Costume Discounts: Black Friday to Cyber Monday

Hey guys, SD here with a Poptropica update of great discounts. Remember how we mentioned that Black Friday is coming to Poptropica? Well, here it comes!


This weekend only, Poptropica is having amazing discounts in the Poptropica Store! 10 cool costumes for 10 credits each (most were formerly 75 credits)! These on-sale items are:

  • Dark Astro Knight (black for boys, purple for girls)
  • Sky Hawk Warrior
  • Prom King/Queen
  • Disco King/Queen
  • Midnight Ninja
  • Templar Knight (formerly 410 credits!)
  • Retro Robot
  • Space Sentry
  • Swan Ballerina (girls only)
  • Capes & Cowls (gold card section)
  • Fall Fashion Outfit (gold card section)

Two of these costumes are in the gold card section, and the rest are in the costumes section in the bottom row. Anyway, get shopping before the regular prices go back up at noon EST on (Cyber) Monday. Update: This sale has been extended to Tuesday!

Remember to also enter in the Island Hopper Sweepstakes! Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, the first round of weekly winners will be announced on Monday.



11 thoughts on “Costume Discounts: Black Friday to Cyber Monday”

  1. Fall Fashion Outfit is also only 10 credits, along with Capes and Cowls. Dunno if that’s part of the Black Friday deal or not, but that might be the extra 2 to make 10.

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