Poptropica Journal – 8/3/11 (9 year old Puterpop!)

Hi Gs – this post is actually a journal entry from way back in 2011. Mystery Train was just announced and I had just started a Poptropica journal. Do note that this is old news, just from the perspective of a 9 year old. I thought it was cute, and I hope you enjoy. :3


As you can see on the cover, my name is Andrew. I’m a Poptropica fan. #1 Poptropica fan. Poptropica FANATIC! Now, onto Poptropica. Its a virtual world that, hello teachers, is educational. You make a character, then jump on your blimp, a hot air balloon, and travel to an island in need of help. You save it with logic and FOCUS!!!


Now, updates. Mystery Train island is the new Island coming soon. It’s about, you guessed it, a train robbery.

A new before-island mini game “sneak peak” is coming soon too, for Mystery Train. It takes place in an old fashioned restaurant. I’m guessing you have to cater to customers as fast as you can!

Another thing: E! Also known as Evil inc. Sharkboy posted a video on the Creator’s blog: Coming soon to Poptropica – E – September 2011??? I found out it’s based on a comic with superheroes, with mutant robots and stuff.

-Puterpop A.K.A. Andrew out-


15 thoughts on “Poptropica Journal – 8/3/11 (9 year old Puterpop!)

  1. Clean rose says:

    Because of the new header now,I think the new layout is beautiful,yet the old one is better,because the blue color matched poptropica,and gives that poptropica feeling. XD ^^

  2. pancakesisme says:

    Omg!!! Woah!!!! I’m gonna start a Poptropica Journal, I’ve had this idea for a while. Sometimes I’d do my own perspective, most times my Poptropican’s. You said this is when you were 9, right? I’m 11, so in a few years I’ll look back on it and, who knows, maybe post it on my blog (which doesn’t exist yet).

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