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Popspiracy: What’s in Poptropica’s Future?

(Continuing our Popspiracy series, PHB reader Tall Cactus speculates about the direction of Poptropica’s future in this guest post. Keep in mind that Popspiracy posts are not to be taken as fact. If you have a Popspiracy, let us know – more details are below! Enjoy! –SlantedFish 🐠 )


Hello Fellow Poptropicans!

My name is Tall Cactus! You might know me as a commenter on the PHB.

Not too long ago, we all said goodbye to 2015 and welcomed a new year. But what will 2016 bring to Poptropica? What will the future bring to Poptropica? That is what I will be discussing in this Popspiracy. But before we begin, I just want to note that I’m not trying to criticize the game in anyway, and that everything said in this post might not even happen. Now that that’s over with, let’s begin

In 2016, I’m guessing that Home Island will get a huge update, more new islands will be released, and volume 2 of the graphic novel series will make its debut. But Poptropica may also be doing even more work to fully convert Poptropica to SUI. While it’s great to have bigger screens and music, there will just be even more glitches. See, Poptropica needs to realize that if they want to expand to things like the mobile app and TV, they need to fix the glitches in the original game first. I actually think that’s the problem- Poptropica’s so busy with other things that the quality of newer islands is just getting worse and worse. Hopefully one of their New Years Resolutions was to fix this.

But things may get interesting farther in the future. I think one of three possibilities will happen, ultimately changing how successful and how long Poptropica lasts.

Scenario 1: Slightly more or less popular

The first possibility is that Poptropica will stay more or less the same as it is now. New islands would be released every few months, along with giveaways and other fun things. The new islands will hopefully start to get better like Pelican Rock. However, the creators might still be converting to SUI, which means that some glitches and bugs might never get fixed. Poptropica might become more successful, but maybe only a little bit more or less popular. That all depends on the quality of the islands and the game itself.

How long will Poptropica last? – 5 to 10 more years, maybe a little more or less.

Scenario 2: Failing

But what if the islands DON’T get better? Would Poptropica slowly end in a few years? With glitchy SUIs, more sponsored and members only islands, and a focus on expanding, the game could suffer, with less and less kids playing the game each year, until Poptropica doesn’t make enough money and shuts down. If it did, would the website be deleted, or would it still exist, just never updated? Never mind. Let’s not think about Poptropica ending, but we need to know that it might still happen. However, with support with fans like all of you, this future might not happen.

How long will Poptropica last? – 2 to 5 more years.

Scenario 3: Most popular it’s ever been!

And lastly there’s that last possibility, which is more likely than the terrible second one, but wouldn’t happen for a while. It would happen if Poptropica’s dream of having a TV show and stuff like that DID happen one day. The good news? Poptropica would be the most popular it’s ever been! The bad news? The game itself would suffer. Less and less islands would be released each year, and even if kids did find out about the game that inspired their favorite TV show they might not want to play it. But you never know how successful this “TV show” could be.

How long will Poptropica last? – Who knows?

Well, we don’t know what the future will bring, but no matter what ends up happening, I’m sure 2016 will be the best year yet. What do you think will happen? Sound off in the comments below!

–Tall Cactus

Share your Poptropica conspiracy theories in the comments – we’d love to hear them. If you’d like to develop your thoughts into a full guest post like this one, contact the PHB (minimum 500 words) at Stay popping!

15 thoughts on “Popspiracy: What’s in Poptropica’s Future?”

  1. I think that Poptropica shouldn’t shut down because it has many cool things that when they create the world rank maps, I was surprised that many people from different countries around the world were playing such as Quick Dragon from Vanuatu. It should do more islands that Members and non-Members alike have the opportunity to land atop their local and global leaderboards like Early Poptropica and Reality TV Island to gain that popularity.

    1. I know it probably won’t. What I meant is that maybe it will stop being updated, but the website will still be there to play. But that is very unlikely. I’m pretty sure that the first possibility of it staying mainly the same will happen. At least for the next few years.

  2. Oh gosh, my first ever post…I wrote this even before I made my blog. Let’s just say, I was so wrong about the future of Pop, I had no idea about New Pop. No one did!

    Also, I can’t even get myself to reread the theory, it’s way too embarrassing. xD

  3. Poptropica will not shut down for years to come, it will only improve. I have been playing since fourth grade and I am a very nice- looking character if I say so myself :). I think that it would be super cool if they made it so you could play a game multiplayer outside of the common rooms and so you could chat freely. It would make it so much more interesting! Speaking of which, I sent an email to the staff and told Brave Tomato, but I’m considering writing a guest post! Look for it! I’ll try to impress!

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