Poptropica’s 9th Birthday: Cat Cakes are the Best Cakes

Heyo readers!

As promised, Poptropica’s big birthday bash is under way! Talking to the Prize Wheel guy (after spinning the wheel) informs you of this news:

Side note: I got a Grand Prize today. Happy Birthday to me!

There are two prizes that can be obtained through the store for free, rather than any sort of balloon-hunt as in previous years. This year’s prizes are a blue balloon with a green nine on it, and a cat sitting atop a birthday cake as a hat!

Credit to idk for the first two pictures!

Look at how happy Cuddly Eel is over these prizes! You can just see the smile on her face! I’m sure it’s there. Right Cuddly Eel? Right? …I hate it when my avatar doesn’t agree with me.

(Seriously though, this cat is adorable. I love this cat. I want to adopt this cat. Can you tell I’m a cat person?)


Get it? Cats have 9 lives? Poptropica is 9 years old? Sorry, dog people, you can’t deny that the cat wins this round.

UPDATE: In addition, Poptropica has posted photos of the Creators at the big birthday bash, with the original creator, Jeff Kinney himself, cutting the cake!


How many Creators can you recognize in the photo below?


UPDATE UPDATE: There will not be a balloon-popping event, as the Creators have since confirmed both on Twitter and in the comments below. Sorry to get your hopes up!

Thanks for the great nine years, Poptropica, even though I was only around for the last five or so. Here’s to another great year!

-Ylime 🐱🎂


49 thoughts on “Poptropica’s 9th Birthday: Cat Cakes are the Best Cakes”

      1. *starts singing it’s possible from seussical jr, sound energy blows away the sparkles*, *uses a very soft tissue to wipe the sparkles from shirt gently and with the greatest of care* there, the sparkles are gone

  1. Yeah, I’m definitely a cat person. XD It’s a shame Pop didn’t make it a prize hunt, like last year – it would have been much more interesting.

  2. We’re not doing a birthday balloon event this year. Please keep in mind that when people snoop in our files, what they find is not necessarily an indication of anything we are planning.

    We have lots of fun things happening for the rest of 2016 on the current Poptropica (we have a ton planned for October!) — plus we’re also working like crazy on the New Poptropica. So get psyched! More to come!

  3. Happy birthday, Poptropica! Thanks for a great nine years and counting. Although this year has been a little lacking in the islands we’ve expected for so long, I’m optimistic for New Pop. 🙂

    Now that’s a Cat-in-the-Hat I’d wear. 🐱

  4. Wow, I’ve been lion around for too long!

    Happy Purr-thday, Poptropica! I am thankfur for these paw-some 9 years of fun! I’m feline awesome! I’m too fur-tunate to play a game like this. Stay paw-sitive and wonder-fur!

    1. The original birthday balloon didn’t change color either – while that effect is cool, it’s pretty solid (pun intended) without it. 😉 Although I do wish hair didn’t disappear with the hat, the hat itself is a cute design.

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