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My Place in Poptropica: Ultimate iPad Expert

Heyyo Poptropicans, it’s Ultimate iPad Expert here to bring you a special post to share with you guys know a little more about me and my Poptropican journey. Inspired by Andrew’s MPIP post (which you should definitely check out, if you haven’t already), we’re now underway in this PHB series where Poptropicans in the community are sharing their stories. Let’s get into my tale of origin!


I was a late bloomer to joining Poptropica, as many people I know online started years before. It all started over 4 years ago… *ripple effect* *xylophone noises*

2011 | The Discovery

An 11-year old kid sits in a fold-up chair with a flute in his hand and his attention elsewhere as he waited through the seemingly endless band practice to be completed. This, of course, is me.

Finally the time had come, I packed up and headed out from the auditorium room to the lobby area. There was my sister and her friend on the computers playing an online computer game, which would eventually become a big part of my life. This, obviously, was Poptropica. I stood there watching as they played Super Power Island, I was quite curious in this game. It was not until I arrived home later that day that I tried Poptropica out for myself. I loaded up the page and created my character just how I wanted. Soon enough, I was up onto the Poptropica map, which I had then discovered contained many different adventures on different islands.

I decided to start out with Super Power, having had a slight introduction through the island. I don’t remember much after that point from that day, but I must have really loved it considering where it’s gone since there. After a slight bit of skepticism (because of my previous experience with some other online worlds), I created my Poptropica account that I still use to this day, Yellow Sword (aka paultropica6). I remember frequently playing each of the islands to completion over the upcoming weeks. Soon enough I had completed all 18 islands at the time and was in big anticipation for the island to be released, Red Dragon.

It was likely during this time that I stumbled upon Poptropica fan sites. I would frequently check Poptropica Secrets, at the time, but that all changed that spring. I stumbled upon the Poptropica Wiki, through Google searching, and soon became a frequent editor. Through the rest of the year, I continued my editing and constant Poptropica playing. This went up until my birthday on which I got my very own copy of the Poptropica Official Guide, as well as a 3 month membership. I immediately went on to use my newfound powers online. I bought every costume and item in the store and was excited to play new islands before the majority.

2012 | The Wiki

A few months had passed, my membership had expired, and it was a leap day. I decided that I would make an account on Poptropica Wiki (being that I had used an anonymous user previously), so my account Paultropica6 was created. Don’t recall this too much, but according to my contributions list, I didn’t use the account much at all. In May, I decided to make a different Wikia account, this time naming it DaranNorrisFan6, which was basically me stealing my brother’s username from Wikia (DeeBradleyBakerFan). I neglected the account until October, as my before mentioned brother had been editing a lot over the summer and was added as an admin on the wiki in August.

One day in October, Bob Bricks, the main head of the wiki at the time, sent out this message to the users of the wiki. I knew this was my chance to become an admin, and so I joined the chat that fateful day. I remember Bob asking many questions to me regarding my wanting to join the staff, and about what I’d bring to the community as an admin. Bob then became silent in chatting. He was now talking in private with some of the other admins there in the chat. One of which was my brother. I was so excited when Bob gave me the message, I was now an admin on Poptropica Wiki. It was time I changed my username, since my current one at the time was pretty bad. My affinity with Apple products, in particular, the iPad, seemed like a good way to go with it, and the name Ultimate iPad Expert was created.

2013-2014 | The Leader

Throughout the next two years, my love for Poptropica grew and my attachment to the Poptropican fan community grew even more. Bob resigned from his head position and another admin from the wiki, NBerkhof, became the new leader. I soon began becoming a big fan of Thinknoodles thanks to his fun commentaries, and I started commenting on blogs with random named accounts, mainly the PHB.

I eventually became NBerkhohf’s second in command, something I never thought would ever happen to me. And then it happened, I actually became the Poptropica Wiki head. From anonymous user having fun and helping out on the wiki to the decision maker of the entire wiki. I held the title for months and eventually fell into a trap of inactivity and was demoted, but no sweat, as I was added back and was ready to head the wiki as best I could this time.

2015 | The PHB

A yearly election for a new leader took place (and being as I wasn’t allowed to run since I was just the head), I was demoted to second in command, with AwesomeOrange89 (Chad) became the newest leader of Poptropica Wiki. One fateful day in March, I logged into the Poptropica Wiki chat to talk with Chad. Meanwhile I was checking the PHB, as I usually did every week or so. I noticed an interesting post. They were starting a new wiki. At first, I was bummed, the PHB’s new wiki would overshadow us. But then, an idea hit me. And idea, so crazy, it might just work.

I immediately went to the chat to show Chad. His reaction was the same as my original one. An annoyed and angry one. “This is a good thing,” I typed. “How could this possibly be a good thing?” he then replied. I then went into explaining my genius plan! >:) Since we of the Poptropica Wiki held the more desired URL, (we have now moved the wiki to a new link, however: and our own group of users, we would partner up with the PHB. In return, we’d have the PHB’s huge fan base knowing more about the wiki. Chad and I immediately went to work, opening up a Google Doc and co-writing the perfect email message to send to Fishy. Soon enough, we got our reply. It was accepted. The wiki now became part of the biggest Poptropica fan base on the internet with millions of viewers. I was overwhelmed with excitement!

Within the next few days, Chad and I got into talking with Andrew (HPuterpop) through Skype and we began new plans for the future of the wiki. As part of the partnership, I was awarded the huge honor of being an author here on the PHB!

I immediately got to work on my introduction post and after a week (including the awesome April Fools prank of this year) I announced my joining here! I enjoyed my the warm welcome from all of you guys, and soon got to work on a “secret project”. Soon enough, this new project was announced. The Popcorn magazine was back! And better than ever! This time it was an actual printable pdf document in magazine format. More excitement came later, as well, several fun projects were brought to the community, even a Q&A with the Poptropica CEO!

Over my time as an author, I’ve gotten to know a lot of the PHB authors fairly personally and glad to call them my friends. We created the Poppies (you’re welcome for the name btw), and I appeared shortly in the livestream. Soon after, the Poptropica Wiki had its largest news ever. We moved to Gamepedia and are continuing to strive well there.

I’ve joined DeviantArt and met so many talented artists, who got to show off their skill in HP’s fan art contest and later my fan art contest. My participation in HP’s contest even spurred into my creation of Poptropican meme faces. These became so popular that I knew it was time to create them regularly. And so, Poptropican Meme Face Mondays (PMFM) was born, which you guys seem to love! I have so much fun making those!

The Future

All of this is only the start of it, however. My current history in the Poptropica community may be short, but the most exciting parts are yet to come.

There’s so much more planned for the future and I couldn’t be more excited! 😀 From my PMFM series to the 7 Orbs Timeline to the Poptropica Wiki improvements and so very much more. I’ve got some awesome stuff prepared for the future (some of which hasn’t even been shared with the other authors yet).

I wouldn’t be here without all of you and I’m glad to have you all here. From my 8 fellow authors to each commenter to even the casual viewer, you’ve all played a part. Thank you so much! I will never forget my time here on the PHB. When I eventually leave the PHB, even into adulthood, I will remember. You’ve changed my entire life forever. (My goodness does that sound cheesy 🧀)

I’m so grateful for this awesome opportunity. This community is the best with too many amazing people to name here. I’ve met so many awesome users and I’m sure I’ll continue to in the future. You’re all hilarious, your fan creations is amazing, and you’re some of the nicest people on the internet.

I hope to stay here for a long time and I hope you will too. Long Live the PHB!

This is my story. My Place in Poptropica.

• Ultimate iPad Expert •


30 thoughts on “My Place in Poptropica: Ultimate iPad Expert”

  1. There’s a little voice in my head telling me to read everybody’s “Place in Poptropica.” I don’t know why.

  2. Awww, Paulapeno. Bootiful story.
    Band practice is pretty boring -_-
    LOL your flashback seq though XD
    Thanks for sharing your story and being a part of our lives. You’re awesome!

  3. Thank you paul for your amazing posts! 😀 Glad to have you as one of the awesome authors on PHB! 😀

    PHB is awesome because of all you awesome authors! XD

  4. It’s pretty cool how the wiki brought you to the PHB, and so much more – and I’m glad you’ve stuck with the Poptropica community for all this time! Your eagerness to post for the PHB has been a great help to the blog, and your memes definitely add a touch of spice around here! Thanks for sharing your story, Paul. 😀

    1. It is indeed. And I’m glad I’ve stayed, as well. There was even a point where I would kinda just check Poptropica every week or so, which could’ve easily led to my departure.

      I’m glad to help out with posting whenever needed, it’s always a fun endeavor for me. 😀 So glad I started with my meme-ery, brings something new to myself in posting. 😛 Felt like I was fairly normal before that point.

      No problem! I really enjoy sharing it with everyone, and I’m enjoying reading over everyone else’s MPIPs. 😀

  5. “When I eventually leave the PHB, even into adulthood, I will remember. You’ve changed my entire life forever.” So sad that UIPE predicted the future. (๑◕︵◕๑)

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