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Recap: PHB’s birthday parties for Poptropica & Sam!

Hey everyone! As you may know, I turned 15 years old yesterday, and Poptropica is seven as of this month! For the occasions, we had a party and invited everyone to join us on the PHC and Poptropica! Check out the recap pics and summary below. We hope you had a great time! 😀

7th pop bday

Our new 7th birthday balloons and lucky costumes were flaunted in Multiverse rooms, along with other special effects like fireworks. Plus, we competed in lots of head-to-head game battles!

While the Multiverse rooms were in full swing, the Poptropica Help Chat (PHC) was rocking as well! People were drawing on the Doodle feature and making cool Poptropica Portraits, wishing me and Poptropica a happy birthday, and just having a good time chatting. Most of the PHB authors showed up for the event as well (me, HP, Blake, BT, SD, & Fishy)! And Pixel – you may call me a monkey, but I’m more like a gorilla. Get your facts straight, buddy! 😛

I was also hosting a music station on where people could take turns sharing their favorite music, so many of us were listening to music on top of chatting on the PHC and hanging out on Poptropica!

Talk about a party – thanks to everyone who came! You made my birthday party special, and I’m sure you made the Pop Creators happy by celebrating Poptropica’s birthday too! Thanks again, and I hope you all enjoyed the party! :mrgreen:



42 thoughts on “Recap: PHB’s birthday parties for Poptropica & Sam!”

  1. I love that pic of me and Fishy 🙂 too bad I wasn’t on the tab to see it XD well I had a great time- I’m happy that I could finally make a party this time around! 😀

  2. This particular party was probably one of the best experiences I’ve ever had during a PHB party! I’m so glad I made a PlugDJ account as well! Looking forward to another party soon!!! 😀

  3. Everyone get your facts straight. He is the Emperor Tamarin. (look it up 😉 ) Even though I wasn’t in the multiverse recap -cries 5 days- Haha, anyways happy 15th dude! Had a -smirks- monkey of a time. Wait, does that even make sense? U-uh… No where and every where! -slams myself into door- Sam: *stares in amazement* What, you aren’t thinking about the pun I made earlier, are you? Wait! Doh! -slams myself into door- That was this exciting episode of ChipBoy and MonkMan 😛 lol u get it u get it u get it 😉

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