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15 Poptropica Characters That Truly POP!

(Hey Poptropicans! This is a guest post written by Teen Arachnid, in which he shares his favorite Poptropica characters. Note that this post is purely his opinion. With that said, enjoy! –🐠)


Hey y’all! It’s Teen Arachnid, and I’m here to share my Top (or Pop) 15 favorite Poptropica characters! The list will include their names (of course), pictures, and what Islands they appear on. I’d like to thank the PHB’s Poptropica Wiki for most of my information and the pictures.

This will be a list that goes by in descending order, from 15 (favorite) to 1 (FAVORITE!) Players like you and me are not qualified for this list. Before I begin, here are some honorable mentions (HMs) that didn’t make it to my top fifteen…

HM: Hestia (Mythology Island)

Since she is in statue form on Mythology Island, I had to put her in Honorable Mention. However, if she was in normal Poptropican form, she would’ve been in my Top 3. Why? Because Hestia is one of my favorite Greek gods, mainly because many people don’t know or like her, which makes me feel sympathetic. Plus, she is the Greek goddess of hearth, which means “floor of fireplace”, which means warmth during the cold times – isn’t that awesome?


HM: Tessa Turncoat (PoptropiCon, Episodes 1–3)

I used to be obsessed with this character, but not so much now. However, since I used to adore her, I had to give her a spot in Honorable Mention.


HM: Bearded Townie (Cryptids Island)

Even though he is just a normal civilian, I just always loved seeing him on the Main Street of Cryptids Island. Plus, I love his simple but stylish design.

bearded-townieNow, onto the main part of the list….

15: Flo (24 Carrot Island)

Flo, the waitress in the Carrot King Diner, is really cool. She reminds me of the classic sassy waitress in the old-timey diners. Also, she carries a pitcher of milk! I love milk!



14: Queen of Arturus (Astro Knights Island)

The Queen of Arturus is kinda cool. I just adore her costume and design. Not to mention, she is royalty! Obey the queen! Hmmm… Hashtag moment! Comment down below #ObeyTheQueen if you think the Queen of Arturus is cool.


13: Omegon (PoptropiCon Episodes 2-3 & Photo Booth)

Omegon is pretty cool. I love his overall design, and his role in PoptropiCon Island.


12: Donna Disco (Zomberry Island & Home Island Photo Booth)

Donna Disco is my favorite Zomberry! I love her dress and large hair. When I make a photo in the Photo Booth on Home Island, I like to include her.


11: Red Baroness (Monkey Wrench Island)

I like the Red Baroness. She seems cool. I like her design, and I especially like the goggles piece around her neck. Wait, Poptropicans don’t have necks. Then how do they breathe? Uh….


10: Sir Gawain (Astro-Knights Island)

Sir Gawain is my favorite knight out of the three knights from Astro-Knights Island. I love his ice-themed design.


9: Sally Score (Reality TV Island)

Sally Score is my favorite contestant on Reality TV Island. I love her jersey!


8: Scheherazade (in genie form) (Arabian Nights, Episode 3 & Photo Booth)

I love Scheherazade in her genie form! It looks AWESOME! That’s all I got to say about her.


7: Tunnel of Love Worker (Monster Carnival Island)

This is my favorite carnie from Monster Carnival. I love his hair and his cool costume. I even love how he turned into a puppet-like monster at nightfall.


6: Binary Bard (in Princess Elyana disguise) (Astro-Knights Island)

Binary Bard’s disguise as the princess is so awesome and hilarious at the same time! Plus, it has a purple and yellow color scheme. And you’ll know why I like those colors when you see my #1 favorite character.

bbprincess5: Aeolus (Mythology Island)

While Aeolus isn’t my favorite Greek Mythology character, I still love his design in Poptropican form! His hair looks cool, because it looks like it is being waived by the wind: fitting for a dude selling bags of wind.


4: Bonsai Wu (Red Dragon Island & Photo Booth)

Bonsai Wu is awesome! I love her clothing, and her design is so cute! She is a cute little old lady! I love old people!


3: Winston (Survival Island, Episodes 4 & 5)

Though Winston the butler may be Myron Van Buren’s henchman and an evil dude, I still love him! For two reasons. First of all, I LOVE OLD PEOPLE! And second of all, I like how he shows that even the oldest, most “innocent” looking, cutest, loyal-acting person can turn out to be EVIL!

winston2: Mr. Silva (Shrink Ray Island)

Mr. Silva is awesome! I loved his role in Shrink Ray Island. I also love his overall design.


And finally, the moment you’ve all been waiting for. My favorite Poptropican is…



Just kidding. The winner, at least for me, is…

1: Teen Arachnid (PoptropiCon, Episode 2-3)

Just to clarify, I’m talking about Teen Arachnid from PoptropiCon: Episode 2, not my Poptropican, which I named after him. I like Teen Arachnid’s color scheme, him being a parody of Spider-Man, and, well, uh…. I can’t think of anything else. But I love him!


Also, I’d like to extend a congratulations to Perfect Sky and Happy Lobster for becoming PHB authors!

One more thing, I just wanted to say that I wrote this guest post a week after my grandfather and great uncle died, so this guest post is in remembrance of them.

That’s all for this post! Share in the comments who YOUR favorite Poptropica characters are!

Hope you enjoyed this guest post by Teen Arachnid!

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33 thoughts on “15 Poptropica Characters That Truly POP!”

  1. I want to give the Tunnel of Love guy and actual name…how about Johnny? Chuck? He looks like either one of those 😛

    1. Wow! You said my guest post was better than a normal PHB post! I feel so honored that someone would even think that. Thanks!

    1. He’s okay. If I remembered him when writing this list, I would’ve put him in Honorable Mention, because I customized his mouth onto my Poptropican.

  2. My favorites are 1 botted bandit 2 dirt claude 3 Binary bard 4 John adams 5 omegon 6 joe stockman 7 monster carnival devils 8 bad agents

  3. (Warning: Comment contains spoilers of a few islands, just so ya know)
    Neat list ya got sorted here. Although you could have included some information about the character’s role in the island, rather than just focusing on the character’s appearance. For example, the way they handled Scheherazade’s finale with revealing to her father that the riches were never important to her – she just wanted family the way it once was before it all. At least that was one of the most memorable parts of Arabian Nights Island for me. Or what Omegon did between the episodes of his arrival and the end, basically threatening total control of the world. If it weren’t for the Alphaeon encounter, the Poptropicans would have been enslaved by the twisted alien from a parallel dimension. He was a villain with actual potential for tyranny, rather than being easily thwarted or with short-sighted goals like other villains.
    (Warning: Comment contains spoilers of a few islands, just so ya know)

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