Kart Kingdom hat, more chat options, & new island completion screen!

Hey guys! If you head over to some of the Main Streets on Poptropica (like Night Watch), there’s a new Kart Kingdom advertisement from PBS Kids! Similar to the recent Teen Beach 2 ad, it only requires you to watch the video to get the Kart Kingdom hat prize.


Haven’t we seen that hat somewhere? Oh, the 7th Birthday costume (with the “7” replaced with “Kart Kingdom”)! When you press the spacebar, the hat will take you up in the air and you’ll be floating uncontrollably like Balloon Boy (you won’t fly for days, though)!

On another note, Poptropica added brand new chat options to common rooms! You now ask new and different questions every time you go to a common room! Some of the new questions include, “Star Trek or Star Wars?” or “Would you rather spend the night in a cemetery or a haunted house?” This makes chatting with other players more fun! 🙂

Last but not the least, many have noticed the brand new island completion screen after you finish an island on Poptropica. It has a new sky background, features your player’s name, has two new buttons for taking you to the Store and the Map, adds the bonus quest and of course, acknowledges the recent raise to 150 credits!


What do you think of the recent updates? Leave a comment!

By the way, the newest issue of The POPCORN magazine is now available! Check it out!


8 thoughts on “Kart Kingdom hat, more chat options, & new island completion screen!”

  1. Love the new island completion screen and the new chat options! The screen seems way more clean and organized and chatting was kind of repetitive until now! 😀

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