A Poptropica Cartoon?

Hi Gs,

Well, this pretty much settles it. Poptropica is going to have its own show.

script read

This picture was tweeted from the official Poptropica Twitter with the caption “Poptropica script read????”. The picture above (which the PHB lightened a bit from the dimmer original for more contrast) shows a number of people with labels in front of them (character names from the Poptropica comic/upcoming graphic novel: Octavian, Oliver, Mya, Jorge).

Each person presumably has a script in front of them, and various polished pieces of art that look like something from the comic are hanging in the background throughout the picture. I researched a bit and found out that this seems to be a read-through

The read-through, table-read, or table work is a stage of film, television and theatre production when an organized reading around a table of the screenplay or script by the actors with speaking parts is conducted. Read more

So wait… is Poptropica going to have a cartoon based on the Poptropica Comics? 

We’ve been seeing a lot of colored and polished artworks from the comic being released on Twitter, but we assumed it was for an upcoming graphic novel (which has been confirmed). And weren’t we supposed to be getting a Poptropica Comic sponsored quest or island this year?

One more thing that may tie it all in – remember my post a while back on the Poptropica animated short? The pitch made by a random studio for a Poptropica cartoon? Has it been in the works for over a year? Only time will tell. This is certainly exciting! Tell me in the comments what you think, and also tell me if you’ll be watching the Poptropica cartoon if it really is coming out!

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28 thoughts on “A Poptropica Cartoon?”

  1. What if it was actually narration, or words to the islands? Like, I know that there’s words, but I mean you can hear them. I may be wrong, but because there may be a Poptropica Comics Island, it could be a possibility.

  2. That would be really cool, but I don’t know if I would watch it. It may be that they are targetting younger audiences. You know, like the video you got there with the kite, maybe they are doing a poptropica educational sort cartoon.

  3. I am very skeptical about this. To be honest, I’m not sure if I would like a Poptropica cartoon. For one, it would most likely be intended for younger audiences, so I’m not sure I would personally enjoy it. Two, Poptropica has been… expanding lately (SUIs, a comic, episodes, etc.) and it just isn’t like the original anymore. Don’t get me wrong, most of the updates have been really cool, but a TV show? I’m just not sure. However, if a cartoon is being made, I think it’s better suited a YouTube series. Of course, if it airs on TV I will still watch it, because I love Poptropica no matter what. 😛
    How does everyone else feel?

  4. This is great for Poptropica! When I saw this photo yesterday, I was pretty surprised about this! I also found out something new! I forgot to tell you about a new character on Poptropica Comics, and his name is Octavian. He’s the one on the left side (the first one). Going back, I think a TV show wouldn’t be that great since it’ll only air on one part of the globe (unless the network would air it in other places) rather than a series on YouTube (like SD said) which would be awesome for all Poptropicans to access. Agree?

  5. Need some help :-

    I can’t get out of ”Shrink ray Island” I even reloaded a lot of time,signed in and out,used a different browser. Yet it didn’t do anything. Please tell me what to do.

    PS. I don’t have membership. Thank you for your help in advance.

    1. If you want to travel to a different island, just click the Menu button in the top right corner and click on the blimp to bring up the map. (That’s how you can leave any of the sound-updated islands. On older islands, you have to look for the blimp on Main Street to leave.)

      1. It actually happened that I mistakenly went to Shrink ray island,and the page isn’t loading,its just shows a black screen. So I don’t know how to get out. 😦

      2. Okay,now I was able to get out of the island.

        I went to my ”Storage Items” ,then clicked ”Visit” on the Haunted house mini quest card. Then when I arrived there on the right side of my character clicked ”Travel” i.e. exited and then chose a island where I wanted to go. (A non-SUI island,because I wasn’t sure why SUI weren’t loading. )

  6. There is a chance that this is an audiobook but it’s awesome none the less. Voice acting within any Poptropica’s media outlets are pretty rare, so it’s cool to see these characters- at least from the comics- have their own voice actor (even Mya’s actress looks a tad like an older version of her with the black hair XD)

    I’m more focused on who this Octavian guy is, though. It’s clear from the pictures that he’s considerably older than our three protagonists, and he has the kind of angrier eyes in his picture. I remember seeing a rougher version of him in the cover sketch I posted before- and he was on the blimp basket holding some kind of sharp sword looking down at the kids trying to climb up the rope. Is he an antagonist? When I speculated that he might be trying to cut the rope, the Twitter page told me it was a “very good guess”. I don’t know… Yet I’m very intrigued….

    1. Octavian is probably an antagonist, from the looks of it. Interesting name (also that of Caesar Augustus, the first Roman Emperor). On that note, I also wonder why Oliver, Jorge, & Mya have regular names, instead of some exotic Poptropican name. 😛

      1. They were not from Poptropica- they were transported there by some kid’s science project…doesn’t explain Octavian though…

      2. That’s true… I just think it’d be more fitting for a Poptropica comic to have characters with Poptropica-like names. But to be fair, that doesn’t happen with some NPCs we meet on the islands either. 😛

  7. Man, Jorge’s design changed a lot! It may be because since Mya has black hair and Oliver has blonde, they needed something different? I liked his old design a lot better, tbh. 😀 I’m going to watch the pilot for sure!


  9. Hello,Scary plug.

    Um…I need a bit of help again,Arabian nights episode 2 Lair of thieves is not loading.Even reloaded the pages ,signed in and out,used different browser,cleared history, yet is not working.

    Sorry for the trouble.

    PS. Thank you in advance.

    1. Make sure the web browser you’re using is updated to its latest version, that you have Adobe Flash installed on your computer, or perhaps try playing on a different computer. Also, it’s possible that since the episode was just recently released, the servers might be under a heavy load with lots of people playing – so perhaps you can wait a while and then try again.

  10. Hang on the voicing is very familiar, from an old TV show, sounds like charlie and Lola or number-jacks (first 2 British TV shows to pop in mind)

  11. *mind blown* A few years back, I wanted to see a Poptropica Movie (Go figure, huh?) I didn’t actually expect a cartoon, though. I hope that it isn’t just an educational show, but that it has a lot of whimsy and chaoticness that the comics have. Considering Poptropica is infinitely expanding, this show could do practically everything. I hope this’ll be good. I will definitely tune in on this if it airs.

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