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A Poptropica Package!

Hey Poptropicans! Check out what recently cameย through the mail!

Somewhat recently, I won third place in the official #PoptropicaArt contest, with the prize being a 1-month membership and “a bunch of Poptropica swag.” Well, my membership is running out soon, but the swag has arrived – and I thought perhaps you might be interested in seeing what’s inside!


As you can see, the small cardboard box that arrived contained: a Dr. Hare plush toy (see below for a little giveaway of the redeemable code!),ย copies of the two Poptropica graphic novels currently in print (#1: Mystery of the Map and #2: The Lost Expedition), plus Zomberry DJ decals!

The decals of Zomberry-fied DJ Saturday Nite munching away are stickers made for laptopsย (one made for Apple, one for other types) – as seen in this pic from Jen MacLean, a Poptropica Creator. They were nested in a page spread inside the Mystery of the Map book. Very cool.

There was another surprise waiting inside the second book,ย The Lost Expedition โ€“ย one of the opening pages was signed! I’m assuming the signature is that of the author, Pop Creator Mitch Krpata (unless that K is for Kory Merritt, the illustrator?) (update: Poptropica clarified in a comment on this post that it’s Mitch’s signature!). Either way, pretty awesome!

And as I mentioned earlier, I’ll be giving away the redeemable codeย that comes with the Dr. Hare toy!ย Redeeming the code will give you two exclusive in-game items: the Hare Club power and Dr. Hare Plush handheld. (Learn how to redeem promo codes here.)

To enter this little giveaway, simply comment below on this post with your favorite Poptropica store item and why you like it. I’ll pick one random Poptropican from the comments to give this one-time code to! Entries will be taken up until next next Tuesday, November 15 (my birthday!).


Of all the Poptropica toys out there, the Dr. Hare plush is honestly the one I’d have wanted the most – so it’s a great coincidence to have received oneย as part of this awesome Poptropica package! The other items are fantastic too, of course.

Thanks to the Poptropica Creators for the prize package, for hosting the art contest, and many other fun events besides! ๐Ÿ˜€ โค Be sure to enter the mini giveaway too (you never know if you’ll win!).

Stay popping, Poptropicans!

โ€“ slantedfishย ๐Ÿ 


81 thoughts on “A Poptropica Package!”

  1. My favorite costume is the Pop Star. It was the first store item I ever bought back in 2015, and I still use the earrings and belt from it today. Sadly, it may have been removed from the game. You will never be forgotten, Pop Star.

  2. My favorite Poptropica Store item is the Haunted House card. I love the mini-quest, and how at the end you can customize a lot of cool monster parts!

    P.S. My birthday is on November 15, just like Fishy’s! It would be an awesome birthday present to win the promo codes.

  3. My favorite store card is the Firework card because, I like to spam them. Not much more to it. xD I just use it to annoy Short Feather lol

  4. Man, that is nice! Honestly, my current favorite item is the fireworks, because why the heck not and my favorite outfit is the Dr. Hare one! I love that one!

  5. My favourite store item is the Evil Henchmen card (the members-only card from Super Villain), because one of the four types of the henchmen in this card are lobsters! It also has Dr. Hare rabbits, Astro-Knights robotic mouses, and spiders, and this card delivers a fun raining-upon effect. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    And that ‘swag’ is amazing. Personally, I’d like to get one of the four Pocketeers toys (irl), maybe the Dark Astro-Knight Pocketeer, out of all the Poptropica merchandise. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Happy birthday Slanted Fish! My favorite store item has to be Patches (From Escape From Pelican Island) pet bird follower or the energy hogs mini game or the 2015 fall fashion outfit!

  7. Happy birthday, Slanted Fish! Right now, my favorite item card is Skull Girl. Although it is Halloween themed, you can mix and match any piece of clothing in the card to your liking along with other clothing pieces.
    Well, I hope that will suffice! Happy birthday again, Slanted Fish!

  8. My favourite item is the Followers: Classic Pack. Why? Because it was one of the first items I purchased. And you know what they say, the journey’s always better with a friend. Plus, they’re really cute.

    Also, may I request for the real plush instead of the online plush? Jk. ๐Ÿ˜‰ But seriously, I really want some Poptropica merchandise. They can cost up to like, $180.

      1. Since Amazon is an American website, shipping costs more than the item itself, so I usually just search eBay. ๐Ÿ˜›

      2. Shipping costs depend on where the item is coming from and where it’s going (as well as how soon you want it). Amazon items don’t always come from the US, although this one does. Sadly true that shipping can cost more than the item, which I’ve experienced, but that being said, I don’t think it would be as much as $180 for something like this. You could always put it into your cart on Amazon and see how much it ends up costing.

  9. My favorite item is definitely the Fortune Cookie because not only are there so many to use, they can be used with others in the common rooms, and I wish we had more of that type of stuff.

  10. My favourite…is the Thunder Staff! The very first item I ever bought,it strikes fear (and lightning) into the hearts of the people!

    Honourable mentions go to the Candy Cane-on and the new cat followers for being cool too.

    1. Actually, now that I’ve checked my inventory, I do indeed also have both the promo code items, via iPop. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  11. My favorite store item (unfortunately gone ): ) the Legendary Swords card. Where you can slash your sword against robots and bosses. The best part is that you can use swords from your store items (before I got the Bolt I used the Knights sword)! Also you win a bully-bot costume. Unfortunately it had to end with a cliffhanger ๐Ÿ˜ž. But the mini quest was still awesome! ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. My favorite store item is the Costume Collector. I’ve had it for a long time, and it’s always been something I can rely on to easily put my regular outfit back on if I’m wearing another outfit.

    1. Nice. They’ve never sold the decals – we asked Jen MacLean about them when she posted her picture, and she said the Creators had some printed for themselves. They did offer to send some to the PHB, although sadly they haven’t gotten around to it. ๐Ÿ˜›

  13. My favorite item from the store would have to be the electrify card. Not only was it one of the first cards I got, but I just love seeing myself get electrified! I’m not sure it’s still in the store though… I also like it, since paired up with a stunning outfit, I can rock my way through the islands! I try to put it on all the time, even though it goes away automatically when I log out.. anyways, happy birthday Fishy! My birthday is 11 days after yours ๐Ÿ˜›

  14. My favorite item from the store is the fabulous “Prom Queen” I got it back in 2012 and I love the tiara! I think it unfortunately got removed but I still love it! – Princess

  15. My favorite store item is probably the Pharoah costume, simply because when it came out I wore it a lot and I really like that Egyptian stuff.

  16. The swag!!!! IT HAS ARRIVED!!! Ha ha, happy early birthday, Fishy! I wish you lots of happiness on your special day! Also, my favorite Poptropica Store Item is Magician Costume. It was the first costume I ever bought from the store, and I used to wear it all the time before I got my signature outfit. It also comes with a bunny costume, and that’s always good xD.

    1. Sometimes comments need to be manually approved by the PHB staff, but it will usually happen within a day or less, so don’t worry! Your comment can be found below.

  17. You know what? I love a lot of store items, but some of my most favs are the rock star 2, classic followers, gamer girl, prom queen and the electrify! As for the reasons,
    1. I love the rock star 2 because of the star and the pink guitar!
    2. The classic followers are so cute and I love followers!
    3. Oh gamer girl!!! I love it because of the super cool shades!
    4. Electrify makes u look so cool and awesome!
    5. I love the tiara in prom queen!
    I hope I win the giveaway!

  18. Happy early birthday! My favorite store item would have to be Electrify! Mostly because it was a item I purchased with my first account plus it has a lot of colors that go with everything.

  19. Thanks for displaying your Poptropica swag, Juyo xD. I doubt I’ll win but I might as well share my favorite store item. It isn’t available in the store anymore, but my favorite item from the Poptropica Store is the Costume Collector. It is the predecessor to the Costume Closet and I did managed to save an outfit or two with it before the start of the Island Photo Album ๐Ÿ˜› . It’s been rather useful for quick recustomization after using an ASG or an accidental randomization. Quick access to 3 saved outfits easily accessible, still helpful to this day.

  20. My favorite store item is the Popgum. I love it because I bought the regular bubblegum one when I first played. Also, they come in lots of varieties and the effects of each one are cute.

  21. my favorite was always the shark boy costume (they now have tiger shark instead as well as hammer head shark) but i thought it was really funny that i could carry around added fish. Thats why my favorite dr. hare item was the dr. hare costume because i could carry around a giant carrot and have a bunny tail.

  22. Sweet ‘swag’ Slanted Fish, especially the signed copy and Dr. Hare plush! That’s very generous of you to give it away and I don’t have those cards so here is my submission: My favorite store item is probably the Balloons card, but it’s really hard to choose! I think Balloons are my favorite item because I started using it when I got back into Poptropica and it ended up becoming a key part of my main avatar look. It’s too bad it doesn’t work anymore but it will always be in my favorites ๐Ÿ˜‰ (by the way that face is what I always put on the balloons). Do you have a favorite store card Slanted Fish? Happy early birthday and congratulations again on the prizes, the picture deserved it!

    1. Thanks – the plush was my favorite part! I think the Balloons still work at least on non-SUIs, maybe not so much on the SUIs.

      It’s hard to pick a favorite store card! I think I’d go with the Classic Follower pack (especially the bubble or butterfly), but the effect disappears after logging out, which is a downside.

      1. Hmm I’ve tried but it actually took the Balloons card out of my inventory and won’t let me purchase… I’ll continue to try! And thanks for the answer ๐Ÿ™‚ I like the Classic Followers a lot too! The humming bird is what I usually stick with but it is too bad it disappears after logging off.

  23. Man, what happened to the stuff in the Poptropica store lately? Legendary Swords, the original wolf boy costume(Understandable), that members only robot for Poptropicon, the costume collector, almost all the best! Why would they do that!? ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    1. They were removed earlier this year (although the costume collector was gone years earlier). Not sure why though. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Maybe they didn’t want to clutter the store, but I think it would’ve been better to reformat how we find items with a efficient method than scrolling through a long lineup of cards/costumes.

  24. My favorite store item would be the Fart Gun, because its fun to use, and I disturb Friendly Foot and Cuddly Brain with it, but also, it can sometimes crash the game, so you have to be aware of that.

  25. My favorite store item is the Mythology Surfer Outfit because of the hair which kind of matches my hair IRL and I always used since I bought the set/outfit so I grew fond of it. It is also one of my longest items I had (played since 1st or 2nd Birthday and have all balloons since 3rd ((4th looked like a flaming P)) with my 3rd balloon actually being my first item then the classic flavor POPGUM being the 2nd.) ****Hope I’m Lucky and win. *Never won a giveaway ๐Ÿ˜ฆ but always a chance ๐Ÿ™‚ .

  26. My Birthday is also the 15th and my favorite poptropica store item is… the college graduate because I wish everyone to have a good education so they can do well in life. I also like the earth day mini quest because I believe we should save energy so we can play poptropica longer and we decrease global warming at the same time. bdavis3982 or neon39822 (main account usernames). P.S. Happy early birthday Slanted Fish!

      1. It’s not bad. You’re only about three and five years older than my brother and me, respectively. Are you the oldest PHB author?

      2. Congratulations. Now that it is officially your birthday…happy birthday. I hope it’s a good one.

  27. My favorite store item is the…………………………colorizer Because U can use it anywhere u are instead of going to the home island and also the popstar costume its really stylish! And Happy B day!

  28. My favorite store item is the pop star outfit because it is really pretty I wore it a lot before I got my signature outfit. I used some of it’s parts for my signature outfit.

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