POPCORN, the PHB magazine: Summer 2016 issue!

Hey Poptropicans, the butter is back! 😀

The Summer 2016 issue, #31 of our Poptropica fan magazine, is now ready for viewing. Check out the summer 2016 issue now! (Or download it to read offline!)

This season’s issue features Mighty Gamer on the cover, a longtime Poptropican (you can read her story here) who recently joined the PHB staff. Her Poptropica blog, Explore Collect Compete, is featured in this issue. In addition, she was recently featured in a Community Celebrity interview here on the PHB, which you can check out to get to know her better! Anyway, here is the magazine:

popcorn 31 cover.png

Also featured in this issue is the prelude chapter to the now-cancelled PHB story series, Giant Hawk Adventures, titled An Afternoon at Queequeg’s. Because this series is no longer continuing, its PHB page has been removed from our navigational bar, but you are able to read the story in this issue.

For more information about the recent changes made to the POPCORN publications, you can read our last POPCORN announcement. We always encourage more Poptropica fan work, whether that be stories, art, or other cool creations – for your chance to have them selected for the magazine, be sure to submit them to our our subreddit and DeviantArt! While we may not choose every entry, just posting them will give your work some exposure and the chance to have them chosen.

Anyway, enjoy this summer issue of The POPCORN! To read past issues, check out the PHB’s Magazines page. Stay popping, Poptropicans! 🐠🐠

34 thoughts on “POPCORN, the PHB magazine: Summer 2016 issue!”

    1. *Reads magazine*
      Is it just me, or do we get second a lot.
      (PS Sorry 4 spamming the recent comment bar, i’m just pumped)

      1. Hi Slanted Fish. I absolutely love your walkthroughs! Youre like my poptropica idol. I had a few questions, and if you could answer them, I will CRY of joy
        Have you completed all islands?
        Whats your favorite island?
        What is your least favorite?
        Funniest character on an island for you?
        Do you like the sound updated island more or less?
        BTW I LOVE your outfit. I kind of got my outfit from you since I friended you. I absolutely love plaid so.
        Oh, and where did you get your outfit from?
        Poptropica Screen Name: Grey Club

      2. Hey Grey Club! Thanks for the kind words! To answer your questions:

        1) I have completed all the islands!
        2) My favorites are: Counterfeit, Arabian Nights, Shark Tooth
        3) My least favorites are: Mission Atlantis, Virus Hunter, Galactic Hot Dogs
        4) I don’t know about “funniest”, but I do like the character of Captain Crawfish – fun name, notorious villain, and scrumptiously chewy!
        5) I like the sound part of the sound updated islands, and the bigger screen is nice too, but should be more controllable (it’s slightly too big on my laptop screen). However, mechanic-wise, it feels smoother on non-SUIs.
        6) Thanks! I quite like plaid as well – the Fall Fashion outfit in the store has a nice red plaid shirt too, if you’re interested. I don’t remember where exactly I got it from, but I customized the various pieces of my outfit here and there.

        Stay popping! 🙂

    1. As of the previous issue, The POPCORN is limiting the amount of fan content it includes. Counting the front and back covers, there are still ten pages (two pages per spread), so there is still a decent amount to look at.

      From the last post: “In the past, we have pretty much admitted any work that was sent to us into the magazine. Sometimes, however, this would make the magazines rather long, and the quality of work varied. In order to be more consistent with length and quality, we are now limiting the amount of work that makes the final cut.”

      1. I read that in the latest Dork Diaries book. The author (Rachel Renee Russell) is making a new series called the Misadventures of Max Crumbly. He recently made an appearance in Russell’s latest book (Tales from a Not-So-Perfect Pet Sitter) as Max Crumbly, and at the end of the book Russell announced that she would be making a new series just about him in her next book series. She probably used Poptropica as a campaign since most Poptropica players are in the right age group for her books. Dude… did I just tap into my tween marketer conscience?

  1. Awesome magazine! And thanks for publishing my story! I honestly didn’t expect it to get in, I was so surprised when I read the magazine and saw it! 🙂

  2. OMG thanks so much for the drawing AdelaideQueen! It’s really cool. 😛 And thanks so much for featuring it PHB! 😀

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