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Poptropica Glitching Eras & ASG Requester Update!

This is a guest post by Poptropica glitcher WimpyKidFan, who is expanding on the PHB’s Overview of Poptropica Glitching page to bring more insight into the history of glitching. At the end of the post, he also explains his improved ASG Requester service. Enjoy!

Hey Poptropicans! It’s WimpyKidFan here, and today I am gonna be dividing the Poptropica glitching years into eras. Something new and unique that has never done before. Before I begin I would like to thank Red Lizard for helping me out with the specific years of the eras. (He’s been around a lot longer than I have.) Anyway, without further ado, here they are!


Early Glitching Era (2008-2010)

Our first and earliest glitch era of Poptropica is one I’ll call the “Early Glitching Era.” The Early Glitching Era was from 2008-2010. During this time the earliest rares were given out during The PHB 1 Million Monster Competition. The PHB gave out rare costume parts that had leaked, which included: unicorn horn, scrawny wings, face polka dots, dragon spikes and tail, dragon wings, bubble brain, dragon wings, goat horns, dragonfly wings, body stripes, body dots, and devil horns.

Click here to find out more about the leak.


Around this time an early Poptropica glitcher and PHB author by the name of Codien hosted his “Spray on Beard” contest. More info here. As you might be able to tell, “rares” back then are common to us now! Pretty cool huh? Anyway during this time a hack was founded to make your Poptropican a dummy, which meant they would be a totally customizable mannequin Poptropican! This hack brought us to the next era. The dummy era…

The Dummy Era (2010-2012)

Dummies were a huge thing back in the day! Big time glitchers found out how to create their own custom dummies from using the same method that the Creators used to create the original six Poptropica dummies which were on Super Power Island.


Originally, there were few dummies that were created by players, glitchers, hackers, etc. However, shortly after the creation of dummies, a website was created to order your own custom dummy! It was called the Dummy-Tron and you can visit the website by clicking here.


Although no longer in use (the Creators have since patched it), back in that time this website gained a TON of popularity. And pretty soon, before you knew it, there were Poptropica dummies everywhere.

Yes, dummies were a big hit back in the day but sadly the Poptropica Creators patched Dummy-Tron. Poptropica dummies were also patched. If you logged onto a dummy account, it would be turned back into a normal Poptropican! Alas, most Poptropicans didn’t know this until it was too late. They logged on and bye-bye went the dummies.

However, some Poptropicans heard about the dummies becoming patched, and a few of the oldies are still remaining today. Well, after the dummies, another hack was found to let you customize anything you wanted from your friends and from a SUI NPC (sound-updated-island non-player character). This brought us to the FCEG era…

FCEG Era (2012-2013)

The FCEG lifted a lot of Poptropicans’ hearts after dummies were patched.

During this time a glitch was founded that was called the FCEG. It stood for the “Friend Customize Everything Glitch”. This hack was only known be a few top glitchers.

Quite a number of people felt angry and mad about the FCEG. These people thought that glitchers were robbers, stealing their costume designs, rares, etc. This was a pretty crazy time until the Creators patched the FCEG. This lead to the next era…

Trade and Hack Era (2013-2015)

Possibly one of the most boring eras for the normal everyday Poptropicans. For the glitchers however – that was a completely different story! Many secret methods were found (I can’t mention what these were as some are used today) by glitchers.

In general, this era went by mostly unnoticed as we knew we couldn’t make the same mistake we made so many times before. (That is, leaking our methods.) So we kept the methods to ourselves.

Trading still wasn’t over though (for the most part) because of another glitch called the SUI CEG glitch. The SUI CEG glitch stood for the “Sound Updated Island Customize Everything Glitch”. This glitch was extremely simple to perform and many people found it without actually asking anyone. (Finally!)

Video on how to perform the glitch:


As the SUI CEG became more popular, trading on Poptropica chats became worse than ever before! There were fights, drama, and people hacking each other’s accounts for rares. Many of these drama-filled events left people quitting Poptropica and becoming banned from the PHC. These times were rough until Poptropica patched the glitch.

Trading still went on after that, but with way less drama than before. The other methods were still safe (and are still today). That’s when a few glitchers decided enough was enough and there was a big surprise for everyone in the next era…

Leak Era (2015–present)

Boom! In late 2015, a big surprise happened for glitchers, thanks to the PHB. Red Lizard, Grumpy Wolf, and Zerror – working with the PHB – gave a huge gift to the Poptropica community. The Avatar Studio Gift was revealed!

ASG gift

This Christmas gift to the Pop community gave away more than 100 rare costumes to the public. This made [almost] every rare costume from having rare status to becoming common. In fact, the Avatar Studio Gift is still adding costumes and rares every day! Check it out here.

That brings me to one last thing: the ASG Requester is getting an upgrade! You may remember when I posted about the Poptropica Island ASG Request-er. Well that was sure a big hit! I’m not kidding guys, we received a LOT of requests, which have been added to the PHB’s ASG page over time.

Well, there’s good news: We now take requests for membership costumes, store costumes, and we still take island costume requests! We have a shorter URL now { }, a bigger team, and can make dummies with packs on them (such as jetpack, cape, and so on)!


I also wanted to make clear a few things:

  • We are never going to ask you for a username for the requested ASG. We make our own usernames. (It’s easier that way.) In the “name” section, give the name of the character (eg. Captain Crawfish, Betty Jetty).
  • Don’t request for items/Poptropicans we don’t offer! (ex. ad costumes, mobile/app costumes, etc.) Please just request for either: Store Costume ASGs, Membership Costume ASGs, or Island Costume ASGs.

Thanks everyone, and request on!

And without saying too much, you’ll want to check out the PHB’s Cheats page for all the other glitching goodies out there. With everything going on right now in the glitching world, Poptropicans can easily get all the rares they want, whenever they want. It just takes a little digging!


Thanks so much for reading to the end of this post!!! Ugh, I know it was long. I hope I taught you something on the history of Poptropica’s glitching. Comment down below in the comments with questions for me, if you agree/disagree with anything, think there’s going to be another era, and so on. I’ll answer as many questions as I can!

Anyway, that’s all for now. Until next time!

– WimpyKidFan

58 thoughts on “Poptropica Glitching Eras & ASG Requester Update!”

  1. Wow, that was a pretty cool post, WKF! I’ve actually never really believed people would trade and fight over rares. I mean, it’s a game, people! But hey, that’s life!

    1. Yep! It was prettty crazy back then considering I was around in the trading eras. I remember people getting banned and cussed at over scammers,hackers,and liars… But hey! Now rares are out for everyone to enjoy so there’s (pretty much) no more drama. 😀

  2. I know absolutely nothing about glitching, but this was a REALLY cool post! Oh no, my sister is coming into the room. I’m on her computer (mine’s still broken D:). My broken computer even made me miss the PHC party. I am so sad right now 😦

    1. And THAT was a REALLY nice comment. 🙂 Good luck on your computer problems! And there will also be future PHB parties so don’t fret! Be happyyyyyyyy!!!! 😀 😀 😀

    1. Yep! Glitching was a big part of poptropica’s history and especially the PHBs! And yes! You pretty much never have to spend credits on costumes again because of the upgraded ASG Request-er. ( That is of course unless you want them in your inventory. 😛 )

  3. There’s a new ad for The BFG. It’s not the game one. It has two videos to watch to h=get two prizes. One is a Stride By which makes the BFG walk across the screen, but you can only see his leg and shoes since he’s so big. The other one is a Dream Trumpet which changes the color of other poptropicans.

    1. It would be better if they made the colors glowing instead of having a bland color that kind of makes it look like they’re glitching, which I find creepy and weird. And I hate those power cards that only does a sene which isn’t very special. They could at least put more shake to the power stomp.

  4. Wow! I wonder why the Creators don’t want us to have rare Costumes? This reminds me of the Hackfest of Summer 2014. Awesome post WKF!

    1. I think that the creators don’t want competition. We don’t really know though. And thanks for the support! 😀

  5. Some really weird glitch happened to me once.. I was friending a bunch of dummies and then at one point the friends screen was loading for a while and after it stopped loading all the dummies were gone and all my friends either didn’t have heads, became dummies, are their face disappeared! It was really weird…

    1. Yep. Dummies are “contagious” to your friends. Don’t worry though! They don’t ACTUALLY turn into dummies.

      1. The only way I know how to get those kinds of costumes is to use the dummy glitch. Like customizing a hench-bot(Poptropicon Island) or those robots(Game Show Island). So without using the dummy glitch, how did you get those costumes to make the ASGs accounts?

  6. I’m pretty sure that most of those monster parts are still on the poptropica store except those dots on face and hair I think. There were four costumes to buy, but different for each gender. You Wimpy Kid Fan are wearing the teeth that were part of those costumes.

    1. The leaked items were generally associated with then unreleased Monster Carnival Island back when it happened, but that’s not all – among the leaked outfits was the Fact Monster, which is the mascot of the website with the same name. WimpyKidFan’s mouth happens to be from that very set, and that ends this fun fact 😉 .
      One other fact you may or may not know is that Fact Monster bubbles displaying historical information used to be scattered all over the original Time Tangled Island before it became Sound Updated – the more you know~

  7. I don’t really glitch stuff that much, (The biggest and only glitch i’ve discovered makes people look temporarily headless on the Avatar Studio) But i love seeing them! This is AWESOME!!

    1. Hey Kert! Actually that post didn’t help me out with my guest post but I just read it and I loved it! 😀 Keep up the great work! (Btw, come on the PHC on discord! Then we could chat again!) 🙂

  8. I’m sad because “Hmm. Not sure. Can’t really remember…” does not sound very promising to me :(. I hope I’m wrong.

    1. I just don’t remember why I liked it so long ago. Nothing wrong with that… And you shouldn’t be sad I didn’t get help from your post. I had mostly everything in my head and needed very little help.

  9. its so bad because I try grand-guy-7 grand-guy-8 the cool wimpy kid ones because these outfits or costumes dont work on sui poptropica only non sui but I just wish they can put theses costumes in sui like everywhere I go but I loaded it but it just shows no wimpy kid ones I just want the shirt on grand-guy-7 but I don’t know how to get this working and please tell me why I cant wear this in sui it only works if I go to a non sui level so is there a way to where this in sui?

    1. The ASG hasn’t worked with SUIs for a while, and isn’t likely going to be able to again, because the technology is incompatible. You can read more about that (and how it ties into the future of Poptropica) in this PHB post.

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