The Blogging Intern


Hi. My name – at least online name – is ToborAureum. You probably never have heard of me, but can I ask you a favor? I need tips on how to make my own functional blog. I know you are really good at it and I’m happy you are so good at it. I don’t wish to embarrass myself on my own blog, though – I just need some help from people to get the hang of it.

Don’t worry, I won’t stay long here. I’ll go as soon as I’ve learned as much as I can. Thank you 🙂


– ToborAureum

31 thoughts on “The Blogging Intern

  1. ToborAureum says:

    I saw around that sometimes, there’s a post on the front page and there’s a button that says “Click here to read the rest of this post” or something like that. How do you do that so it cuts off?

  2. Blake says:

    A wild NEW AUTHOR appears!

    Anyway man, welcome to the blog! (at least for the time being… but you never know, we tend to rub off on some people) 😉

  3. Nameless UnDEFiNed says:

    Hello. I suggest a ‘Poppy’ name + Tagline. I mean that’s almost always the first thing people see on a blog c; Welcome.

    PS: Put in a good word for me xD

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