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A Merry Moana Advertisement

Hello, everyone!

Lucky Joker here, sharing with you, an amazing Moana ad and Home Island makeover!

As many of you have noticed, Home Island has been altered to fit the theme for the upcoming Disney movie, Moana. It sort of resembles the island that Moana lives on in the movie.

In celebration of this upcoming film, there is also an advertisement to go along with this transformation.


In the ad, you can play a really cool game that involves you Wayfinding on a raft in the ocean, which is what Moana and Maui do in the film if you’ve seen the trailer.

Your goal is to make it all the way to the finish line without hitting any of the obstacles, which include: rocks, seaweed, and even whirlpools, so watch out!

You have five lives, which are represented by five sailboats at the top of your game screen. The bar to the left tells you how far you’ve made it toward your destination. Once it’s completely green, you’ve finished. That and the finish line will be in hindsight. 😛

Upon completion of the game, you will receive some cool prizes! These prizes are Water Power and Hei Hei Hat, and here they are!

Poptropica Disney Moana Ad prize cards 1.png

Wait! There’s more to be done. This ad offers another fun game to earn another pair of awesome prizes!

The second game is a timed search. You’re required to find all of the parts to Moana’s boat in two minutes. It’s fairly simple as there are only four parts needed to be found. Just work your way up to the top of the Kakamora ship to find them.


Once all the parts have been found, you’ll receive Pua Follower and Water Burst.


The film premiers in theaters starting the 23rd of November in the US. Do you plan on seeing it? I think I’ll give it a try! Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this ad and the prizes it has to offer. POP on!

-Lucky Joker :luckyjoker~1:

17 thoughts on “A Merry Moana Advertisement”

  1. Interesting that they did a makeover for Home Island’s buildings – that’s a first. A little odd to have a tropical theme going on at this time of the year, but also cool. Great post! 😀

  2. Nice post! Hopefully, Home Island will not get a full makeover every time when ads pass by from now. Contrariwise, it does seem like an interesting advertisement.

  3. I personally feel that this new Home Island makeover is a little too over the top,but I really enjoy the beach-y atmosphere,makes things feel more lively and fresh.

    1. Looks like one of Poptropica’s files haven’t updated yet for you. I advise clearing your browser’s cache and cookies, then logging back in.

  4. I hope the water power or the water burst aren’t just cut scenes or anything or I’m not getting them (I really am tired of those!). Also, why are the challenges always running to the finish line while dodging obstacles. Most of the other challenges before had more variety. Then again, they are working on Pop 2.0 so I guess it’s understandable.

  5. I really want to see this. I know, it’s usual for me to say really really REALLY, but Trolls and Fantastic Beasts come first this time. But i can just imagine some responses from people who didn’t know this was coming.
    Hang on… do i hear screaming?

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