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Read all of Mystery of the Map!

Hi Gs,

This is a quick post to let you know that if you visit the comics page we have here on the PHB, you’ll be able to read 100% of the new graphic novel by Poptropica, Mystery of the Map. This content is never before seen, and you’ll want to check it out!

Read Poptropica Volume 1: Mystery of the Map here!

mystery of the map



20 thoughts on “Read all of Mystery of the Map!”

  1. I just now finished reading the whole volume and it was too awesome,loved it!!! 🙂 Can’t wait for the 2nd volume,I am sure it will take it a long time to come out. XD I wonder when the island based on this graphic novel will be released? Too excited for it!

  2. Finally finished volume one. What could happen in the volume two? What is Octavian’s plan? It’s one great graphic novel. Can’t stop reading it.

  3. I’m so tempted to read them all right now but if I do then what will I do with my life until volume two? Oh wait, duh! Play poptropica!

  4. Not to state the obvious; but when you go to get the jetpack in Early Poptropica – notice the background. It has alien spaceships and other out-of-the-world objects you never thought EXISTED. I’m just saying – maybe Astro-Knights Island interferes with Early Poptropica…what with the time period and idea of aliens’ very existence. By the way; Itachi and Sasuke say hi.

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