More Gigantic Advertising: the BFG Ad #2

Hey guys, my name is Brave Tomato, and I’m here with a new post about an advertisement on Main Street – this time, yet again, about the upcoming BFG movie!

(Thank you, Hyper Gamer, for the alert and the pictures.)

Now, before you start accusing me of being so desperate to get a post here that I copy someone else’s post, let me tell you that this is about a different BFG ad. This post will talk about the video ad. If you want to see the post about the BFG advertisement game, check out HPuterpop’s post here.

There are two videos packaged in this advertisement, and each video gives a different prize.

The left video will give you something called a “Dream Trumpet“. When you activate it and press the space bar, you’ll shoot out either a purple, yellow, or green dream orb. If you shoot it at another Poptropican, it’s basically acts like if you shot them with a paintball gun and it colors the entire character (except for the eyes and mouth) one of the three colors.

The right video will give you something called the “Stride By” power. When activated, if you press spacebar, the titular giant will walk by on the screen– although you could only see his legs.

So, with these gigantic (I’m so sorry) prizes, as well as the game advertisement, there’s no denying that The BFG is making its mark in the game- coming to theaters July 1st.

BT out! 


29 thoughts on “More Gigantic Advertising: the BFG Ad #2

  1. Friendly Foot says:

    Yeah, the second I walked in the common room on home island I became yellow… Ha ha! There’s also new daily pop’s

  2. Hyper Gamer says:

    Just realized, if you look at the Giant Costume and the Dream Trumpet, you will realize they both have a dream trumpet. They both also include the dream trumpet powers. So why need two dream trumpets?

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