The Missing Link

The Missing Link: Dinosaurs (Poptropica Origins part 1)

Hi Gs,

Preface: this post has been setting in drafts for months, and while the idea was there, I didn’t have a strong enough theory. I’ve discovered something since then, and it may just change the history of Poptropica forever. The President of Poptropica recently stated that they were going to be releasing an origin story of Poptropica soon… and this may tap into that story. It’s a really big thing to explain, so I’m splitting this into parts. Come back soon for part 2! 😀

Something occurred to me the other day – Time Tangled Island never had dinosaurs! One of the most iconic and one of the first islands there ever was, Time Tangled had time periods from nearly all the eras – except one of the most important eras of all — the dinosaur era! Doesn’t that seem a bit strange?

But that’s not the end of it. An old Daily Pop has even more evidence that a Dinosaur island was planned. Multiple cavemen costume ideas were posted, and from that point on multiple signs have popped up all around the game.

Wayback Machine: From 2010, these sketches were created and never used.
Wayback Machine: From 2010, these sketches were created and never used.

It ended there with hints cropping up of the island for years, but with the recent release of Mission Atlantis Episode 3, we see the dinosaurs once again. The story involves the extinction of the dinosaurs by a meteor shower that crashed the alien ship that you’ve been exploring. That’s basically all we get, but the fact that they’re associating dinosaurs with aliens is the part where things get interesting.


Aliens have been a part of Poptropica for ages as I’ve discussed before – Nabooti Island, Astro-Knights, Lunar Colony, and now Mission Atlantis.

There was a separate theory going around in the community a while back, on the chronological order of islands – were they random, were they all connected, or is each island in a separate universe? Sponsored islands aside, I believe that they are all in the same universe.

You’re probably wondering how I explain the time differences between islands, such as the hop between Reality TV Island to Mythology Island. It sounds unbelievable, until you take into consideration the very first islands…

Early Poptropica transitions to Shark Tooth with no apparent time gap. Then Shark Tooth transistions to Time Tangled with a corresponding character in both islands! No question there, they’re in the same time period.

Let’s look into this a little more though. In Early Poptropica, there is an arcade with arcade games. Arcade games came into play in the 1970s and 80s. The games in arcade, however, are games like Sudoku and Switch. If you read up on it, you’ll learn that Sudoku only became successful in 2005. If you read the plaque about Professor Hammerhead in the tourist center in Shark Tooth Island, it says that he died in 1997 (which we learned later isn’t true).


Also note the text on the plaques – Professor Hammerhead discovered this island and its ruins. By this time, the island seems to be inhabited by tons of citizens.

The inventor of the time machine you use in Time Tangled is taking a vacation on Shark Tooth, according the the newspaper on Time Tangled (also he’s standing in the Tourist Center 😛 ). The general time of all three islands is around the time Poptropica first started, 2007.


It starts to change after you leave Time Tangled Island.

I’ll be explaining more in posts to come – tell me your theories in the comments below! I really think I’ve hit the nail on the head for this one, tell me what you think. 😀


21 thoughts on “The Missing Link: Dinosaurs (Poptropica Origins part 1)”

  1. 24 Carrot was when things started to change? How is tha-



    The “Super Villain Timeline” is gonna affect the timeline of Poptropica, isn’t it? Among other things…..

  2. Whoa, I remember you showing me the preface in August dude. You spent a while on this. I hope the show doesn’t affect the game too much. o: I would love a Dinosaur island. I instantly imagined riding a pterodactyl like the kites on Reality TV. That would’ve been great, hope we see that in the show or game. 😀

  3. It would be pretty cool if there were a Dinosaur Island, I wonder what they would call it?! Good job on picking up all of the clues, especially the one about Mission Atlantis Island! And also, how the post said that they would be releasing an island about Poptropica’s origins, that would be sort of be like Mocktropica, but with actual people from Poptropica’s Headquarters(and without a freakishly safe precautions guy, a girl who can’t come up with any new ideas for Poptropica islands and a snobby lady who only cares about money, all of thier fighting bots, all of the people working locked up in the basement and all the glitchy music and unfinished scenery)! I wonder what the aim of the island is. 🙂

  4. Interesting theory, HP! Super Villain Island somehow helps in the concept of yours. A Dinosaur Island would be nice! Two of the runner-ups in the CYDI are both connected to dinosaurs.

  5. I just replayed Early Poptropica and I noticed something. Obviously, Poptropica History is somewhat a tie-in with American/Global History- The Dinosaurs, (as told in Mission Atlantis) Pilgrims (in Early Poptropica), Greek Mythology, Medival Times, but one thing I noticed was that in the same Early Poptropica, there was an old abandoned plane graveyard. Could Poptropica have had a Space Race somewhat similar to ours? And if so, with whom? I think it might have been with the Martians from Astro-Knights? And since there is evidence of a Space Race during the Early Poptropica time period, which is pilgrims, what could that time period have been? I think the Middle Ages solely because of Astro-Knights. If this is true, then Poptropica kinda forgot all of their technology, which makes me rethink my theory, but I don’t know. Another thing is, Early Poptropica is modern up until the Pilgrims Village. I don’t know but I am pretty sure it’s just a re-enactment of Early Poptropica, like what we do with mueseums I’m pretty sure Goths and Diners weren’t a thing back then… Which does tie in with what you said about Shark Tooth and Early Poptropica beingin the same time. Tell me if theres any depth to this guys! XD

    1. I always thought of the Early Poptropicans like they were just stuck in time. Pretty sure there still are people who do things off the grid. 😉
      But the Aircraft Graveyard is a good point, one that I can’t really relate to anything, but perhaps each airplane tells a different story. 🙂

  6. Correction: And since there is evidence of a Space Race in Early Poptropica, the Pilgrim’s era, when could the Space Race have taken place? I think Middle Ages solely because…

  7. So Time Tangled Island literally effected everything: the past, future, AND the present. Of course, the past was fixed (multiple times😜), but was still effected at one point. The future was from 1. Messed up past 2. Fixed past. The present was effected because the time machine allows your player to time travel and fix more in the past, such as 24 Carrot in the 60s and Astroknights in midevil (I can’t spell that) times. Well, now I know why I’ve always thought Time Tangled was special!

      1. I just realized how much Poptropica built up Mystery of The Map:

        “Reveals Poptropica’s origin!” “Tells you how Poptropica started!” “Free cheese at the dodos!” Ok, not the cheese, but the other stuff. If the island was actually as much as what they had said, I bet Time Tangled would be a huge part of the island’s plot. Then again, I have a opposing theory that all the islands are just different cultures…but that’s for another time.

  8. Dinosaur Island wood be sooo cool! I hope that someday in the future of Poptropica there’s such thing as Dinosaur Island.

  9. If I could create a Dinosaur Island, I’d make it like dinosaurs are like attacking the cavemen village and something like that. Please make suggestions of what you’d do.

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