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First Day of Spring, We’re Sneezing!

Hey guys, Slip here!


Spring has finally come, and Poptropica’s celebrating by giving us two free itemsโ€” the Flower Power and the Sneezing Powder! Sorry for those who are living in the southern hemisphere, since you’re experiencing autumn right now.


The Flower Power has always been the star of the Spring season. Originally debuted on August 2009 and updated on May 2010, this item is pretty special. Not only does it work as a power where you can plant flowers, but it also works as a costume for your player! Now to spread that springtime cheer…


Moving on to the next free item: the Sneezing Powder! Originally released as a members-only prize in celebration of the release of Virus Hunter Island, this item is now free for all! When you press the spacebar, powder flies out into the distance, making you and the closest Poptropican next to you sneeze! Perfect for pranking friends! Let’s open the can to see what it’s made of โ€” oh, pollen grains! Aaaโ€ฆ aaahhh-choo!


What do you think of these Spring gifts? Are they fun? Make sure to leave a comment below! Bye!


-Slippery ๐Ÿ’ฆ


21 thoughts on “First Day of Spring, We’re Sneezing!”

  1. Oh no, don’t remind me…my allergies are TERRIBLE right now. Anyway, do you want to know what’s weird? Tomorrow’s technically the first day of spring, and it’s gonna SNOW. Seriously.

  2. I’m allergic to pollens and stuff like that. That’s why I hate going outside. Although I am scratching a whole lot because of it.

    (ehehehehe scratching, scratch step, lel)

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