Is Poptropica part of the Illuminati? (Percy Jackson ad)

Percy Jackson fans rejoice: on Main Street of Mystery of the Map Island, you can enter Camp Half-Blood to meet some characters, take a quiz, and collect a couple of prizes!


If you head down the road inside the ad building, you’ll find the Cyclops Power, a glowing red eye on a pyramid. Now what else do we know contains an eye enclosed in a triangle? There can only be one conclusion: Illuminati confirmed on Poptropica.

Now, with this cool Illuminati Cyclops Power, you’ll have the eye floating above your head, and when you press spacebar, you’ll turn other characters around you into one-eyed beasts!

pj cyclops

If you venture further down to the “underworld” area, you can pick up a Pen Sword, a handheld item that changes into a pen or a sword every time you press spacebar.

Do you see the two triangles on the pen’s pedestal? Hmm. And the triangles that form the tips of the “get prize!” arrows? What about the fact that Poptropicans’ eyeballs are such a prominent feature, while noses and ears are unheard of? Be illuminated: Poptropica favors the same symbols as the Illuminati.

pj pensword

Just kidding. What conspiracies could Poptropica be up to?

Lastly, to all recent graduates (because it’s about that time of year): congratulations! Here’s to the population of PHB readers who have been with us since the beginning, who started off as young pre-teens (as many Poptropicans do) and have found themselves becoming young adults in the process. Enjoy a little Pop graphic made in your honor, and if you’re still in school: you too can make it!


Stay popping, Poptropicans. 😉

31 thoughts on “Is Poptropica part of the Illuminati? (Percy Jackson ad)”

  1. Aaaah…. summer time. A time to relax, go to the pool, the park, or ruin your eyes by staring/reading help blog posts. What beautiful time of year!

  2. too bad i can’t go in. I’m not a half blood. I’m part Poptropican character, part adventuer,part brains {to pass the islands} and part gymnast {how else could i make those leaps off of bulidings without a scratch?} I’m 4/4 of AWESOME!

  3. I was so happy for the graphic as I’m one of the 2015 grads, I saved it to my computer! I’ve been playing Poptropica since Shark Tooth and have known your blog since I got stuck on 24 Carrot! Don’t play Poptropica as much but I still go to your blog to see whats happening in Poptropica while I’m gone so thanks again! 😀

  4. I’m also a 2k15 grad. I played poptropica since 2007, and I took years of breaks in between. I got back to it last year and I’ve been playing it since then.

  5. Your wild accusations of Poptropica being the illuminaughty disgust me. Let’s look deeper. You’re the biggest Poptropica Blog. Ever. You call yourselves the PHB. PHB is 3 letters. There are 3 points of the triangle. The Poptropica Help Blog is the illuminate. Confirmed. Check yourself before you wreck yourself. I just exposed your entire website and organization. eZ

    1. Clever. Looks like you found us out.

      But if I may be so bold, this little detail you spotted with your eye could, too, be illuminating of yourself – what goes in the triangle of the Illuminati? Oh, right. An eye! 😛

  6. I’m pretty pumped about Percy Jackson, because I’m a fan of the books (not really the movies.. meh) I graduated from.. uh.. fifth grade today.. But you posted this on my birthday 🙂 I kind of wish Poptropica would have an Inside Out ad.. I watched the movie and it’s a LOT better than Teen Beach.

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