My Place in Poptropica

My Place in Poptropica: White Gamer

This is the My Place in Poptropica story of White Gamer, a Poptropica explorer with a story to tell. See the bottom of this post for details on sending in your own MPIP!


Sharing Accounts With Sis

It was around 2007 when I was first introduced to the game. My sister and I had just finished our homework (I was in second grade back then, so I didn’t have very much). She told me that there was a game she was interested in that other kids at school were playing called “Poptropica”. We found it on Funbrain, a website we were familiar with.

That day, we made an account together, with the username apples2928. (If you friend our account, please don’t judge on our fashion sense. We were new to the game!) We weren’t quite sure what to do until a few days after we made our account. Then, as we figured out how to explore Poptropica, things got pretty exciting.

Getting My Own Account

After a couple of months, I started getting a little tired of Poptropica, so I thought I would make a new account, just for myself. This was partly because at the time my sister and I, playing on our one account called Purple Wolf, didn’t know how to take different outfits off and put new ones on. Now, I really don’t remember the username or in-game name of the new account I made, out of the many I’ve made.

Anyway, from then on, I started to love Poptropica more and more! I had about two pages of Store items, and was slowly making my way up to getting island medallions. I changed my outfit almost every time I got on the game, which was about every other day at least.

Soon, I started looking up a few game guides and Thinknoodles quickly became my top choice – that is, until I saw the Poptropica Help Blog! For the first time, I was seeing Slanted Fish, Brave Tomato, HPuterpop, Samwow5, Spotted Dragon, and the rest of the crew. PHB was the best. I started checking updates on the website every time I got on the computer.

Becoming White Gamer

Sadly, I took a break from Poptropica for a while, and forgot my username and password. Ahhh! I made a new account, woodstock436, and with that, White Gamer was officially a player of Poptropica. I chose the name because I’m a Poptropica Gamer.

For a long time, I tried to find a signature outfit for myself, but I couldn’t find one. I’m sorry to say that I even copied Slanted Fish’s outfit for a little while. By the time the PHB’s 2015 Halloween Costume Contest came around, I still hadn’t found one. I know: that’s a long time to be thinking about an outfit, but I’m all about fashion.

PoptropiCon Island had recently come out, and I saw the gray planet shirt and red jacket. At first glance, I didn’t really care, but later I thought, you know what? That’s cool. I’m going to use that. I used the shirt and jacket, and combined that with angel wings, headphones, a polka-dot belt, and jeans. Yay! Now I’m officially a Poptropica Explorer with Fashion.

In 2014, I mostly spent my time in Poptropica Common Rooms – probably a little too much. Like, that was all I was doing on Poptropica besides the new islands like PoptropiCon, Survival, and Arabian Nights. Those were awesome too.

I am still doing a lot of islands, and now have 30 medallions, plus I’m keeping up with PHB as best as I can. I hope you enjoyed My Place in Poptropica! Thank you!

–White Gamer 🙂

Hope you enjoyed this “My Place in Poptropica” story! Feel free to send in your own (please include a minimum of 550 words, type with good spelling and grammar, divide it into labeled sections, and include your username). Look out for more community MPIPs in the future!

~the PHB.

31 thoughts on “My Place in Poptropica: White Gamer”

  1. I’m loving these MPIPs! The only thing is that I’m getting a little embarrassed because I’ve only been playing since March 2015 and all of these people have been playing for YEARS. They’re still fun to read, though. Anyway, Fishy, do you know when mine will be posted? Thanks.

  2. I´m working on my own MPIP! I was a little scared to write one, since I don´t have my own website or something, and this one sort of gave me the confidence to finish it! Thanks, White Gamer!

  3. Aww… The pinkish purple background is ADORABLE! LOL, for a second I thought I clicked on the wrong site 😛

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