Poptropica Help Network: it’s back!

Hi Gs,

A couple weeks ago, I announced a big project – the Poptropica Help Wiki. A few days later, I got an email from the chairman of the Poptropica Wiki, AwesomeOrange89, suggesting a business and community opportunity. It’s safe to say that we are now officially in a network with the Poptropica Wiki, along with the PHC, and my video walkthroughs. The site for the network will be up soon.

poptropicahelpnetworkoverFor some of you oldies, you may remember the original Poptropica Help Network. We had a forum (which the wiki will now provide) the PHC, and the PHB.

So wait, we’re merging with the Poptropica Wiki? Yes, the first ever Poptropica fan site is now on our side, with hundreds of articles written about Poptropica and a great community of avid Poptropica lovers. I’m now the executive manager on the wiki; I’ve been cleaning it up since I got the privilege, and you may notice the tidy new theme and homepage. If you wanna know how to contribute please read this post I made on the blog over there.

We need your help! Let’sย get these two sites in sync; please head over to the wiki and contribute!

I hope you guys are excited as I am for this amazing opportunity in the Poptropica community – the PHN will be the ultimate Poptropica fan network!



7 thoughts on “Poptropica Help Network: it’s back!”

  1. So excited for this! Our discussion the other day really helped out with my understanding about this. Also, are we going to still have thePHB’s wiki or is it gonna be deleted…?

  2. Since you have such a big Poptropica Help Network (videos, tweets, blog, etc.), I would suggest making one website just to list them all. It would help a lot, and I could help you too ๐Ÿ˜€

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