PHB Sunday Special: Poptropica vs. the Board of Education

Is your school one that doubts the educational merits of Poptropica? The Twitter-ers among us may have already seen this, but Poptropica recently tweeted a few infographics showing off the scholastic side of their game world in response to all the tweets about schools blocking the site.

If you want Poptropica un-blocked at your school, try showing these to someone in charge, and they might just change their mind. Poptropica may be game, but it’s also a world of learning opportunities! 😀


Some of Poptropica’s best stories involve historical figures, real life locations, art history, and more – all with that unique Poptropica twist that makes it engaging, clever, and still accurate.


And with all the branded books and interactive dialogue waiting to be discovered, it’s clear Poptropica encourages reading as well. Still in doubt? Check out the PHB’s Poptropica Game Review!


With all that being said, Poptropica should fit right into any school environment, especially for the target audience of 6- to 15-year-olds – and kids will pick up all sorts of culturally and academically relevant information while being immersed in top-notch storytelling. And that means…

Let kids play Poptropica. 😀


8 thoughts on “PHB Sunday Special: Poptropica vs. the Board of Education

  1. ★Brave Tomato★ says:

    This looks pretty neat, except I think there’s an error on the map- I don’t think we ever went to Africa on Cryptids Island…

    Also, I think that graphic was made not so recently… There are 7 islands featured as especially educational and then there are 26 more islands. That would’ve made 33 islands, the time the latest island was Night Watch, so yeah…

    • Slanted Fish says:

      Hmm, I think you’re right – we did visit plenty of places on Cryptids Island, but Africa wasn’t one of them. And good catch about the island count; maybe this was made a while ago, but it doesn’t seem to have been posted anywhere until now. 😛

      • ★Brave Tomato★ says:

        Well I kinda miscounted and it’s actually 34- with Back Lot being the latest. My mistake ^^; at least I was close.

  2. Spence says:

    In Elementary School I showed my teacher FunBrain. 😀 Poptropica was also linked to it, so it worked out. :3 I still play on the FunBrain playground sometimes xD

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