Prepare for failure this… Tuesday?!

Hey guys, Slip here.

timmybookThe Creators have reminded us that on October 6th, which is next Tuesday, Timmy Failure Island will be open to all players! But why does it fall upon a Tuesday when island releases are usually on Thursdays?

Here’s the reason they gave: “on that same day, the newest Timmy Failure book will become available when Timmy Failure: Sanitized for Your Protection hits bookshelves!”

Oh cool! So now you know what to do on Tuesday! Poptropica usually updates around 12 PM-3 PM EST, so make sure to get a head start on this pants-chasing adventure!

Stuck trying to find Timmy’s pants? Check out our Timmy Failure Island Guide here on the PHB! Make sure to leave a comment. 🙂


-Slip :mrgreen:


14 thoughts on “Prepare for failure this… Tuesday?!

  1. Giant Hawk says:

    Good thing they cleared up why they’re releasing it on a Tuesday. Paul and I were just talking earlier today about why it could be that way. 😛

  2. FairyTale says:

    wow the Halloween pack is free on the app too? o.o Or was it always there and free of cost but I noticed it now. XD

  3. lovethatpoptropicaapp says:

    Hey PHB Staff! I know this is unrelated (well it’s still Poptropica-related), but I found an ad for Poptropica Comics on the app!

    For more information about the Poptropica App, check out my blog

    Check out my most recent post about this ad (!

    Sorry I can’t give you a picture on this comment, but the link above shows proof!

    —The Mad Apper—

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