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Welcome to the Poppies!

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UPDATE: Hey guys, thanks for nominating your favorites! The nomination round is now officially closed. The voting round has begun, so cast your votes now! 🙂

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to The Poppies. That’s the Poptropica Community Awards, hosted by the Poptropica Help Network (PHN), which includes this blog (the PHB).

This popping, stellar event is the first of its kind, and will include a week for nominations (starting now!), followed by a week for voting (check back next week for the polls!), and finally, we’ll be announcing the winners as we celebrate the PHB’s upcoming 7th birthday on July 26th, 2015.

First up is the nomination round. How this works is we’ll announce each award category, followed by a brief description (see below). Then, in the comments section, you let us know who or what you feel is worth that award! You can nominate for as many or as little awards as you like.

Without further ado, the awards up for grabs are:

  1. Best Creator: Who’s your favorite Poptropica Creator? Is it the nommable Captain Crawfish, or perhaps the lost-to-time Shark Boy? Check the PHB’s Creators Database for a list.
  2. Best Dialogue: What is the all-time best, wittiest line of dialogue ever spoken by any Poptropica character?
  3. Best Dressed NPC (male): Who’s the handsomest of Poptropican characters? This category is for the guys. (NPC stands for non-player character, so please do not nominate your friends.)
  4. Best Dressed NPC (female): Who’s the prettiest of Poptropican characters? This category is for the girls. (Again, this category is not for players!)
  5. Best Island (overall): What’s the greatest island of all time, from plot to characters, artwork to soundtrack (if applicable), and everything in between?
  6. Best Poptropican Name: What Poptropican name combination sounds the best? For a list of possible Poptropica names, click here.
  7. Best Soundtrack: Which music soundtrack from any of the SUIs (sound-updated islands) tickles your fancy? For some possible nominations, you can listen to and get the names of soundtracks on composer Jeff Heim’s soundcloud.
  8. Best Storyline in an Island: Of all the islands, which one has the greatest plot? Which storyline did you most enjoy?
  9. Best Villain: Who’s your favorite Poptropica villain?

In addition to Poptropica-specific awards, there are also categories for those in the Poptropica community/fandom that you know and love!

  1. Best Current PHB Author: We’ve got a host of staff members here who regularly deliver news and other improvements to the PHB, but everyone’s different, even down to their senses of humor. The current staff are Brave Tomato, Blake, HPuterpop, Samwow5, Spotted Dragon, Slanted Fish, Slippery Raptor, and Ultimate iPad Expert – and all of us are automatically nominated!
  2. Best Fan Art: Poptropican artists the world over have created many pieces of fan art, but which pieces have you seen that might deserve the title of ‘best’? The PHB magazines are a good place to start scouting for fan art!
  3. Best Fansite (outside of the PHN): The Poptropica Help Network includes this blog, the PHC (chat), our Twitter, videos, and wiki, but outside of our network lies a realm of other Poptropica fan sites as well. Nominate your favorites – just to be clear, this is for sites that aren’t included in the list mentioned in the previous sentence.
  4. Best PHB April Fools’ Prank: We’ve done a lot of April fools’ pranks over the years, but which one got you good? Was it the ‘Club Penguin Help Blog’ of 2009? Sending in Agent Chicken Wing in 2010? Reverting to Scary Tomato’s old header in 2011? Gamer Guy’s Mega Fighting Bots, Poptropica-bashing fan site in 2014? Or perhaps this year’s Omegon takeover?
  5. Best The POPCORN Magazine Issue: Which PHB magazine issue had all the best stories, fan art, and so on? Read them on our Magazines page and nominate your faves.
  6. Best Wiki Article: Over on the Poptropica Wiki (part of the PHN), we’ve got over 800 articles for islands, scenes, items, characters, and so on. But which article is the best?

Now for some undesirable awards! We’re not that mean, though, so we’ll only be giving a few, and it’s just for fun – no offence intended. 😉

  1. Worst Island: Poptropica is full of great islands, but not every island was a winner. Which, in your opinion, was the worst of them all (and why)?
  2. Worst Poptropican Name: There are plenty of decent Poptropica names out there, but not every name is created equal and there’s potentially some pretty disastrous combinations as well. Nominate as you see fit!
  3. Worst Poptropica Moment: What’s the worst thing that has happened in your Poptropica experience? Anything unfortunate is fair game, from glitches that made you restart an island to the time the Jersey Devil on Cryptids Island made you cower under your chair in fear.

And that brings us to 18 awards, in celebration of our recent milestone of 18 million hits (well, 18.4m now) – and also, of course, the upcoming 7th birthday of the PHB.

Nominations will take place starting now, so sound off in the comments who you think deserves the awards! Please limit your nominations to a maximum of three per award. To strengthen your nomination, you can also include a quick reason why you think they (or it) deserve(s) the award.

If no nominations for a certain award are made, the PHB authors will use their own judgment to come up with some options. Next week’s poll options will be based on the most popular nominations, so check back then for the next round and cast your votes then! Plus, stay tuned for the PHB for details on birthday parties and winner announcements. 😉 But for now…

Start nominating in the comments below!

Stay popping, Poptropicans, and pop in for the Poppies. 😀


128 thoughts on “Welcome to the Poppies!”

  1. best island overall for me: myestry of the map
    why? cause it is quite funny and jorge plus oliver comic is too
    1st comment! ya

    1. Best Creator: Shark Boy
      Best Dialogue: Wow, a magic carpet! Now I’m in a whole new world.
      Best Dressed Male NPC: Director D
      Best dressed female npc: Aphrodite
      Best Island: Ghost Story
      Best Poptropican name: Fierce Boa (which is mine!)
      Best Soundtrack: Poptropils Games
      Best Storyline: Arabian Nights
      Best Villain: Dr. Hare
      Best current PHB author: blake, paul, brave tomato, spotted dragon, slanted fish, slippery raptor, brave tomato.
      Best Fan Art: ALL OF THEM!
      Best Fansite: The videos
      Best Prank: Omegon Takeover
      Best Magazine Issue: April
      Best wiki article: I dunno.
      Worst Island: Mocktropica
      Worst Poptropican Name: brave tomato
      Worst Poptropican moment: PLAYING THE GLITCHY SUI’S AND HAVING TO REFRESH LIKE 1,000,000 TIMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Please, my name is fabulous. 😛

        Okay, yeah, the Tomato part is kinda weird XD

      2. Worst moment is in Mythology when the screen was stuck with a picture of Zeus and me. The best villain no way is Dr. Hare. He doesn’t even have a boss battle. Mine’s El Mustachio, also best dressed. The best moment is when I saved 30 rare outfits witch uncostumizable handhelds, even though I’m not a member. Glitch: head to a SUI and costumize a store outfit, best one’s are the magician and the vampire kid. Then click on the button that let’s you costumize someone else without closing it and then do it again. Click on a person with uncostumizable things, and you can costumize everything from them. My username is Russia392.

    2. Worst Poptropica Moment: Well, there was a huge glitch on Arabian Nights Episode 3, so I restarted the island, but I still was flying on the magic carpet, and I didn’t have the card yet, so I couldn’t take it off, and to get the card you had to throw divination bombs, and you can’t throw divination bombs while flying on the magic carpet, so I couldn’t progress on the island, and it was just a mess! (sorry, run-on sentence) :p

      1. The best Poptropica name is Undefined Undefined because it’s a glitch. I’ve made two Singlet Guys called Emblem3 and Emblem5. There names are Undefined. The worst name is Keith Sammut’s, Dizzy Fox.

    3. Best Creator: Captain Crawfish
      Best Dialogue: 101010101010
      Best Dressed: El Mustachios Grande
      Best Island: Skullduggery
      Best Name: Undefined Undefined
      Best Storyline: Game Show
      Best Soundtrack: Time Twisted Chinese Theme, Time Twisted Broken Future Theme
      Best PHB: HPuterpop
      Best Villain: El Mustachio Grande
      Best Fansite: YouTube

  2. For me Best Island goes to :- Survival Island.

    I actually wanted to give it to Arabian nights or Poptropicon, but then decided to give it to Survival island. I think the reason is because how this time unlike the other times, our blimp crashed on a mysterious place where we have to survive. At first the thing for our poptropican was to survive and somehow get out of the island, but as the story progresses we see that there’s someone other than us in the woods and they are spying on us. The story progresses with our poptropican surviving the cold,hunger,etc, later trying to get help and does get help . But with the twist that the one who rescued us is the main villain and is a man hunter who wants to hunt us. We try to escape and meet a man and in the way help him too and later he helps us and finally we get home.

    I love the plot,the characters,the suspense,music,design,almost everything. Love how it is a bit simpler at first but then become an intense,complex,dark one. And also the first time Poptropica has a bit of a dark plot.

      1. Well I nominate Survival island,poptropicon and Arabian nights for best island.

  3. I’ll only vote for a few categories, and will only vote for 1 subject each for each of them, so here are they:

    Best Dressed NPC (male): The pinata man in Poptropicon: Part 1. I love his costume.

    Best Island (overall): Cryptids Island. I love the theme, the cryptid-catching excitement and the characters. Best island ever!

    Best Soundtrack: Monster Carnival Island. Especially the afternoon theme.

    Best Storyline in an Island: Ghost Story Island. I love it.

    Best Villain: Binary Bard. I love his role and his “dream” in Super Villain Island.

    Best Current PHB Author: Slanted Fish 🙂

    Best Fansite (outside of the PHN): Poptropica Wiki, since i’m also a wikian (but never contributed to that wiki XD).

    Best PHB April Fools’ Prank: The 2009’s Club Penguin one.

    Worst Island: Big Nate Island. I’m not a fan of sponsored islands, and i only like Red Dragon Island and Nabooti Island out of them. Big Nate is just… boring in my opinion.

    Worst Poptropica Moment: Mocktropica glitches. Prevented me from completing the island for like 2 months.

    1. Ah sorry! Did not see “outside of PHB”, if so, i’ll change my vote for Poptrickia, another favorite Poptropica blog of mine.

  4. Best island: poptropicon or mocktropica
    Worst island: shark tooth or mystery train
    Best name: speedy belly!

  5. Best Villain: El Mustachio Grande
    PHB April fool’s prank: club penguin
    Best pop creator: Capt. Crawfish
    Best PHB author: Samwow5
    Worst Poptropica moment: When I couldn’t log into my account for about 5 days because I was on a SUI!
    Worst Island: Shark Tooth Island. One of the originals but rly boring in my opinion and the story just isn’t good. And it takes like 5 min to complete. I’m a long island kind of guy! 😀

    1. OMG! For some reason I totally forgot about Dr.Hare!!!! I change my best pop creator to Dr.Hare!

  6. ok, got it!

    Best Creator: dr.hare
    Best Dialogue: christopher’s “are you kidding? there are plenty of cute girls in the village. im going home!”
    Best Dressed NPC (male): zack
    Best Dressed NPC (female):elf queen
    Best Island (overall): poptropicon
    Best Poptropican Name: red moon
    Best Soundtrack: lunar realm
    Best Storyline in an Island: monster carnival
    Best Villain: ringmaster raven

    Best Current PHB Author: uipe
    Best Fan Art: silver leapord & helio 2.0
    Best Fansite (outside of the PHN): the innovation cental
    Best PHB April Fools’ Prank: omegon takeover
    Best The POPCORN Magazine Issue: issue 23
    Best Wiki Article:?

    Worst Island: reality tv
    Worst Poptropican Name: noisy fly
    Worst Poptropica Moment: realizing that 7 islands are members only 😡

    1. TBH, I think Christopher’s line of, “Are you kidding? There are plenty of cute girls in the village. I’m going home.”

      EXCUSE ME, CHRISTOPHER, but the fact that you value girls’ looks more than their brains, their wits, and their heart disgusts me. I don’t really want to elaborate, but Katya doesn’t deserve Christopher – even though she couldn’t save herself (we had to do it for her, as always) she still held on but it was understandable.. I would have been REALLY scared if I was stuck in a vampire’s castle. It’s disgusting that Christopher came back, pretending he CARED about Katya when he clearly didn’t a few days ago. I really think I should tell Katya so we can both get revenge on him..


  7. Best Creator: Captain Crawfish
    Best Dialogue: A magic carpet! Now I’m in a whole new world!
    Best Dressed NPC (male): Binary Bard
    Best Dressed NPC (female):Katya
    Best Island (overall): Mystery Train
    Best Poptropican Name: Happy Spinner
    Best Soundtrack: Poptropicon
    Best Storyline in an Island: Lunar Colony
    Best Villain: Binary Bard(Why? because he is the hardest to beat so that means he is the best!)

    Best Current PHB Author: SlantedFish
    Best Fan Art: We love poptropica at deviant art
    Best Fansite (outside of the PHB): Poptrickia
    Best PHB April Fools’ Prank: Club Penguin Blog
    Best The POPCORN Magazine Issue: 23
    Best Wiki Article:Medallion

    Worst Island: Early Poptropica
    Worst Poptropican Name: Noisy Catfish
    Worst Poptropica Moment: Having a glitch happen at the ending

  8. Best Creator: Captain Crawfish
    Best Dialogue: Mocktropica ”Usually some random poptropican comes along and tells you whats wrong but we can afford that any more!” then how you respond “Maybe your that random poptropican and you just dont realize it”
    Best dressed NPC (Male):Hades
    Best dressed NPC (Female):Elf Queen
    Best Island; Mythology
    Best Poptropican name: Speedy Catfish
    Best storyline in an island: monster carnival
    Best Villan: Zeus
    Best PHB author : Slanted Fish
    Best PHB april fools prank omegon takeover
    Worst Island: Ghost Story
    Worst Poptropican name: stupid book
    Worst Poptropica Moment The Jersey Devi scared me so much that i didnt play potropica again for 2 months.

  9. Best Island (overall): PoptropiCon
    Best Villain: Dr. Hare, I just really like rabbits
    Worst Island: Great Pumpkin

  10. Well, I’ve spent about 2 1/2 hours writing my nominations, and I just realized that my computer would turn inside out if I tried to post it. xP So instead, I’m going to put them in several comments (sorry for breaking rule 5, I had no choice D:). Anyway, here we go!
    Best creator: I’ll go with Vlad the Viking and Hazmat Hermit, since their old blog posts bring back so much nostalgia! (I joined way back in August 2009, when I had just turned 6 :D)
    Best dialogue: The majority of the dialogue on Mocktropica. That island was great (other than the glitches). XP
    Best dressed NPC (male): The spy that you save from Toupee Terrance on Spy Island gets my vote. Lookin’ snazzy!
    Best dressed NPC (female): Continuing the Spy Island trend, I think that the agent on the second floor of the HQ (the one with the sunglasses) should get the award.
    (Also, if I post it all within a minute, that’s because I have my nominations pasted in a notepad file.)

    1. (continued)
      Best island (overall): I choose Mystery Train, Mocktropica and Mythology Island. Mystery Train had a great plot, great characters, and lots of mystery. Mocktropica may be the funniest island of all, but still had a great storyline. All the (intentional and unintentional) bugs and glitches reminded me of some other games… *coughcough*club*cough*penguin*coughcoughcough* As for Mythology, the island in general just appeals to me. I don’t know why.
      Best Poptropican name: Speedy Turtle. Hey, why not? xD
      Best soundtrack: I think that Björn’s Smörgåsbord, Monster Carnival’s main theme and “Sneaky Shop Theme” (#24 on Jeff’s Soundcloud) are all good enough to be nominated.
      Best storyline: I’ll go with Mystery Train, Ghost Story and Survival. Mystery Train, as I mentioned earlier, has a great plot, along with lots of mystery. Ghost Story also has a very mysterious storyline. Survival may have the best storyline of all, with lots of suspense and action included.
      Best villain. Dr. Hare. I like how he’s a villain, but is still a bit nice (and funny) on the inside. He’s the oldest (major) villain too. El Mustachio also deserves a nomination, since he’s a good villain, but not many people really consider him a major one.

      1. (continued)
        Best current PHB author: This is harder than choosing between pizza and ice cream… well, Blake should be nominated, because even though he rarely posts, he’s the funniest of the authors. HP is also a good author, since he’s maybe the most active author at the moment. My final nomination goes to Fishy, since 1. If it weren’t for her, this blog wouldn’t exist, and 2. she’s just nice in general. XP
        Best fan art: I’ll have to admit, this was even harder than the last choice. But after about an hour of skimming through all the Poptropica magazines and writing down the names of the best fan art in a notepad file, I know who to nominate. First off, I’ll nominate “Meddling Mademoiselle” from issue 19 by BT. The art was awesome, but to think that it was all drawn by hand is amazing. My second nomination goes to “Entering Zomberry Island” by Epismatic, from issue 23. That looks like it really took some skill. Maybe the best of all was “Poptropica: The Stars and You” by Muzzkin, from issue 21. The essence and the art style of the picture are AMAZING! Give yourself a pat on the back for making that. I also considered lots of others. Here are a few that almost made the cut:
        Dr. Hare Wallpaper (Issue 1)
        Poptropica Postcard (Issue 3)
        Bye Balloon Boy (Issue 9)
        Poptropicool Postcard (Issue 10)
        Myself (Issue 13)
        MegaForce Go! (Issue 14)
        Proud to Be (Issue 14)
        White Seal (Issue 15)
        MVB (Issue 18)
        Welcome to the Monster Carnival (Issues 20 and 23) (maybe the closest to making it in)
        Along with some others that aren’t listed, I had to choose 3 pieces of art out of 33!
        Best fansite: I don’t really read any Poptropica blogs other than the PHB, so… pass? XP

      2. (continued)
        Best PHB April Fools’ Prank: Even though I didn’t start reading the PHB until late 2010, my nomination goes to the CPHB from 2009 (Actually, if that was for real, you would’ve been a pretty big Club Penguin blog right now. XP). I’ll also nominate this year’s Omegon Takeover (Aww, not another takeover. D: (10 points if you get the reference)), since seeing all the role play (including me getting stuffed in a Henchbot suit for 30 hours or so) was really awesome.
        Best magazine issue: I’ll have to pass on this one, they’re all good. XP
        Best Wiki article: Again, I’ll pass, since I haven’t read the Wiki much.
        Worst island: Well, all islands are both good and bad in one way or another, but my nominations go to Steamworks, Back Lot and Mission Atlantis. Steamworks was pretty lonely, long, and even a little bit boring at times. The puzzles were okay though. Mission Atlantis was also lonely. Back Lot wasn’t lonely, but it simply didn’t appeal to me, since I’m not really into show business.
        Worst Poptropican name: Thirsty Peanut. I don’t even know… XP
        And last but not least, Worst Poptropica moment: The slide puzzles at the end of Game Show Island. I nearly lost my sanity from those. ;-;

      3. (continued)
        Best Creator: Vlad the Viking, Hazmat Hermit
        Best dialogue: Mocktropica’s dialogue
        Best dressed NPC (male): The spy you save from Toupee Terrance (Spy Island)
        Best Dressed NPC (female): The spy from the 2nd floor of the HQ (Spy Island)
        Best island (overall): Mystery Train, Mocktropica, Mythology
        Best Poptropican name: Speedy Turtle
        Best soundtrack: Björn’s Smörgåsbord, Monster Carnival’s main theme, Sneaky Shop Theme
        Best storyline: Mystery Train, Ghost Story, Survival
        Best villain: Dr. Hare, El Mustachio
        Best current PHB author: Blake, HP, Fishy
        Best fan art: “Meddling Mademoiselle”, “Entering Zomberry Island”, “Poptropica: The Stars and You”
        Best PHB April Fools’ prank: CPHB (2009), Omegon’s Takeover (2015)
        Worst island: Steamworks, Back Lot, Mission Atlantis
        Worst Poptropican name: Thirsty Peanut
        Worst Poptropica moment: Slide puzzles (Game Show Island)
        Well, there are my nominations! 😀

  11. Hey Poptropicans! Here’s my nominees for the Poppies! 🙂

    Best Creator: Captain Crawfish and Zeus tie for this place. (Capt. Crawfish is hilarious and Zeus LOVES to respond to fans.)

    Best Dialogue: “Non, non! All great creations should inspire others to even greater heights!” – Gustave Eiffel, Mystery Train Island (This is the most inspiring quote a Poptropican has said.)

    Best Dressed Male NPC: The kid with headphones in Lunar Colony (Everyone loves his headphones.)

    Best Dressed Female NPC: DJ Saturday Nite (I like Poptropicans with headphones.)

    Best Island: Mystery Train Island (I like mysteries and crime solving.)

    Best Name: Adventurous Owl (An adventurous owl would surprise me!)

    Best Soundtrack: Omegon Battle/ Careful What You Wish For (Both are composed well.)

    Best Story: Arabian Nights Ep. 3 (A valuable lesson, hilarious plot and it brought back elements from the past episodes.) and Ghost Story Island (dark plot and amazing twists)

    Best Villain: Myron Van Buren/ Scheherazade. (Both played amazingly with their roles.)

    Best PHB Author: HPuterpop (From his theories, graphics and cool posts, why not?), Slanted Fish (She’s makes awesome posts too and is the one who made this possible) Everyone deserves to be the best author because everyone worked hard for every post published. 😛

    Best Fan Art: Master Pinpey/Muzzkin (Their artworks are amazing.)

    Best Fansite: Poptrickia (The second coolest blog I’ve known; maintained solely by Nice Hawk for four years!)

    Best April Fools Prank: The Omegon prank/Club Penguin prank (Both were hilarious pranks and even fooled the Creators themselves)

    Best POPCORN issue: I’d have to go with July 2014 and 2015. 🙂 (Issues #17 and #23)

    Best Wiki Article: Well, the Pilgrims page is detailed. 😉

    Worst Island: Galactic Hot Dogs (No comment.)

    Worst Name: Creepy Onion ( 😛 )

    Worst Moment: You were voted off Day 6 of Reality TV. (Who wouldn’t think this as a bad moment?)

  12. Best Creator: Captain Crawfish
    Best Dialogue: “I did it! I banished Omegon!” (Poptropicon Episode 3)
    Best Male NPC: Zeus (Mythology)
    Best Female NPC: Fiona (Ghost Story)
    Best Island: I think I’m gonna choose Mystery of the Map Island.
    Best Poptropican Name: CUDDLY KNUCKLE!!! >:D
    Best Soundtrack: Monster Carnival. It became really easy for me, except the Bonus Quest (I couldn’t do that since I don’t have membership)
    Best Storyline: I’ll choose Monster Carnival, Survival, Arabian Nights, and Poptropicon.
    Best Villian: Director D
    Best PHB Author: Ultimate iPad Expert, HPuterpop, Blake(He’s crazy and funny, just like me!), Slanted Fish…
    Best Fan Art: Hyper Star’s “The PHB” song (Issue 12), Mashimai’s “Myself” (Issue 13), My “What does the Shark Say” song (Issue 14), Brave Tomato’s “The PHB Crew” (Issue 19)…
    Best Fansite: The PHC. Sometimes I like to go there when I’m bored on Poptropica.
    Best April Fool’s Prank: Omegon’s Takeover. Man, I should’ve became a henchbot and joined the fun, but anyways, it was a very good prank!
    Best POPCORN magazine issue: Issue #22
    Best Wiki Article: Poptropican
    Worst Island: Skullduggery. My ship sunk like a thousand times, and it took me a week to buy that Pheonix Warbird and complete this island! 😡
    Worst Poptropican Name: Lazy Penguin
    Worst Poptropica Moment: That I can’t share my Realms or go anywhere except the main street on Sponsored Islands, since I’m a nonmember 😦

  13. Best Creator: Black Widow
    Best Dialogue: From Mocktropica – “Usually some random Poptropican comes along and tells you what’s wrong, but we can’t afford that any more!”
    Best Dressed NPC (male): Binary Bard!
    Best Dressed NPC (female): Katya from Vampire’s Curse
    Best Island (overall): Ghost Story Island
    Best Poptropican Name: Tough Star, Golden Dragon and Silver Fire! (Alright, TS and SF are mine, but still…:P)
    Best Soundtrack: Mission: Atlantis
    Best Storyline in an Island: Once again, Ghost Story!
    Best Villain: Black Widow, baby! 😛

  14. 1.Best Current PHB Author: Brave Tomato (For her amazing Arabian Nights theory and super awesome art!) and Slanted Fish (She’s the reason this blog exists!)

    2.Best Fan Art: Zomberry (I think that’s what it’s called..) by 1313cookie on DeviantArt

    3.Best Fansite (outside of the PHN): Poptropica Secrets with Fierce Moon! I used her blog before I found out about the PHN.

    4.Best PHB April Fools’ Prank: Club Penguin Help Blog… It fooled the Creators!

    5.Best The POPCORN Magazine Issue: 23

    6.Best Wiki Article: Medallion

  15. 1.Worst Island: Galactic Hot Dogs. No comment!

    2.Worst Poptropican Name: Short Eye

    3.Worst Poptropica Moment: Normally I would say reset glitch after purchasing the Phoenix ship on Skullduggery, but in light of recent events… SEVEN ISLANDS BECOMING MEMBERS ONLY!

  16. Okay, lemme nominate.

    Best Creator: Master Mime because of his funny Popstorms,
    Best Dialogue: Edgar’s “You did it! Now we can open the carnival!” from Monster Carnival Island, Best Male NPC: I think I’ll go with Director D from Spy and RTV Island,
    Female NPC: Black Widow from Counterfeit, RTV, and Super Villain Island,
    Best Island: Survival Ep 1, Best Name: Adventurous Drummer,
    Best Soundtrack: the Desert Realms and Survival Episode 1,
    Best Storyline: Survival episodes,
    Best Villain: Dr. Hare, he’s so cute,
    Best PHB Authors: Slanted Fish, Samwow5, Blake, HPuterpop(He’s so cute), Brave Tomato(I love her interesting theories)…,
    Best Fan Art: My Legendary Swords song in Issue 15, Marshmai’s Shark Boy Rage Comic in Issue 16, Cuddly Knuckle’s “Safely reaching the ground after falling” Comic in Issue 21… I like a lot of those fan art in the magazines, Best Fansite: the PHC,
    Best April Fools Prank: the Club Penguin and Mega Fighting Bots prank,
    Best Wiki Article: Medallion,
    Worst Island: Survival Episode 2 because I glitched out in the beaver dam part,
    Worst Poptropican Name: Lazy Kid,
    Worst Poptropica Moment is that I glitch out on many of those SUIs.

  17. MY TURN!

    Best Creator: Captain Crawfish
    Best Dialogue: “Huh, try saying that five times really fast” in Monster Carnival, when I click on the glucose bottle while finding things to make the salt
    Best Male NPC: Myron Van Buren from Survival
    Best Female NPC: The girl in the “Test your strength” at Monster Carnival
    Best Islands: I’ll go with the Arabian Nights Episodes, and maybe the last episode of AN because it’s gonna be easy for me when I complete it. Watched so many walkthroughs of how to complete it.
    Best Poptropican Name: Muddy Kid (MEEEEEE) and Lone Penguin.
    Best Soundtrack: Forest Realms
    Best Storyline: Survival and Arabian Nights
    Best Villian: Ringmaster Raven from Monster Carnival
    Best PHB Authors: Paul, HPuterpop, Samwow5, Brave Tomato, Slippery Raptor, Slanted Fish…
    Best Fan Art: Marshmai’s “Myself” from Janurary 2014, Cuddly’s “What does the Shark Say” in March 2014, Magic Fire’s Music Video in June 2014…
    Best Fansite: Poptropica Wiki and the PHC
    Best April Fools Prank: Mega Fighting Bots and Omegon’s Takeover, I enjoyed reading the comments even if I didn’t make any.
    Best Magazine issues: Issues 21 and 22
    Best Wiki Article: Afro Guy
    Worst Poptropican Name: Fearless Turtle
    Worst Island: I think I’ll go with Mocktropica because it’s gonna be super hard and glitchy when I complete it.
    Worst Poptropica moment: One or two years ago, I was at Monster Carnival Island, and when I was going to get the heavy thing(I forgot its name) in the pharmacy to fool the guesser, I saw the loading sign and it took forever to load. I was getting really impatient!

  18. Okay, here I go.

    Best Creator: Captain Crawfish
    Best Dialogue: “You saved my son! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” from Shark Tooth.
    Best Male NPC: I’ll pick Samhal from Arabian Nights Episode 3.
    Best Female NPC: Katya from Vampire’s Curse.
    Best Islands: Super Power, Reality TV, Monster Carnival, All episodes of Survival, Poptropicon, Arabian Nights (Even if I haven’t finished MCI (Except the bonus quest…)or these episodic islands, they’re gonna be super easy and fun when I complete them)
    Best Poptropican Name: Crazy Shark
    Best Soundtrack: Monster Carnival Island
    Best Storyline: Arabian Nights. It’s very interesting.
    Best Villian: Binary Bard
    Best PHB Authors: Slippery Raptor, Blake(LOL he’s crazy!), Samwow5, HPuterpop, Ultimate iPad Expert, Fishy
    Best Fan Art: I really like Marshmai’s “Myself” and Cryptids Rage Comic, HP’s “Van Buren and me”, and the “Welcome to Monster Carnival” drawing.
    Best Fansites: The PHC and the Poptropica Help Videos.
    Best April Fool’s Prank: I’ll pick the Club Penguin Help Blog and Omegon’s Takeover. They were very funny.
    Best Magazine issues: 21, 22, and 23
    Best Wiki Article: Poptropican and Medallion
    Worst Poptropican Name: Sleepy Shark (HEY! WAKE UP!)
    Worst Island: Mocktropica Island
    Worst Poptropica Moment: I can’t share my Realms because I’m a nonmember, and the SUIs are very glitchy!

  19. Best Creator: Nasan Hardcastle – While now retired, he was a great artist and an influential character designer.
    Best Dialogue: “Maybe we can stay here all night…” – From the girl in the Tunnel of Love on Monster Carnival Island. Edgy and hilarious, as it is the line just before an attack by **lunatic** in a fly mask.
    Best Dressed NPC (male): Toof – This character never appeared in PoptropiCon, but was shown on the bingo cards. I especially like his toofs.
    Best Dressed NPC (female): Dr. Lange – Dr. Lange has an awesome design.
    Best Island (overall): Mocktropica, Mystery Train, Shrink Ray Island, Ghost Story Island, and Cryptids Island. 🙂
    Best Poptropican Name: I’d say Messy Sinker is pretty attractive name-wise. 😉
    Best Soundtrack: The Realms theme is beautiful.
    Best Storyline in an Island: I loved Ghost Story Island’s plot. Pure awesome!
    Best Villain: Ringmaster Raven, Arthur Eraser, and E. Vile.
    Best Fan Art: I could be biased and say myself, but instead, I love RobinTheBurb, who was originally Draw and Stuff. You may remember her Poptropica Villains sketch in Popcorn issue #15.
    Best Fansite (outside of the PHN): Poptrickia is amazing – point and blank.
    Best PHB April Fools’ Prank: Club Penguin Help Blog and the Omegon Takeover.
    Best Wiki Article: My favorite article to make was definetly the Pilgrims page.
    Worst Island: Reality TV was on the top of my list for a while, until GHD Island came out. Horrible artwork, random plot points, and just no reason for it.
    Worst Poptropica Moment: When Mystery of the Map Island ended so abruptly, I died a little inside.

  20. A few of my noms :3

    Best Creator: I don’t know. For me, it’s between Captain Crawfish and Zeus. CC for his good sense of humor (not just cause he shouted out to me) and Zeus because I appreciate that despite being the CEO, he still takes the time to notice fans.
    Best Dialogue: “And you! You set me up! Man, I can’t stand anyone in this room…well, except for me. Me I like.” – Player Character, Counterfeit Island
    Best Dressed Female NPC: Scheherazade’s genie outfit is awesome.
    Best Island:
    Best Name: Icy Ice. Redundancy is hilarious.
    Best Soundtrack: Omegon’s final battle music.
    Best Story: Ghost Story Island, mainly for its boldness for a kids game.
    Best Villain: Myron Van Buren. He’s realistically terrifying.

    Best PHB Au- okay, I’ll skip this one.
    Best Fan Art: Look up Nojida’s PopStories. She’s really talented.
    Best April Fools Prank: The MFB one.
    Worst Island: My least favorite is Wimpy Boardwalk.
    Worst Name: Creepy Chicken
    Worst Moment: Thunder Volt on Wimpy Boardwalk is the most frustrating thing ever for me.

    ^ A few of my nominees

  21. Best Storyline: Ghost Story
    Best Creator: Zeus
    Best Island: Mystery Train (another nomination)
    Best Author: Hp and Fishy

  22. I’m only doing a few.

    Best Island: Cryptids Island

    Best Storyline: Monster Carnival

    Worst Island: Virus Hunter Island (too many glitches.)

    Worst Poptropica Moment: I had to restart Virus Hunter twice because of glitches.

  23. BEST AUTHOR: Blake. No offense to the other Authors of course. Blake is my favorite Author. Humor wins my heart. And pizza.
    BEST FANSITE: Well I didn’t nominate myself. I vote Poptropica Tips For Poptropicans (Owned by Silver Wolf,)!
    BEST FAN ART: I don’t have the link, but I have to say my favorite Poptropica Fan Art is when Dr. Lange did the avatar drawing of my Authors and I from Poptropican Awesomeness.
    BEST CREATOR: Zeus is the best Creator. I love him. I mean, he’s CEO right. No Zeus, no Poptropica?
    BEST VILLAIN: My favorite villain is Black Widow. #GirlPower
    BEST ISLAND: Counterfeit is my favorite Island. So, Counterfeit it is.

    I will make more nominations later, though I need to make my decisions. Good luck nominees!

  24. Best Creator: Jeff Kinney
    Best Dialogue: “And you?! You set me up! Man, I can’t stand anyone in this room – well, except for me… me, I like.” -Your Poptropican on Counterfeit Island
    Best Dressed NPC (male): Shark Boy
    Best Dressed NPC (female): Gretchen Grimlock
    Best Island (overall): PoptropiCon
    Best Poptropican Name: Popular Popper
    Best Soundtrack: Monster Carnical Main Theme
    Best Storyline: Ghost Story & Arabian Nights
    Best Villain: Black Widow
    Best Author: Spotted Dragon of course! No, but seriously Slanted Fish, duh.
    Best Fan Art: Dr. Lange’s PHB team picture, BT’s PHB Crew drawing, and BT’s I Just Want You Back drawing
    Best Fansite: Adventure Time Pop (my site 😛 ) and Poptropica Tips for Poptropicans (Silver Wolf)
    Best PHB April Fools’ Prank: Omegon Takeover (probably because I was a part of it)
    Best Popcorn Issue: Issue 14
    Best Wiki Article: Main Street (if it counts – the gif, clever title, and entire page is just perfect)
    Worst Island: Skullduggery (takes so long)
    Worst Poptropican Name: Creepy Clown… *cringe*
    Worst Poptropica Moment: Current Poptropica islands becoming members only! Or getting voted off Reality TV on your last day.

    Well, I think that’s it! Good luck to everyone! 😀
    P.S. Some of these are totally bias, I know, but oh well.

  25. Okay…

    Best Crestors: I choose Captain Crawfish and Black Widow!
    Best Dialogue: “Who turned off the lights?” in Counterfeit Island. I always say that in real life when I see the lights in the room turned off!
    Best male NPC: Dr. Hare
    Best Female NPC: Spider Girl from Early Poptropica
    Best Islands: Counterfeit, Monster Carnival, maybe Arabian Nights Episode 3.
    Best Poptropican Name: I’m going with Skinny Ice.
    Best Soundtrack: 24 Carrot and Monster Carnival Island
    Best Storyline: Mocktropica and Poptropicon
    Best Villian: Zeus
    Best PHB Authors: I’ll choose entirely all the PHB Staff Members, they did a great job on the blog.
    Best Fan Art: I’ll probably choose all of them in the POPCORN magazine.
    Best Fansite: Poptropica Wiki and the PHC
    Best April Fools Pranks: Mega Fighting Bots and Omegon’s Takeover
    Best magazine issues: 22 and 23
    Best Wiki Article: I’ll pass for now…
    Worst Island: Skullduggery because it might take a long period of time to finish it, and Mocktropica because it’s going to be very glitchy and I don’t like the Poptropica bugs. They are very annoying.
    Worst Poptropican Name: I don’t know, I’ll pass for now.
    Worst Moment: No membership to go anywhere else on Big Nate Island except Main Street. I HATE THAT!

  26. Best island: monster carnival
    Best villain: binary bard
    Best creator: shark boy
    Best storyline: monster carnival
    Best name: cool ice

    Best phb author: Hputerpop
    Best prank: Omegon takeover (2015)

    Worst name: red lizard
    Worst island: mission Atlantis (too glitchy)
    Worst moment: when my membership expired 😡😡😡

  27. Best Creator: Captain Crawfish
    Best Dialogue: “Hmm… don’t I usually get something in return for these good deeds?” – Red Dragon Island
    Best Dressed NPC (male): Zack from Steamworks Island
    Best Dressed NPC (female): Starbuck from SOS Island
    Best Island: Mythology Island, Mystery Train Island, and Counterfeit Island are my top three.
    Best Poptropican Name: Wild Hawk (It’s the name of my other account 😛 )
    Best Soundtrack: PoptropiCon Main Theme (and all other PoptropiCon soundtracks), and Mega Fighting Bots
    Best Storyline in an Island: Probably Ghost Story Island or Mystery Train Island
    Best Villain: Black Widow or Dr. Hare
    Best Current PHB Author: Probably Brave Tomato or HPuterpop, they’re always coming up with cool theories.
    Best Fan Art: ‘Woman In The Window’ by Brave Tomato
    Best Fansite: The Poptropica Wiki
    Best PHB April Fools’ Prank: Omegon takeover
    Best The POPCORN Magazine Issue: Issue 19
    Best Wiki Article: The Dr. Hare page
    Worst Island: Wimpy Boardwalk or Great Pumpkin Island
    Worst Poptropican Name: Prickly Crab D:
    Worst Poptropican Moment: Restarting Mocktropica Island 8 times 😦

  28. Below are my nominations, multiple choices for each are included.

    Best Creator: Captain Crawfish, Dr. Hare, Zeus, Jeff Kinney

    Best Dialogue: Many different portions from Mocktropica 😉

    Best Island (overall): Mocktropica, Game Show, Mystery Train, PoptropiCon

    Best Soundtrack: Virus Hunter, Mocktropica, Mission Atlantis

    Best Storyline in an Island: Red Dragon, Mystery Train

    Best Villain: Omegon, El Mustachio

    Best Fan Art: Oh, man. There’s so much good Poptropica fan art. Wanna give a hand to my buddy, HPuterpop.

    Best Fansite (outside of the PHN): Thinknoodles, Poptropica Secrets

    Best PHB April Fools’ Prank: Omegon Takeover, Club Penguin Help Blog

    Best Wiki Article: Really proud of the Mystery Train Island page

    Worst Island: Wimpy Boardwalk

    Worst Poptropica Moment: On Virus Hunter Island, just before I got to the final boss battle, it wouldn’t work. Had to wait a week.

  29. Best Dialogue: I second this nomination: “And you! You set me up! Man, I can’t stand anyone in this room…well, except for me. Me I like.” – Player Character, Counterfeit Island; and also on Red Dragon Island when you help catch the Kappa and your character says, “Huh. Don’t I usually get something for helping people out?” Classic.
    Best Dressed NPC (male): Ringmaster Raven because of his rad mask and cape, and the Scottish laddie outside the pub on Cryptids–his whole ensemble ROCKS!
    Best Dressed NPC (female): The dancing geisha ladies on Red Dragon Island
    Best Island (overall): Skullduggery (you get to be a PIRATE!), Red Dragon (you get to become a NINJA!), Arabian Nights, and Twisted Thicket
    Best Poptropican Name: Shifty Onion
    Best Soundtrack: Monster Carnival and Poptropicon 3
    Best Storyline: Ghost Story (and the best moment ever is when the lady speaks in the total quiet), Super Power, and Vampire’s Curse (hilarious).
    Best Villain: Director D and Zeus (because he JUST WON’T GO AWAY…)

    Worst Island: Astroknights was just hard (and SO LONG) and Reality TV because it depends too much on chance,
    Worst Poptropican Name: Pink Crown. Just doesn’t have the same ring to it that so many of the others do.
    Worst Poptropica Moment: Glitches, glitches, and more glitches. Probably the inability to connect the wires in Survival Island 3 because of the glitching of it all…

  30. Best Creator: Dr. Hare and Black Widow, mainly because Dr. Hare is very witty with his ‘I’ll take over the world!’ comments, and I still love his around-the-world series. ^-^
    Best Dialogue: It’s so cheesy, but when on Mocktropica someone — I can’t remember who — said “You shall not pass!” I’ve watched Lord of the Rings since I was a little kid, and I overreacted way too much when I heard that!
    Best Dressed NPC (male): Dr. Spyglass, of course! Amazing hair, nice suit, nice tie. Easy choice.
    Best Dressed NPC (female): The first that came to mind was Gretchen Grimlock. I love her style and the lightning theme; it’s bold and creative. If she changed her color to anything but pink, it would be perfect!
    Best Island (overall): Mocktropica. It was witty, fun, and easy for the Creators to let their steam out. It also had a good plot and the Mega Fighting Bots was a nice touch. It was different from their regular style and a nice change. c:
    Best Poptropican Name: Even though I love my name, the best Poptropican name HAS to be Incredible Gamer.
    Best Soundtrack: Definitely the Realms music. It’s so soothing and the music is beautiful in all of the realms. It was wonderfully composed.
    Best Storyline in an Island: Even though it was a bit cliche, Ghost Story had the perfect storyline. It was as if you were in actual movie, and I just think Poptropica did it perfectly.
    Best Villain: Hmm… This one’s hard! Probably Binary Bard, to be honest. He’s an evil genius, you had to fight a dragon to get to him, he’s half cyborg, he has amazing technology… I mean, who can compete with him?
    Best Current PHB Author: Spotted Dragon and Slanted Fish. :3 They’re both informational but fun and have their own personality at the same time. They also try really hard and really care about blogging.
    Best Fan Art: MuzzKi! I don’t look for fan-art much, so there’s only a select few I know. MuzzKi is my favorite. They have such a unique style in their art, and it’s just amazing! It’s so smooth and detailed, yet it never becomes overly crowded.
    Best Fansite (outside of the PHN): I don’t want to vote for mine, but it’s sorta my child. So, my favorites would be Poptropica Tips for Poptropicans and Adventure Time Pop. It has Adventure Time, too, but it also is amazing at talking about Poptropica; it’s very organized, and a lot of effort went into it. (:
    Best PHB April Fools’ Prank: Definitely Gamer Guy’s Mega Fighting Bots. It had a lot of dedication put into it, and it was so fun to act along in the comments.
    Best The POPCORN Magazine Issue: The Issue 14: March 2014 issue! It had some of my favorite stories (Poptropica Universe, Tales of Two Icicles, and Chronicles of Sleepy Feather), amazing fan-art, cool island ideas, awesome costumes… It was just so full of fan-created content that I loved.
    Best Wiki Article: I personally like the Afro Guy article the best, mainly because it’s so funny to read about and no one really knows why it exists.
    Worst Island: Virus Hunter. I was SO excited for this island, since I love science. Maybe I hate it the most because I was so disappointed, but I do hate it. The music eventually gave me a headache; it was repetitive and just annoying. Also, at some point during the quest I got frustrated having to do a lot of the same things over and over again, and..yeah.
    Worst Poptropican Name: Massive Spider. Just because I recently encountered a massive spider on my bed. Not fun.
    Worst Poptropica Moment: When I got this glitch to where I could never change my Poptropican’s outfit. I’m not sure what ad costume it was, but it was a costume that I was wearing, and I could not change how I looked at all. I eventually figured out how to change back, and that was by putting on the Chameleon suit in Spy Island.

  31. I might think of other entries later, but as of now, this is all I’ve got.
    Favorite Dialogue: “You’ve got to be famous if you arrive in a golden blimp!” Back Lot Island

  32. I’m only going to nominate for a few of them just ’cause.
    Best Creator: Dr. Hare
    Best Island: Spy Island
    Best Storyline for an Island: Steamworks
    Best Villain: Director D
    Best PHB Author: Me, obviously (Juyo)
    Best Fansite: The PHF when it existed
    Best PHB April Fool’s Prank: The Club Penguin Help Blog (C’mon, we even fooled the Creators on that one)

  33. Best Island – Super Villain Island. I don’t know where to begin with this one. Getting to see what it’s like to see inside the minds of the demented, the subtle hints at the big plot twist, the newsreel of islands getting destroyed, the epic Percy Jackson-esque climax… this is easily one of Poptropica’s darkest islands, but also its most brilliantly crafted.

    Worst Island- Mission Atlantis. In the first episode, you take some photos. In the second, you open a door. In the third, you… turn on a spaceship? This island had a really thinly-stretched storyline and boring gameplay, so I have to say I was disappointed with it.

    Best Creator- Captain Crawfish. Why don’t the PHB creators nom him any more like they used to?

    Best Line- “Will anyone rid me of these meddlesome Narfs?” is a good one (Mocktropica had a lot of funny dialogue, even if the story needs work).

    Best Storyline- This one’s tough… Mystery Train Island had a lot of interesting twists and turns, and I love the late 19th century setting.

    Best Poptropican Name- Magic Socks!

    Best Soundtrack- Monster Carnival. The way the soundtrack morphs from happy to slightly disconcerting to plain evil as the island progresses is brilliant.

    Best Villain- Myron van Buren. Or maybe his chef. Both are creepy.

    Worst Poptropica Moment- Harold Mews says that he can’t afford to save Bigfoot because he used up his LAST MILLION DOLLARS on the reward. He owns a MANSION! With a TOPIARY GARDEN! And a MUSEUM! And a PRIVATE HELICOPTER! How is he broke? I think he’s just being stingy to take advantage of others. I mean, the guy didn’t even give you a camera when he sent you off to hunt cryptids. Had to get it from a Scottish truck driver instead…

    1. Also, I’d like to suggest some more categories for the Poppies: Best Glitch/Best Cheat, Best Store Item, Funniest Scene, Best Supporting/Non-Villain Character, and Best and Worst Piece of Poptropica News.

  34. Best Creator: Tracy West/ Medusa
    Best Dialogue: Hazmat Hermit (Super Power Island) ” I think this meteor is a nice decoration the prison.”
    Best Dressed Male: Director D
    Best Dressed Female: Woman to the right of blimp on Mystery Train Island
    Best Island Overall: Survival. It really reminds of the book “The Most Dangerous Game”.
    Best Poptropica Name: Super Hero or Super Star
    Best Soundtrack: Energetic Science Fair
    Best Storyline: Mystery Train
    Best Villain: Zeus (He threatens to not only take over Mythology Island, but all of Poptropica! He mentions it twice! Once in Mythology Island and once in Super Villain Island. He also has you get the classic villians’ totems to make them good and takes them for himself! That clearly tells you that he is superior!
    Best Current PHB Author: Brave Tomato
    Best FanArt: Cartoonish Giant Rock: by Giant Rock
    Best Fansite: PHN
    Best PHB April Fools’ Prank: Club Penguin Blog
    Best Popcorn: June 2010
    Best Wiki Article: “About the Game”
    Worst Island: Mystery of the Map Island ( in comparison to the comic!)
    Worst Poptropican Name: Big Belly
    Worst Poptropica Moment: Glitches! I remember a few years ago there was a glitch that would restart your account, whether you saved it or not!

      1. Best Creator: Tracy West aka Medusa
        Best Dialogue: Hazmat Hermit (Super Power Island) ”I think this meteor is a nice decoration for the prison.”
        Best Dressed Male: Director D
        Best Dressed Female: Woman to the right of blimp on Mystery Train Island
        Best Island Overall: Survival! It really reminds of the book “The Most Dangerous Game”, which I love.
        Best Poptropica Name: Super Hero or Super Star
        Best Soundtrack: Energetic Science Fair
        Best Storyline: Mystery Train
        Best Villain: Zeus – to me, he’s the most menacing. He tries to take over Poptropica twice!
        Best Current PHB Author: Brave Tomato
        Best FanArt: “Cartoonish Giant Rock” by Giant Rock
        Best Fansite: SR’s blog
        Best PHB April Fools’ Prank: Club Penguin Blog 2009
        Best Popcorn: June 2010
        Best Wiki Article: “About the Game”
        Worst Island: Mystery of the Map Island (in comparison to the comic!)
        Worst Poptropican Name: Big Belly
        Worst Poptropica Moment: Glitches! One time I turned into Afro Guy, and all of my clothes were gone!

  35. Okay, Here is mine:
    Best Creator: Captain Crawfish
    Best dialogue: “For the last time, you were born evil and I don’t know what horrible mother I would be If I didn’t raise you evil!” – Galactic Hot Dogs. (Funny)
    Best Dressed NPC (girls)- The girl in the cage you free on Spy Island.
    Best Island: Twisted Thicket because I love the design and the storyline! It’s hard but addictive, you know. I think the elf queen is awesome and I love islands were you get to transform into things!
    Best name: Sliver Penguin (We all love penguins…)
    Best Soundtrack: Mocktropica’s music, uh ‘tickles’ my fancy.
    Best Storyline: Ghost Story! Really good storyline.
    Best Villian: Black Widow (I think she is kewl)

    Best PHB author: (I like all of them) But my personal favorite is probably Brave Tomato (BT)
    Best Fan art: Meddling Medemoiselle by Brave Tomato because I think its so cute!!
    Best POPCORN issue: The #23 one (Cool fan art, you know)

    Worst Island: Astro Knights (so hard!!!!)
    Worst Name: Lazy Tummy because I think its sounds, well, lazy.
    Worst Moment ever: On Poptropica Realms (When It first came out) I had lots of Poptanium and my computer was wiped and I lost all of my Poptanium!! Ahh!!

    There are my ones. If anyone is offended for some reason, I’m sorry but it’s my opinion…

  36. Okay,let’s do this!

    Best Creator: Comic Kid. I miss him.
    Best Dialogue: I don’t like anyone in this room! Well,except me. I like me. -Player in Counterfeit Island.
    Best Dressed NPC (male): Octavian.
    Best Dressed NPC (female):Medusa.
    Best Island (overall): Nabooti. It’s just so…classic. Counterfeit was also enjoyable.
    Best Poptropican Name: Speedy Heart/Cool Kid. They both work well.
    Best Soundtrack: MFB orchestrated. Eargasms everywhere~
    Best Storyline in an Island: Mystery Train hands down.
    Best Villain: Binary Bard. Cool design,great character,tragic backstory- what’s not there to like about him?

    Best Current PHB Author: Smoked Salmo-I mean Slanted Fish. I mean the old times *sniff*
    O yea I’ve also known Spotted Dragon for some time,so why not?
    Best Fan Art: lol idk
    Best Fansite (outside of the PHN): Every blog I work at. I mean,they all have me in it!
    Seriously though,Poptropica Tips for Poptropicans/Adventure Time Pop.
    Best PHB April Fools’ Prank: MFB. I wish it was actually a thing. (sad face)
    Best The POPCORN Magazine Issue: No.13. It was a grand return of something we loved,it had great stories and fanart,and even my work was showcased!
    Best Wiki Article: lol idk

    Worst Island: Galactic Hot Doge. Ugh. The reason I dislike it is because of how easy it is. The whole rescue mission plot was a rehash of Astro-Knights and the characters got no development.
    Worst Poptropican Name: Poppies. I mean,you named it after a flower?! Seriously though,Nerdy Brain.
    Worst Poptropica Moment: Mocktropica had plenty of real glitches. I nominate,all of them.

  37. Awards:
    1. Best Creator: Dr. Hare or Crawfish 😛
    2. Best Dialogue: I’d have to agree with the “Me I like” line from Counterfeit
    3. Best Dressed NPC (male): The Goth Guy they got rid of 😦 (Reality TV)
    4. Best Dressed NPC (female): Dr.Lange
    5. Best Island (overall): Probably… Mythology, Counterfeit, or Astro-Knights
    6. Best Poptropican Name: Cuddly Lion 😀
    7. Best Soundtrack: Monster Carnival
    8. Best Storyline: Mystery Train
    9. Best Villain: DR.HARE!!!
    Fandom Awards:
    1. Best Author: Slippery Raptor and HPuterpop! Slip because he’s so nice to everyone and has a great sense of humor- He’s one of the friendliest bloggers there is! HP because I seriously adore all the content he makes to put on here. He works super hard to make this blog the best and puts so much time into his art/ideas- I think his posts highlight the blog.
    2. Best Art: HP’s Stuffs :3
    3. Best Fansite: Besides PHB probably Nameless’ blog.
    4. Best PHB Prank: All of them are great. Most Convincing? CP Blog. Most Hilarious? Gamer Guy. Most Fun/Interactive? Omegon. Probably the best one was Omegon.
    5. Best Popcorn issue: The Monster Carnival issue.
    6. Best Wiki Article: Black Widow’s page has a bunch of content on it if that’s what you mean… 😛
    Worst Awards:
    1. Worst Island: Galactic Hot Dogs! UGH that sucked.
    2. Probably Grumpy Lizard 😛
    3. UGH Virus Hunter was so gross. And glitchy. And the fact that thy had you squish fat…

    1. I have to agree with you on the worst island. That is probably my least favorite OF ALL. And thanks for nominating my blog c: It means a lot to me, really.

  38. Best Creator: Jess Brallier (Zeus) – I love how he interacts with all the Poptropica Community.
    Best Dialogue: “Very clever! You nearly had me. But no one outfoxes Myron Van Buren.” Then we outfox him LOL
    Best Dressed Male NPC: The Twisted Thicket developer – Stylish yet cool xD
    Best Dressed Female NPC: Elf Queen on Twisted Thicket – The amount of detail put into the costume & skin was amazing.
    Best Island: Survival Island
    Best Poptropican name: Tough Icicle of course 😉
    Best Soundtrack: Survival Island
    Best Storyline: Arabian Nights & Survival
    Best Villain: Captain Crawfish
    Best Current PHB author: Ahemmmm XD But seriously I have to go with Fishy because the amount of time & work she puts into this blog is astounding.
    Best Fan Art: Mashimai’s Thor & Breaking Bad pictures
    Best Fansite: Poptrickia
    Best Prank: Omegon Takeover & Club Penguin
    Best Wiki article: All of them!
    Worst Island: GHD
    Worst Poptropican Name: Messy Sinker 😉
    Worst Poptropican moment: When I have to keep restarting the islands because of glitches…

  39. Best Creator:Dr. Hare, he’s so funny and witty!
    Best dialogue:”A magic carpet! Well now I’m in a whole new world!” I did a Aladdin play the day before I did Arabian Nights Ep. 3
    Best Dressed NPC Male: The retired super hero guy on SUPER POWER island love the hair also the guy who hid from the computer invasion lol Poseidon
    Best Dressed NPC Female: Tessa Turncoat and The elf queen and the thief when she turns into a genie
    Best Island:Arabian Nights
    Best Name:Perfect Axe duh,
    Best Soundtrack: Arabian Nights Survival Mythology
    Best Storyline: Arabian Nights Poptropicon and Mythology
    Best Villain: Zeus or Black Widow
    Best Current PHB Author:Slanted Fish and Brave Tomato
    I don’t pay attention to fan art : (
    Best Fan Site: Poptripikia
    Best Prank: Club Penguin and Omegon
    Best Wiki Article: All of them : )
    Worst Island: Early Poptropica
    Worst Name: Beefy Crab
    Worst Poptropica Moment: When I didn’t get medallion or credits when I completed Poptripicon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Done ; )

  40. Best Creator: Comic Kid
    Best Dialogue: Counterfeit Island, “I don’t like anyone in this room! Except me. Me, I like.”
    Best Dressed NPC (male): Triton In Mythology Island
    Best Dressed NPC (female): The Navigator in Skullduggery.
    Best Island (overall): This is soooo hard….um…Monster Carnival, I guess, because I like the music, the island was fun, and the plot had lots of twists and turns.
    Best Poptropican Name: I got stuck with Scary Speck, but I guess “Invisible Rider” sounds cool.
    Best Soundtrack: Mocktropica’s was really good. I always turn the sound up when I replay that island.
    Best Storyline in an Island: Again, this is very hard to choose, but I guess Steamworks, because first you have no idea what’s going on, and you get totally lost but eventually get to the trapped people, and when you get to the end, the whole story unravels and it make more sense.
    Best Villain: The Black Widow

    Best Current PHB Author: I like both Brave Tomato and Spotted Dragon the same, but I guess Spotted Dragon because I love her closet, she and I have similar tastes
    Best Fan Art: Master Pinpey’s art, I guess
    Best Fansite (outside of the PHN): I’m not sure, I don’t pay attention really, but maybe Poptropica Wiki?
    Best PHB April Fools’ Prank: Omegon takeover
    Best The POPCORN Magazine Issue: I don’t know, I don’t pay attention
    Best Wiki Article: Don’t pay attention either, sorry 😦

    Worst Island: Virus Hunter, definitely. So many glitches and going into someone’ body was kind of gross. I only liked the music.
    Worst Poptropican Name: The worst I’ve ever seen was Messy Skunk. It made Scary Speck seem normal!
    Worst Poptropica Moment: There are sooo many that I thought I would have to make a new account, but probably the glitch on Google chrome that happened to me once, where the screen was cut short and I couldn’t access my inventory on updated Poptropican Islands, or even restart them! I couldn’t see anything under my legs, either.

  41. I will list a few :-

    Best Creator :- Captain Crawfish (Don’t know why,but nom nom crawfish!!!! XD )

    Best Dialogue :- I like most dialogues in Mocktropica and from counterfeit ”I can’t stand anyone in the room! Except me. Me, I like.”

    Best Dressed NPC (male) : I guess the headphones guy in main street of lunar colony island.

    Best Dressed NPC (female) :- Fairy Queen in Twisted thicket island and the girl we have to save in Vampire nights island.

    Best Island (overall) :- Survival,Arabian nights,Poptropicon.

    Best Storyline in an Island :- Survival,Arabian nights,Poptropicon.

    Best Villain:- Captain Crawfish,Binary bard,the villain in survival and black widow.

    Best Current PHB Author :- Fishy (Love how she’s sincere and kind! 😀 Thanks,fishy for making this blog because of you this blog exists and because of you today I am posting here! 🙂 ) ,Hputerpop (Love your posts HP. Keep up the good work! 🙂 ) and Brave Tomato ( BT love your theories,how can you have such a genius mind??!!! XD )

    Best PHB April Fools’ Prank :- Omegon Takeover and Club penguin

    Worst Island :- Galactic hot dog island (Don’t even want to think about it) , Big nate island

    1. Best Dressed NPC (male) :- Also Samhal (the genie) from Arabian nights.

      Best Dressed NPC (female) :- Also the princess who turns into a genie in arabian nights (hard to remember her name! )

      1. Yeah. Even after repeating the name so many times I can’t even still remember,pronounce or spell it! XD

  42. Well, Poptropicans, here are my nominations! :mrgreen:

    Best Creator: Captain Crawfish, Zeus, Dr. Lange

    Best Dialogue: “I can’t stand anyone in the room! Except me. Me, I like.” – you on Counterfeit Island

    Best Island (overall): Counterfeit, Survival, Arabian Nights

    Best Dressed NPC (male): Octavian on Mystery of the Map, Master of Coin on Arabian Nights, RJ Earl on Wild West

    Best Dressed NPC (female): Elf Queen on Twisted Thicket, Princess-as-Genie on Arabian Nights, CJ on Shrink Ray Island

    Best Poptropican Name: Angry Bird, Jumpy Jumper, Friendly Fish (of course 😉 )

    Best Soundtrack: Mega Fighting Bots (Orchestral Variation), PoptropiCon Main Theme, Monster Carnival Main Theme

    Best Storyline in an Island: Mystery Train, Ghost Story, Arabian Nights

    Best Villain: Myron Van Buren, Black Widow, Zeus

    Worst Island: Mission Atlantis (a lot of clicking around with very little plot), Galactic Hot Dogs (unappealing art style and some tricky challenges, like the gelatin jumping and asteroid level), Virus Hunter (felt like the body parts weren’t as unique as they could’ve been, and lots of missed opportunities to really expand on and educate about the human anatomy 😦 )

    Worst Poptropican Name: Hmm… Creepy Kid? 😛

    Worst Poptropica Moment: Being voted off on Day 6 of Reality TV Island. For those stuck on this, though, here’s a tip: watch for who gets a lot of votes and vote for them so your vote will join the others’ – the person you vote for often votes for you next round if they’re still in, so you’ll want to ensure they’re voted off!

    And I’ll leave the fandom awards section to the fandom itself. 🙂

  43. Best Creator: Dr.Hare
    Best Dialogue: Vampires Curse (at the end of the bonus part)
    Best Dressed NPC (male): gamer dude in zombarry
    Best Dressed NPC (female): black widow
    Best Island (overall): PoptropiCon I love the theme.
    Best Poptropican name: prefect penguin
    Best Soundtrack: Virus Hunter
    Best Storyline in an Island: Vampires Curse
    Best Villain: Dr. Hare
    Best Current PHB Author: I have to say Brave tomato.
    Best Fan Art: I wold have to say my friend Muzziki, cuz her art higher quality than mine.
    Best Fansite (outside of the PHN): Poptrickia
    Best PHB April Fools’ Prank: Idk I haven’t been here long enough to know.
    Best The POPcorn Magazine Issue: all
    Best Wiki Article: Idk I haven’t been here long enough to know.
    Worst Island: Skullduggery Island
    Worst Poptropican Name: smelly bee
    Worst Poptropica Moment: Getting locked out my main account and the only way was to

    1. sorry I forgot the last part. ^^; Worst Poptropica Moment: Getting locked out my main account and the only way to unlock it was to switch E-mails from my mom’s e-mails to my e-mail.

  44. Best Dressed NPC (female): Has to be the girl in purple at Poisedons beach on Mytholgy island
    Best Island: I said this on the chat, it has to Ghost story island. When you continue, the plot gets more interesting and it thickens, and its heartbreaking to learn the love triangle and that Fiona was really dead.

  45. hey.. has anyone noticed that the creators blog says aribian nights is coming out on the 27th? you guys have been too busy with the poppies.

  46. Best Dressed Male NPC: The Black Widow’s Right Hand Man on Counterfeit
    Best Dressed Female NPC: Aphrodite on Mythology

  47. Best Creator: Zeus/Jess Brailer
    Best Dialogue: “Wow a magic carpet! Now I’m in a whole new world!” and “I can’t stand anyone in this room. Except me. Me, I like.”
    Best Dressed NPC (male): Director D, Sir Pelias, Sir Cador and Sir Gawain
    Best Dressed NPC (female): Aphrodite and all the other girls on Mythology Island (incl. the god and muse statues) and Veruca Salt
    Best Island (overall): ALL OF THEM! (except Early Poptropica and 24 Carrot)
    Best Poptropican Name: Perfect Diamond or Perfect Star
    Best Soundtrack: Arabian Nights, Monster Carnival, MOTM and The Battle With Omegon
    Best Storyline in an Island: Survival
    Best Villain: Binary Bard
    Best Current PHB Author: ⭐️Brave Tomato⭐️, Blake, HPuterpop, Samwow5, Spotted Dragon, Slanted Fish, Slippery Raptor, and Ultimate iPad Expert
    Best PHB April Fools’ Prank: This year’s Omegon takeover
    Worst Island: Early Poptropica and 24 Carrot
    Worst Poptropican Name: Scary Clown
    Worst Poptropica Moment: Doing the flip puzzle of Mordred on Astro-Knights

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