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Photo Booth for Mystery of the Map!

Hey everyone, Spotted Dragon here with another Poptropica update! Two posts in one week from SD? What??? Yeah yeah, anyway…

Getting straight to the point, a Mystery of the Map themed Photo Booth has appeared on Home Island! Thanks to Slippery Raptor for the pictures. 😛 In case you’re wondering why MotM, it’s because the first installment of the graphic novel is coming on March 1st and you can pre-order it now! 🙂

photo booth

A whole new set of backgrounds are included… as well as many characters that can join you in your photo! Sadly, Octavian is missing. (If you’re interested, you can click to view the full images.)

But that’s not all! If you visit the Photo Booth now, you will also be greeted with a wide variety of new props! From beach to throne room to Viking fort to dining hall, there’s lots to choose from. 😀

You can pre-order the Mystery of the Map book now almost anywhere books are sold!

Okay, quitting that advertisement voice… *cough* That’s all for now guys! Keep checking in for more Poptropica updates. 😉



18 thoughts on “Photo Booth for Mystery of the Map!”

    1. With the Oliver as a female thing, that glitch can occur when you are switching between the characters a bit too fast within the menu. You probably switched between a female character, such as your Poptropican, to Oliver faster than the game could process the change completely. I’ve experienced a similar glitch, but instead of switching genders parts of the outfits would carry on to the next character.

      1. @Jumpy Coyote-
        The same glitch happens to me. I’ve used it once to give my character CC’s sword. The photo booth scene I used the glitch in was me, Dr. Lange, a seagull, a beaver (yes, I know, it’s crazy), and mini Dr. Hares controlled by the real Dr. Hare fighting ghosts in the graveyard scene.

      2. @Super Comet-
        I just managed to insert an example of the glitch with a certain female genie. When I was editing my second Valentine’s Day Photo, I was flipping through the characters and my Poptropican’s red leather jacket from Poptropicon carried onto one of the other characters. To my astonishment, when I moved even further the jacket came with! I finally stopped at Scheherazade, and I hesitated from there. I placed her within the my Photo, and when I checked to see if the jacket would continue even further on the menu, it vanished just as easily as it appeared. Thankfully, she still had the jacket within the picture :D. Here’s the finished result, assuming this Lightshot link works, with Scheherazade at the bottom left corner: (Yes, I decided to get creative here by having Dr. Lange reject Dr. Hare in outer space xD)

    1. It was, but they no longer show all the pages. You can still read all the pages on the PHB’s Comics page, but according to Poptropica, the print version of the book has small changes on every page (some dialogue rewritten, etc). Plus, it’s nice to own a print copy.

    2. Yeah, at least if you have the print copy and for some reason you can’t access the Internet, you can still read the book.

  1. I am SO happy Poptropica is making so many changes and improvements to their site, although I did have a mini heart attack when Realms disappeared! Oh, and about Realms, thank you PHB for telling me what happened to it. I may have fainted if it wasn’t for you guys!

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