Timmy Failure Island

Prepare for failure this… Tuesday?!

Hey guys, Slip here.

timmybookThe Creators have reminded us that on October 6th, which is next Tuesday, Timmy Failure Island will be open to all players! But why does it fall upon a Tuesday when island releases are usually on Thursdays?

Here’s the reason they gave: “on that same day, the newest Timmy Failure book will become available when Timmy Failure: Sanitized for Your Protection hits bookshelves!”

Oh cool! So now you know what to do on Tuesday! Poptropica usually updates around 12 PM-3 PM EST, so make sure to get a head start on this pants-chasing adventure!

Stuck trying to find Timmy’s pants? Check out our Timmy Failure Island Guide here on the PHB! Make sure to leave a comment. 🙂


-Slip :mrgreen:

Ghost Story Island

Now out!

It’s EP here, and this is a quick yet sweet and short post/announcement. GHOST STORY ISLAND IS NOW OUT! Members can play the full version of this spooky island whilst non-members can play a partial version of it just to get a taste of what it’s like!

Here’s the trailer they once again posted:

And finally, new changes are coming through the air of Poptropica. It seems to happen a few times each year. The creators have perhaps refurnished graphic effects and overall look and feel of the game. A new post has an image detailing these “changes”:

Well, they’ve added a bit of detail as it appears to me. If you look carefully at the building blocks there are detailed textures on them. They also added shadows and clouds apparently.

How many new things can you spot?

So, what are you waiting for? Go out there and go hunt some ghosts!

Game Show Island

Get your game on!

Today is a short and sweet post announcing the official start of Game Show Island for members! The countdown has stopped and gone down to 0 (too bad I wasn’t there to see the glorious moment 😦 ) and the island is now available! You can expect to find a guide on here very soon for those of you who are challenged with the island. Non-Members can play the first part of this quiz related island, though!

Also, a quick note from ElmoPwns:

I will not be posting for an amount of time during these recents times. The reason being a private medical reason. I have not brought myself and have neglected my role on The PHC for some time as well for being a Moderator. Though most of my status is currently private, I will not be posting for a week or two. In case I do not come back in a month, I guess you’ll know that I am in a serious status as to cannot access my computer life and cannot fulfill my abilities as an author or as a Moderator. I want to thank the community for your kindness in case I do not come back for good. My special thanks also goes to Hijuyo for her support and for being a friend as well. Hijuyo, thanks, and please don’t remove me right away until a month later if I have no activity at all. I cannot figure out or come to an ultimatum of my condition, but I can say that it is severe enough as to be deprived of my virtual life. I sincerely thank you all for your support and say a goodbye in case it is my last. Well, with that notice being said, I bade you all a good trip and visit on the new Game Show Island. Thankyou

EP out!