I’m back!

Hi Gs,

For those who don’t know, I left the blog yesterday – completely personal reasons. This doesn’t matter, though: I’m back. 😀

I’d rather not go into the details of my rash decision, it was done out of anger, and I’ve reconsidered since then.

Look forward to a new post series soon. 😀




21 thoughts on “I’m back!

  1. ★A Very Merry Christmas to you all from Christmas Clown and Christmas Cat★ ★May there be Peace in this World★ says:

    Yeah,I was worried about you yesterday,especially since you deleted it soon after. Thank goodness you’re staying after what’s been happening in your life.

    Here’s a pro life tip for you,though:Never let your emotions get the better of you.Be in control of yourself. Acting rashly like you did was definitely because of this,I can tell.

    That said,I’m glad that you’re here to stay,Wiley! (heh,I like that.kinda like Dr.Wiley from Megaman .I’m sticking with that nickname) Hope to see lots more of your posts here!

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