Read all of Mystery of the Map!

Hi Gs,

This is a quick post to let you know that if you visit the comics page we have here on the PHB, you’ll be able to read 100% of the new graphic novel by Poptropica, Mystery of the Map. This content is never before seen, and you’ll want to check it out!

Read Poptropica Volume 1: Mystery of the Map here!

mystery of the map




20 thoughts on “Read all of Mystery of the Map!

  1. Fairy Tale says:

    I just now finished reading the whole volume and it was too awesome,loved it!!! 🙂 Can’t wait for the 2nd volume,I am sure it will take it a long time to come out. XD I wonder when the island based on this graphic novel will be released? Too excited for it!

  2. Slippery Raptor says:

    Finally finished volume one. What could happen in the volume two? What is Octavian’s plan? It’s one great graphic novel. Can’t stop reading it.

  3. Tiny Socks says:

    I’m so tempted to read them all right now but if I do then what will I do with my life until volume two? Oh wait, duh! Play poptropica!

  4. Itaka Narayanan says:

    Not to state the obvious; but when you go to get the jetpack in Early Poptropica – notice the background. It has alien spaceships and other out-of-the-world objects you never thought EXISTED. I’m just saying – maybe Astro-Knights Island interferes with Early Poptropica…what with the time period and idea of aliens’ very existence. By the way; Itachi and Sasuke say hi.

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