New Pop, New Pad: Voting Time!

Hello everyone, Spotted Dragon here again with a Poptropica update!

As you already know, Poptropica will be experiencing some big changes in the upcoming future. We aren’t completely sure what this “New Poptropica” has in store yet, but we do know that we will be getting pets, shoes, and more cool stuff. And ya know what else? We’ll also be getting houses!

bachelor pads

Yep, you heard right! The Pop Creators have shared a few cool designs with us that we get to vote on. And houses are only the beginning!

“The Poptropica Creators are hard at work on the New Poptropica that’s coming later this year — and we need YOUR help! Over the upcoming months we’ll be asking for your opinions on a bunch of different exciting things that relate to the New Poptropica.”

Now that’s some big news. First, New Poptropica is still on track to be released this year! There aren’t too many more months to go in 2016, so this big update seems to be coming very soon! Or at least before 2017, which is something I guess. Maybe some new islands will be released soon after the update?

Second, this isn’t the only part of New Pop that we get to help decide on. Aside from houses, apparently we get to vote on many other features over the next couple months! Of course, they’ve casually asked our opinions on some features, like shoes, over on Twitter before, but we actually are starting to see what they’ve been working on!

So, be sure to vote on your favorite house design by clicking here. From top left to bottom right in the image above, we have Landmark, Rustic, Beach, Tudor, and Castle to choose from. Personally, my favorite is Tudor. 😛

Remember that the poll closes this Sunday, the 28th, at midnight EST. Vote before then! 😀



36 thoughts on “New Pop, New Pad: Voting Time!”

  1. Tudor is pretty good because in my opinion it’s not too modern and not too old. Seems like a cool feature.😄

  2. I like the castle since it looks a lot like Hogwarts! Haha TOTAL Potterhead.. XD I voted for it as soon as I saw it

  3. a house? interesting 😮
    my poptropican was always homeless living on a hot air balloon~
    I think I’ll vote for the third one, which is the beach one? (I think) It looks simple, I like it.
    Kinda wish we had the options to have any of those though :\

  4. These are all interesting houses, but some match the island surrounding more than others. If each Poptropican gets their own house to live in, I think they should be allowed to choose the style of their own house. Hopefully Poptropica considers that! 🙂

  5. Oh nice! I had a tough time choosing, but I think #4 deserves a vote! ^^ I wish they’d add a feature to choose poptropican houses,just as Fishy said,so each poptropican is unique and not same.

  6. I have always chose Mordred’s (Binary Bard) old underground place as my hideout. But I think a house is going to do better.

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  7. My personal fav is the Castle. The Tudor comes in as a close second. I’m so happy that Poptropica 2.0’s art style is quite similar to the original. 😀

  8. Huh? But I thought that the point of Realms was that you could make your own homes.

    Either way,I voted for #4. The others are too stylised,imo,whereas this one is perfectly generic,so that every Poptropican can say,”Wow. This house…can fit anyone!”

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