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Snapping peeks at 2007 BETA, a test room, & #PoptropicaFun winners

Hey Poptropicans!

Post update: After a long silence, Poptropica has finally posted something on Snapchat! (Perhaps you don’t even remember they had one to begin with! You can add them via the username PoptropicaSC.) It looks like Skinny Moon runs this account as well, as that’s her dog Toby and her Poptropican who’s “all cozy for fall!”

Here’s hoping we see some more behind-the-scenes of a Poptropica Creator’s life in future snaps! The PHB will let you know if anything interesting pops up. 😀

Remember what Poptropica looked like in September 2007 when it first launched? Don’t worry, neither do most of us. But this interesting old YouTube video (uploaded by Codien, an old friend/author of the PHB) shows us a primitive version of the game way back in the day (recording software watermark aside). Here’s a screenshot from the video:


Notice the ‘BETA’ beside the Poptropica logo at the top. Apparently, the game was still considered to be in a beta testing stage back then. Early Poptropica, which we see in the video, was the only island at the time. The Items and Map features are reduced to simple buttons with text – orange and purple respectively. Interesting.

On another interesting note, our friend idk has shared with us another behind-the-scenes look at a developer test room. You can see an unreleased, “under construction” cityscape in the video below:

Cool views! You can check out more developer rooms here.

Also, over on Poptropica’s social media channels – and as we saw earlier with the Snapchat story, Skinny Moon has updated her icon with some fall vibes, donning the colorful scarf from the new Fall Fashion 3 outfit and clutching a football. Nice.


And winners have been contacted on Twitter and Instagram for the #PoptropicaFun Halloween Photo Booth challenge! On Twitter, the winners are unhurted083, mrmontana64, and MWare55, and on Instagram, it’s happyclonetrooper. Congratulations and enjoy your 1-month memberships!

Speaking of contests, I’m doing a little giveaway in my previous post, so be sure to enter! You have until next next Tuesday, November 15th.

Stay popping, Poptropicans!



14 thoughts on “Snapping peeks at 2007 BETA, a test room, & #PoptropicaFun winners”

  1. OMC, i miss the days when all the buttons, like the costamize and the friends were just above the bar and you didn’t have to open the crate. And the pause button! i cri eevitim

  2. Awesome videos! 😉 I’m not particularly surprised my photo didn’t win (I’d be more surprised if it did win), because it was a little violent for a ‘kid-friendly game’. And maybe because it was a little too simple. 😛

    1. It’s cause they can’t stand seeing the Zomberry characters in pain. Kinda ironic, seeing as they’re zombies.

      1. It may not have won the contest, but it’s a rather creative and crab-tastic photo. 🦀
        I like how the vampire is just laughing while she is in peril xD.

  3. It all came back to me! I have no idea when or where but, I remember some part of my life in Poptropica I’ve seen this before (even though I got my account on 2008)! Weird.

  4. OMG YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY I never knew poptropica had a Snapchat!! *runs to phone and adds them* ah ok… I vaguely remember poptropica being like that actually!

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