Weird Theory of the Day: Early Villains!

Yo ‘tropicans. Are you in the mood for a totally weird and pointless Poptropica theory that nobody asked for? Well I’ve got one! Please note: This post contains a major spoiler for Spy Island & minor spoilers for Early Poptropica.

If you follow me on Twitter (which I know for a fact most of you don’t because I have like three followers), you’ll see that recently I’ve basically been live-tweeting a replay of Early Poptropica. And as I was playing, something occurred to me.


Look at this logic:


Actually though… it kinda works

Sure, it was something Twitter-worthy I’d noticed, but I wouldn’t have gone as far as to call it a “theory” at that point. But then I spotted a young Black Widow.


I got a little emotional at this discovery

If someone told you “I saw a female NPC in Poptropica with short black hair, pale skin, and a dark outfit, and she hung out in a creepy place with a lot of spiders” you’d be like “yeah, that’s Black Widow” WOULDN’T YOU? I mean, yeah, she’s a little different. But Early Poptropica was released a while before Black Widow’s first appearance (as Black Widow) and people change. Even when those people happen to be Poptropica villains.

ALSO, the official Poptropica account retweeted my Director D post! That doesn’t necessarily mean they’re confirming it (they didn’t make any comment on it) but it means they at least acknowledge the possibility… or they just acknowledge how silly it sounds. I’ll keep playing and keep an eye out for new possibilities. In the meantime, let me know in the comments if you have anything to add!

~ Cheerful Singer ~


20 thoughts on “Weird Theory of the Day: Early Villains!

      • samantha_pinkchoc says:

        I’ll mention the ones you never saw… The great Booga shark, Copy Cat, Speeding Spike, Sir Rebral, Ratman, Crusher, Betty Jetty, Mordred, Captain Crawfish, The Plant Monsters, El Mustachio Grande, Gretchen Grimlock, Red Dragon, Whirly Street Kids, The Thief from Mystery Train, Dryads, Trolls, Goblins, Nokken (my greatest enemy), Teens who stole $20, Veruca, Violet, Mike, Augustus???, BLUEBERRIES, PrintFax owner, Dr. Hare, Viruses, Mega Fighting Bots creators, Raven Ringmaster, Those Jellyfish things from Mission Atlantis, Zeus, Mr. Silva, Myro Van Buren, Forty thieves, Queen Dagger and Omegon…I hope I got them right…. *yawn.*

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