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Thank You! (from Tobor)


I have to thank you all so much for your assistance so far!

A few of you certainly were able to give me help in order to habilitate in the new WordPress blogging environment! Mostly the fact that I can make a decent post thanks to a look around on the official WordPress guide, as well as you guys of course!

Over time, I feel I’ll be able to get better, and who knows? Maybe I’ll get my own blog one day! Even though it might not be as great as the juggernaut that is the Poptropica Help Blog, there’s a possibility that I could make an equally good blog. GONe will be the days of my noobish self as I continue on my journey here! 😛

Haha, I can’t grow too confident yet though. And neither should you… after all I’m hardly the first to begin my sentence of serving this blog with a thank-you letter. See you all later!



10 thoughts on “Thank You! (from Tobor)”

  1. One tip – don’t make things too crowded on your blog – start with a nice and simple format and build up from there. Another tip: Be yourself. Don’t try to change because others ‘aren’t confident in you.’ Your blog will really shine with all of the tips the PHB readers are giving you lol

  2. Uh, I think I know who tho guy is now. According to his beard falling off and the text, I think he’s some certain robot from PoptropiCon in disguise. Don’t you?

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