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Pop the “7” balloon for Poptropica’s 7th birthday costume!

Hey everyone! In addition to the free 7th birthday balloon that everyone can claim in the Store, the Creators have also released a special 7th birthday costume – and it’s not the usual cake suit this time around! Thanks to my good friends Squeezy Wing & Pixel for the picture on the right:

As explained on Poptopica’s 7th birthday page (which, strangely, has pics from the 6th birthday), what you need to do to claim this lucky outfit is simply to visit any common room during the celebration, find the special “7” balloon (it may take several tries before it shows up, so be patient and keep trying!). Pop it with a click to get the Lucky 7th Birthday Costume! Contrary to the Creators’ claim, the balloon is not golden in color – it’s green and blue!

7 balloon2

(Thanks to Quiet Eagle for the balloon pic!) I’ve got to say though, that costume you get is pretty cool!

7thbday carousel

Anyway, don’t forget that the PHB is having a Poptropica/PHC party this Saturday in celebration of Poptropica’s 7th birthday (and also my 15th)! We hope to see you there with your birthday balloons and lucky costumes – for details on the event, check out the post below! Seven cheers for Poptropica! :mrgreen:

23 thoughts on “Pop the “7” balloon for Poptropica’s 7th birthday costume!”

  1. how do the picture has 7 number on balloons i only get plain balloons and i cant even find the gold balloon all i see are yellow ones with not even a number 7 on them plz help!

  2. Wow, the outfit actually looks awesome this year- it’s not another cheesy cake and fireworks costume! XD

  3. Can I use the image with the player and the balloons in it? Thanks!

    Slanted Fish: Sure, just be sure to give due credit. 🙂

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