My Place in Poptropica

My Place in Poptropica: HPuterpop

Hey, Poptropicans! Welcome to a new PHB series, “My Place in Poptropica”, where people tell their stories of how they got involved in the Poptropica community. Over the next 9 days, we’ll be publishing some of these tales here on the PHB. Without further ado, here’s the first MPIP: HPuterpop!


Hi Gs,

In 2007, I discovered, and created an account with the username ‘puterpop’. 8 years later and I’m sitting here, writing this post on the largest and oldest Poptropica fan blog ever. How did this happen?

2007 to 2008 | beginning of Messy Sinker

It all started back in 2007 when my kindergarten teacher directed me to some educational sites, one being At the time, FEN had just started promoting Poptropica on their sites. After milling around on FunBrain for a bit, I decided to (daringly) click on the Poptropica advertisement. The ad promised exploration, collection, and competition – plus some kooky looking googly-eyed characters next to what appeared to be a balloon stand.

Clicking on the ad, I created a new player and started playing the available quests every afternoon after school. Originally, I created new characters every time I played but eventually convinced my mom to let me make an account.

My mom helped me out with designing my character (this was before the costumizer, so initial character design was important), selecting the hair and suspenders reflecting a younger version of my dad. The username was chosen for my love of computers and Poptropica. The password was chosen for my love of puppets. And so, Messy Sinker – ‘puterpop‘ – was born, and still remains my main account.

When they added Monster Carnival Island to the map with the ‘Coming Soon’ text, I was surprised – I was surprised even more so when it disappeared, being replaced by 24 Carrot Island. Looking it up some time later, I found this post on the PHB. It was the first time I had ever seen the blog.

2009 | a new account

After finding the PHB, I was a passive viewer of the blog, not commenting but viewing and enjoying the game as it was updated. I made the foolish mistake of sharing my password with “friends”, which worked for a while until one of them changed the password and wouldn’t tell me. Assuming that the account was lost forever, I created a new one, ‘puterpoptropica’ – similar to the other and with the same costume. Bashful Whale is now my secondary account and has most of my original medallions and some unattainable items.

2010 to 2012 | Puterpop to HPuterpop

The first sign of a ‘puterpop’ in the community was in August of 2010. Using a friend’s email address, I commented ‘Love the guide!’ on the Steamworks Island guide. From there, I continued to comment – not frequently, but steadily. I began to post little theories, similar to what I do now.

Eventually, I realized that WordPress comments do not check if the email submitted is legit – so  [email protected] became [email protected]

During this time, I changed my screen name for accounts from Puterpop to HPuterpop – you can read the full story here. In a nutshell: I thought that HP meant high definition. It did not, and it was long after I had set the accounts up that I realized my mistake.

But the name stuck, and HPuterpop lived on!

2013 to 2014 | blogging

This is where things got interesting! After years of using Bashful Whale as my main account, I finally got the idea to contact Poptropica and ask for Messy Sinker’s password to be reset. It was some time later that I got the account back!

I also created a WordPress account and set up my first blog, “HPuterpop’s”. While the name was highly original (disclaimer: sarcasm), I closed it down shortly after creation. However, soon after it was put up, a then not well-known blogger, Nameless Undefined, found my blog and asked me if I wanted to be an author on her new blog, Poptropican Awesomeness.

I agreed and started to post there. I quickly became the most frequent author on the site. During this time, I was looking to become an avid writer on many blogs, requesting authorship on the ATP and even on the PHB – however, I (obviously) was declined.

I’m only going to touch lightly on the drama that ensued on PAw – I’m not proud of what happened there. I and Nameless are ok now but at the time an incredibly ridiculous feud happened. There were people who supported Nameless and people who supported me. I’m still unaware of how far that war stretched, but word got around, and I’m pretty sure a lot of people knew about it.

However, I was on the PAw for quite some time, and it was the blog that I started a special series on: Poptropican Portraits. While I haven’t had much time to work on that series, I plan to in the future, after the wiki project comes to a stopping point.

Around this time, I found a leak to the 24 Carrot Island BETA Carrotene project and sent it to the PHB. My first brush with Poptropica fame was fun, and it got me started on a journey of coding that I would never have imagined. In fact, one of the PHB’s frequent commenters (CC) even mentioned that I may be the next Coder Kid!

In December of 2013, current authors Samwow5 and Blake were added to the team, and I saw an opportunity. Emailing Slanted Fish once again, I asked if I could join – she must have seen something in me because she sent me an invite!

I didn’t post for two days- I was working on the best post ever. From the title to the outro, it had to be perfect – my first post on the world’s largest Poptropica fan blog! I posted ‘Where the Wild One Is’ on December 10 of 2013. I soon after officiated the Poptropican Portraits series and began to make that a weekly endeavor.

One of my first posts on the PHB was ’10 things you DIDN’T know about Poptropica!”, which basically encapsulated what I would post about on the PHB for years to come: 10 weird facts that I had brewed on and found over my entire gameplay experience.

Now, remember how I mentioned that I leaked the BETA Carrotene project? That inspired me to look further. For days on end, I tried to find a way to get into the files of Poptropica. I wanted to be the next Codien. And soon, with the help of Inspect Element, I hit the answer. I found how to look at Poptropica’s file database. I posted this finding to the PHB soon after, and over the two years that I’ve known of this I have learned much of the filing system they use – that’s how Spotted Dragon creates her BTS posts!

The post containing my findings also sprouted another venue for me – theories! I theorized that Kyle Fox, a musician intern for Poptropica actually was Gamer Guy on the PCB. This turned out to be false, but I knew then that I wanted to make theories – and boy did I get started soon.

My Mocktropica Island review is one of my first big posts. It contains 778 words, a good amount of pictures, and took me a couple days to finish. I really enjoyed this type of post and went on to create many reviews after that.

My first live stream happened after a Poptropica blog claimed I faked my Poptropican Portraits (somehow…?). In order to disprove this claim, I live streamed the making of a portrait of the owner of the blog! I got a lot of viewers and the live stream in general was a success. It pushed me toward making more… 😉

2015 and forward | a clear direction

Things just escalated from there. Mid 2015, the Poptropica Wiki contacted me about joining forces with the PHB – to which at first I didn’t want to do, but with further thought and some input from the other team members, I accepted. That was a good decision. Along with help from some key people, I completely “flipped” the wiki, making a better logo, redesigning the layout and theme, reformatting pages, and just about every other task imaginable. I’m happy with what we have now at Gamepedia, even though we’re far from completion.

From there, we brought back a big facet of the Poptropica community – the Poptropica Help Network, abbreviated as the PHN. This was a network in place years ago but faded after a while. Tying together some sites, we formed something even grander than the original network!

Finally, my most recent large project: the PoptropiComic and the orb timeline! A grand compendium of a few community members’ creative efforts – the ultimate fan fiction. The PoptropiComic is a graphic novel while Giant Hawk Adventures is a written fiction – I’m excited to see where it leads!

My largest achievement so far, in my opinion, is when Christopher Barney, a Poptropica developer (better known as Triton!), referred to me in a conversation as “one of the best-known players”. That’s crazy – I was definitely a fanatic whenever I was younger, but I never thought I could achieve that accolade.

This year has definitely been my best – I’m perfecting my craft and am even looking into some game design! (more on that later 😉 )

There’s one more thing I’d like to mention… I’ve glossed over my accomplishments, but it’s important to note that without the help of my friends that I’ve met along the way, none of what I’ve done could have been possible. You’ve changed my life forever.

Paul, Ylimegirl, Justice, Sam, Sydney, Juyo (SlantedFish), Brave Tomato, Blake, Slippery Raptor, Joshua… to the entire community… for the ones I have unintentionally left out… THANK YOU!

I continue to work on my many projects to this day – designing logos, cracking codes, writing posts, and organizing databases. 🙂

And that’s My Place in Poptropica.



20 thoughts on “My Place in Poptropica: HPuterpop”

  1. Wow! So much has changed since I have joined in 2011! or was it 2012…?
    I made a wordpress account in 2012, so it was 2011. 😀

  2. Ur welcome HP! Just keep doing what your doing! U da man! 🙂
    P.S. HP should now stand for: “Highly Popular”!!!

  3. So happy to have you here on the PHB, Andrew! 😀 So amazing to see these blasts from the past!

    Also, everyone: Look out for the rest of the MPIPs. A certain meme king may be tomorrow’s. 😉

    I’m so glad we finally started release on this series. We may or may not have started work on this since July. 😛

  4. ‘one of the PHB’s frequent commenters even mentioned that I may be the next Codien!’

    Yay,a reference to me without actually mentioning who it was because you’re too narcissistic to divert the attention to someone else! 😛

    Seriously though,if you actually somehow manage to find the original comment,it actually says coderkid,not Codien lol 😛 don’t know how you missed that

    Here’s proof:

    – CC

    C C

  5. ‘one of the PHB’s frequent commenters even mentioned that I may be the next Codien!’

    Yay,a reference to me without actually mentioning who it was because you’re too narcissistic to divert the attention to someone else! 😛

    Seriously though,if you actually somehow manage to find the original comment,it actually says coderkid,not Codien lol 😛 don’t know how you missed that

    Here’s proof:

    – CC

    C C
    < .

  6. Thanks for everything you’ve done with the Poptropica community – you’ve certainly left an indelible mark with your many contributions and projects (of which there are too many to name and finish! 😛 ). It’s pretty amazing how long you’ve been around, and how long you will probably continue to be around. Great story! :mrgreen:

  7. Eh, why the heck not. I’ve been juggling this in my head, so here’s Ylimegirl’s supah short and mildly interesting place in Poptropica! Posted on the first post b/c I’m closest to this fine fellow, PuterPop!

    In 2011, I was in fifth grade, and… to be honest, I don’t quite remember how I discovered Poptropica. Great memory me! All I know is I discovered it around the same time I tried out Club Penguin, and my best friend played it. At any rate, I was in love. I beat the majority of the islands on one account, and then when I wanted to replay one… I simply made another. And another. And another. And… yeah. By the time the Restart Island feature was introduced, I had about seven different accounts. How I chose to only use my current one, empressotime? It was the only one I’d beat Mythology Island on… because the aforementioned best friend beat it for me. When it came to Poptropica fanblogs, the one I used was poptropicasecrets, and only that.

    Throughout the rest of the school, Poptropica was gaining popularity because it was one of two, maybe three sites allowed by the school to be used in the computer lab. Due to this, going into said lab at lunchtime was often met with a multitude of blue screens. And since it was so popular, I was never able to claim a computer. Instead, I stood around, kind of like a creeper I guess? But I began to volunteer assistance to when people were stuck on islands. Unfortunately, sometime later Poptropica was for some reason removed from the list of OK sites and I stopped doing that.

    I kept playing Poptropica, and at one point got a three-month membership that later expired and I never bothered to renew. Around this point, my Poptropican looked crazy with the Gamer Girl goggles, the color-changing shirt, and green Betty Jetty hair. But when SUIs were announced, they bugged the heck out of me, and I stopped playing since they were just so… glitchy and cumbersome, not to mention that they barely fit on my laptop screen. And thus I was off the map (ha) of Poptropica for many years.

    Fast-forward to 2015. By this point, I had been wiki-editing for two years as a registered user and probably about one prior to that as an anonymous user. While bored, I decided to check out the Poptropica wiki… I had tried editing the Club Penguin wiki earlier, but got annoyed at how daunting a task it was and abandoned it, so it was natural that I just tried the next interest of mine from four years ago. I have some vague memories of looking at the wiki in the past, but it was nothing huge. I found myself fixing redirects (generally my first order of business on any wiki I edit), and began combing through various pages to find grammar errors and fixed up templates. I also naturally started playing Poptropica again, and that’s when I decided to make my current purple-themed avatar, for asexual and pretty reasons. My hard work garnered the attention of Andrew Wiles. I had no idea the importance of this dude since I hadn’t been in the Poptropica community for ages, and definitely not on the PHB. He ended up asking for my Skype, and we began talking about wiki-related stuff and then pretty much anything that came to mind. Turns out we have a lot in common when it comes to the shows we watch! He eventually convinced UiPE to make me an admin, and I worked a ton in CSS and overall theme prettyness. When we ended up moving to gamepedia, I helped implement Andrew’s pretty designs into the CSS. He also made my lovely avatar and came up with the name for the PoptropiComic. (Fun fact: Another name I tossed at him was “Island Poppin'”, you know, like “Island Hopping”?) My bigger achievements came later when I beat Early Poptropica… at the impressive rank of 56. What I think is impressive is coming in fourth in the state of California! 😛 I also later was in third place for UiPE’s fanart contest (and now have a meme-faced Cuddly Eel to show for it) and came in WHOPPING 4TH PLACE for Reality TV Island, which I did during lunch and was almost late to class for it, no regrets. Andrew can confirm, however, that I was quite stressed and made a lot of garbled text at him in Skype 😛

    And now I have to look forward to the future, with the release of Pelican Rock coming (which is based off of the nearby city of San Francisco for me) and whatever lies ahead for the Poptropica wiki. There’s also more plans for the character of Cuddly Eel, so stay tuned on that 😉

    I’m Ylimegirl, AKA empressotime, and this is My Place in… the Poptropica Help Blog Comments, cuz I’m not an author 😛

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