Hey, that’s me! (Poptropica ads on Funbrain)

Hi Gs,

Quick post to tell you that there is an ad campaign for Poptropica happening on FunBrain.com, and some of the most prominent figures in the community are featured – including widdle old me!

These ads can be found here, and feature people like Slanted Fish, Shaggy Tornado, and Spotted Dragon. I’m so honered to be a part of the campaign! (The ads alternate, you’ll have to refresh the page a couple times to see them all on the site.)

So here’s a challenge for you – Identify who all the people in the ads are! Leave your guesses in the comments, and I’ll follow up the winners in the next post I make! (shh totally not making you find them so that I don’t have to 😛 )




18 thoughts on “Hey, that’s me! (Poptropica ads on Funbrain)

  1. Spotted Dragon says:

    I believe the Poptropicans, from left to right, are… Coskit, Slanted Fish, Shaggy Tornado, Rainbow Dash/ElmoPwns, (IDK), MT/Happy Wolf, (IDK), (IDK), Super Thunder, HPuterpop, Spotted Dragon, and Green Boa. Hope this helps lazy HP. 😛

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