their latest Snapchat snaps, recapped here.

Speaking of Poptropica Worlds style, there’s been a leak for another familiar face (and body and limbs): Binary Bard, with fingers, thicker arms and legs, and snazzy jester boots! Credit goes to the Poptropica Skunk Blog and an anonymous glitcher for sharing this interesting find. (Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee whether or not this is real.)


While we wait for more exciting news to develop, glitcher idk has continued to poke around in Poptropica’s unused files and discovered a few things.

First, there’s the unused idea of interacting with NPCs (non-player characters) the way you would with players in a common room, by asking them questions, costumizing, or friending. The chat options are like the ones you get in common rooms, and you’ll even get a response. Check out this video for a closer look at this in action.


idk also found versions of SUI items (SUI meaning sound-updated island) in non-SUI form, including items from Monster Carnival, Virus Hunter, and Mocktropica, as well as medallions from the latter two plus Beta Carrotene. These medallions also came with a secret island reset window, which looks like this (however, clicking yes will only lock the game):


And recalling an earlier find, a mysterious unused amulet from Vampire’s Curse, it turns out this item glows as well! That’ll keep those vampires away, I guess…


Anyway, that’s all for now! Stay popping, Poptropicans!


10 thoughts on “Of Bucktoothed Bunnies and Binary Boots”

  1. The Poptropica Worlds art style looks a little weird… Oh well. Though interacting with the NPCs looks kind of cool. Anyway, I’m intrigued to see more!

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