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What is going to save Poptropica?

Hi Gs,

Well, I played PopCon 3. I liked the story, art, characters, etc. But what I didn’t like?


When I say game development, I mean the development of the skeleton of the game – the game mechanics, the programming. I have a sneaking suspicion that Jordan Leary, the lead game developer, either isn’t working at Poptropica anymore, or has been demoted. Either way, something is definitely wrong.

The art is great – like really great. I feel like the team of artists still are there with motivation to make quality content. Tons of amazing scenes and animations. The story is still charming as usual. But then you try to play the island and you have to log out and back in 5 times. It really takes the fun out of it, doesn’t it? I can’t appreciate art when I can’t even access it!


I still do have a point, however, and if you’ve read this far then I’m sure you’d like to hear it. I know what is going to save Poptropica, and it very well might already be in the works. A couple weeks ago, there was a survey on Poptropica that asked the standard questions – how much do you play Poptropica? What other games do you play? etc. But, just like always, they also asked about new features and what we thought about them – this time being a desktop version of Poptropica.

For the people that don’t know, a desktop version of an online game would be a downloadable game that can usually run offline. If Poptropica would become a desktop game, it would probably not run on flash anymore, which would fix a whole handful of problems right there. It’s hard to make a convincing game in a browser with flash, so converting everything over to desktop would be awesome. But that’s what I’m getting at – converting the game would basically be re-creating the entire skeleton of it, and if done right, could save the sloppiness that the programming has become. Please, Jess M. Brallier, take some advice from the fans. Hire the right people when creating a desktop version.

And one more thing – if Poptropica becomes an actual desktop game, it may be considered by the gaming community more to be a real video game, which means a bigger community. Right now, they have a reason not to take it seriously.



16 thoughts on “What is going to save Poptropica?”

  1. 01101101 01101111 01101111 01100100 01111001 00100000 01110100 01110101 01101110 01100001 says:

    “What is going to save Poptropica?
    a desktop version of Poptropica.”

  2. It just occured to me to mention this, but porting this to PC would not be all that difficult. You know how Poptropica is built in Flash on the web, and how it was ported to mobile?
    They are more similar than you think. The UI (Poptropica HD) is identical. They share a similar codebase. In fact, they most likely derive from the exact same codebase, because Poptropica Mobile is compiled with Adobe AIR – a tool that packages Adobe code(read:Flash) into native apps for Windows, OSX, and Android. If they were to port Poptropica to desktop, it would be pretty easy, rather than rebuilding Poptropica ALL OVER AGAIN. The only question is, would anyone play Poptropica on desktop?

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