Biggest Poptropica Appdate — now available!


Hey, SR here!

As expected, the biggest and best Poptropica app-date has been released! The update contains the new Shrink Ray Island, the multi-player arcade along with Sky Dive and Star Link; and new costume bundle packs which cost $0.99!

I can say, the arcade is quite awesome. The games are cool, but there’s just one flaw when you’re playing Sky Dive. 😛 The fun never stopped there!

There are a lot of interactive items around the room. There’s a Dance Dance Revolution arcade featuring Bucket Bot from Mocktropica and a ball pit for you to jump on. Also, there are emotes on the app — including new ones! The new emotes are silly (does a silly dance) and faint (faints on the floor). Lastly, when you tap another player, your Poptropican will say, “Hello there, (Poptropican Name)!” Overall, the Creators did a great job. Check out the pictures below!

Moving along, there are new costume bundle packs at the Shop! Here’s the list of the new packs, available for $0.99:

  • Survival pack: Includes Wind Power, Ghillie Suit, & Rhino Costume
  • PoptropiCon pack: Includes Popzilla Costume, Lunar Costume, Game Show Costume Mission
  • Atlantis pack: Includes Diving Suit, Puffer Fish Costume, Drone Follower
  • Knights Pack: Includes Templar Knight, Lightning Knight, & Heart Astro Knight (girls) or Earth Astro Knight (boys)
  • Shrink Ray Pack: Includes Bottle Cap Costume, Milk Box Costume, & Shrink Ray
  • Sweet As Pie Pack: Includes Mud Pie, Lemon Meringue, & Cherry

There’s also an advertisement on every Main Street and advertisement space around Poptropica! 🙂


What do you think of the biggest and the best app-date on the Poptropica app? Too awesome? Let us know in the comments!


35 thoughts on “Biggest Poptropica Appdate — now available!

  1. Fairy Tale says:

    Um…can you also make a video,showing the multiplayers rooms,the games,etc of this updated app. I know there are photos also,but still if you don’t mind,would you like to make a video too? 🙂

    • Fairy Tale says:

      And if you can, can you also include the new emotes in the video? I really wanna see the silly and faint emote. 😛

  2. adsuke says:

    Shrink Ray island is my 2nd favorite island next to Counterfeit Island. My least favorite is PoptropiCon. Still, though; it’s kind of awesome they put in Shrink Ray island.

    – An insensitive jerk

      • adsuke says:

        I think they put in 24 Carrot island because it has one of the major villains (Poptropica Creators; too. So even better) in the island. AKA…Dr. Hare.
        Sakura: Bunnies!
        Rasuke: Do you know what happens in 24 Carrot island?
        Sakura: Ponies, snails, and puppy dog tails?
        Rasuke: NO! An evil bunny steals all the carrots!
        Bugs Bunny: x everyone looks at him and he eats a carrot x What’s up, doc? I ain’t behind the carrot stealing! I’m carrot-broke now!
        Sakura: Come here! x hugs Bugs Bunny x
        Rasuke: I don’t know her.
        Adsuke: Oh, brother…
        Itachi: Excuse me. x couriers Sakura to Brian’s home x
        Adsuke: Wooooooooo….
        Rasuke: PAAAAARTYYYYYYYY! x parties x
        Adsuke: Hm. x walks away x

    • Cool Octopus says:

      I want Lighting Knight so bad and the Altantis Drone. I did download it but it so glitchy on my Ipod touch 4

  3. moody tuna /brian says:

    hmm… cs hasnt done anything on pop since march, that means that she hasnt played the most recent episode.

      • adsuke says:

        Sakura: Uh…
        Adsuke: Hm. Probably CS in that house…or…x Sharingan and eyes turn red x…it’s a RECORDING of her giggles. In which case she’s–
        Sakura: Phew! Uh, I mean…oh no! Now we don’t know where CS is! Guess we’ll just HAVE to drop the search…x calls up SWAT x Uh, yea. Stop searching. She’s gone. x thinking x MWA HA HA HA HAAAAAAA! x saying x I’m so sorry, Brian-kun…I can tell she was SUCH a good person to you…
        Adsuke: Hm…x suspicious of Sakura. Walks away x
        Rasuke: x thinking x WHY DOES SHE KEEP DOING THAT?!?! Also…why was she staring at Sakura suspiciously? Hmm…I’m too dumb to analyze this stuff anyway!
        Sasuke: x thinking x Is Sakura…finally uninterested in me? HOORAY! Finally.

      • moody tuna /brian says:

        ugh. fine. u no that i like her, not u right? i will call this the fawp plan (find a web page)

      • adsuke says:

        Dude. I don’t like her as much as you do. It’s clear as daylight about that. Anyways; instead call it FAQCS (Finding And Questioning Cheerful Singer)

      • Samwow5 says:

        Hey, us authors, don’t know where CS is either. We haven’t heard from her since her last post so that’s why we decided to remove her. If you want to have a Convo about CS missing, I suggest you do it on the Off-Topica Page 😉 Thanks!

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