PHB Sneak Peeks: Crisis Caverns, Spy Island SUI, & More

Hey, Poptropicans!

Mighty Gamer coming at ya LIVE– well, no. Not live. But, I am coming at you with some more sweet sneak peeks! Let’s get this started with some Crisis Caverns, our most anticipated island!

Thanks goes to idk and Joey for the sneak peeks below. 

Crisis Caverns – Main Street

Here’s an xml file to take a look at, which basically just has the island’s name, Crisis Caverns. And the island’s first scene, which is identified as “cavern1”.

And here’s an actual video of the room I was just talking about – “cavern1”, which is the Main Street. Also, looks like an arrow was added to the save button in the corner!

For more cool videos like this one here, click here to be directed to Joey‘s YouTube channel where he has videos of scenes from a Super Power SUI and more.

SUI-ifying Cancellation

idk managed to access the now-cancelled Spy Island SUI scenes, and took a video of the satellite room with the big screen for us. Maybe it’s because of Pop 2.0, or something else, but as far as we know it appears to be cancelled.

Anyway, here’s the video. You can definitely tell it’s SUI (sound-updated island) by the sound effects of jumping up and down and running.

For more cool videos like this one here, click here to be directed to idk‘s YouTube channel where he has SUI-ified scene videos of Mystery Train.

Although not on video, he has also access the SUI scenes of other islands like Super Power, Spy, Skullduggery, Vampire’s Curse, Super Villain, Zomberry, Night Watch, and Back Lot – none of which are currently SUIs, and whether their SUI status is either cancelled or still planned for the future is unknown.

Plus, here’s a messed up backdrop of Super Power for you all. 😛 Marvel in its greatness:


That’s all for this sneak peeks post! What do you think of it? Like or dislike? Let me know in the comments below.

Until next time!



34 thoughts on “PHB Sneak Peeks: Crisis Caverns, Spy Island SUI, & More

  1. greedyshadow says:

    Spy Island and the others are to good to be SUIs. There better not be ANY early access for members. It’s not necessary to do that because nobody needed membership to go there before. I don’t like SUIs. 😦

    • That Clean Shark Dude says:

      Early Access for members has been a thing ever since Membership came out. It isn’t exclusive to the SUI Islands. SUI Islands are just Islands with sound and a bigger screen, it has nothing to do with Membership.

  2. short feather says:

    that kid in the crisis caverns sneak peek looks just like balloon boy and in the code it says medalcarrot does this have something to do with dr.hare?

    • idk says:

      No. The default medal for any island is the 24 Carrot medallion. Crisis Caverns doesn’t have any assets for its medallion, so it’s just set at the default.

  3. addaliekp20 says:

    Hi, I have been seeing people around in Poptropica with thick black corner eyelashes and I am wondering how to get them. Can you help?

  4. Some Guy says:

    Crisis Caverns Island looks like it’ll rock!

    I hope I’ll be a-STONE-ded by its glory. Seriously,the idea behind it is igneous (ingenius)!
    Okay,that’s all,I promise.

    Or should I say say…


    Or should I say…

    *dodges pebbles*

    *sigh* I deserve that,of quartz

    *boulder falls on me*

    I guess you could say I was boulder than I needed to be.

    *ground collapses underneath me*



    • HappyHappy760 says:

      *studies ground that SC just fell into*
      I must say, -de position- of where he fell was a very weak spot in the ground…
      I will write down these observations on my -slate-…
      *people start to throw hardened magma*
      Haha, you missed me, I’m that -Tuff-.
      *people start to crank lever so the ground caves in*
      Whoa whoa peoples, this is supposed to be a -websterite-, not an *takes out guitar* “I love ROCK and-”
      *Ground caves in*
      Lucky (me):Hello.
      SC: Hello

      • Some Guy says:

        *avalanche starts*

        Truth be told,I never was a fan on the Rolling Stones. *another boulder lands on me*

        I guess my skull is as hard as a rock. *more stones fall on me*

        Ow,see kids,this is why you shouldn’t smoke. Because it gets you stoned . Of course,that is sedimentary,my dear Watson;to quote the great Sherl(R)ock Holmes.

        Well,before I get di(amond)e by rock overdose (Seriously,the amount of stones thrown at me is a-STONE-ishing!),I’d better leave this cave of blunders I’ve c(oal)reated. Stone-cya in another world (which hopefully isn’t in the STONE age)!

      • Some Guy says:

        I regret nothing. Long live the R(ock)evolution!

        Hm…rock revolution…more like rock evolution…wait!

        Do you know what rocks and butterflies have in common? (Hint:it’s got something to do with metamorphosis)

        *gets caved in further* Ow. I guess you could say that…ironed that! *crickets chirp*


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