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MotM p. 22-25, wolf club Realms, & more

Hey Poptropicans! Slippery here.

First up, here are the latest Mystery of the Map pages (p. 22-25)! Check them out below, or read from the start on the graphic novel page!

The gang has discovered a Viking ship – what could happen next? It looks like Octavian has lost the map. Maybe it’s with Mya and the gang!

On another note, the first episode of PoptropiCon (Line Forms Here) is now free on the Poptropica iOS app! Need any help in entering the con? Check out the PHB’s PoptropiCon Island Guide!

con1 carouselSpeaking of the app, I noticed something about the description of the update. Here’s what it says:

New mini-game! Escape from Monkey Island featuring the characters Jorge and Oliver from the beloved Poptropica Comic Strip.

However, when I updated the app, there was no Monkey Island mini-game, just the GHD Jack Chase mini-game (which isn’t new). Maybe they’re related to the comic-island sneak peeks in the Daily Pop?

Moving along, there are a couple of new Poptropica Realms videos in the Creators’ Inside Poptropica playlist. Here, a well-dressed wolf shows us how to build wolf-inspired home bases. It’s really cool and pretty amazing. Check it out!

Also, Poptropica tweeted another rejected concept art for the princess in the third episode of Arabian Nights. Curious about why the princess is so sad? Check out BT’s theory about that here!

arab3princessLast but not least, you may notice something new when you visit at the bottom of the homepage, there’s a KidSafe seal from COPPA certifying Poptropica as a kid-friendly program! I think many players knew that already, but it’s great to see Poptropica getting recognized. 🙂


That’s all of the recent updates over at Poptropica for now. Tell us what you think in the comments!


30 thoughts on “MotM p. 22-25, wolf club Realms, & more”

      1. first time we hes dying.D; D; D; D; X10000000 TSHNTCOL (trying so hard not to cry out loud)

    1. I can’t post the link to the rules page for some reason, so I’ll just explain them in brief:

      1. Keep to the subject of Poptropica
      2. No inappropriate contest
      3. Stay on topic
      4. Be respectful towards everyone
      5. Don’t spam
      6. Do not share personal information
      7. Don’t deceive others
      8. Don’t ask to be a staff member
      9. Use proper grammar

  1. Erm…. What just happened? Btw WHY CINDERELLA???!! WHY NOT A TWILIGHT AD? *cries* my friend Marley reads Twilight. xD

    1. Twilight sucks. I don’t know what’s so AMAZING about it. I think the most awesome movie is The Imitation Game.

  2. (double btw) My username with my main account (i lost some before. :'[ ) is “NachaaRules!” (on another game, my character is named Nachaa so… 😛 ) There should be an awesome character named Young Singer. (I am very young *14*. I sing too. XD ) Sooo u can call meh Neko. :3

    1. Well,I’m 14 too. 🙂

      I don’t know why but for me 11-12 is really young and from 13 onward we are like an adult. XD Don’t mind me. XD

      1. I’m 12; turning 13. I haven’t smiled before because I am too serious yet crazy and…oh yea; this is AGISM.

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