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Spotted – signing in!

Hello PHB viewers! My name is Spotted Dragon and I am the newest PHB author.Poptropica Avatar Spotted Dragon 2

When I got the invite I was super excited. Being an author on here has been my biggest dream/goal, ever since I started blogging. Heck, the PHB inspired me to make my own site. I could never thank Fishy enough for how she has helped me become a happier/better person. 🙂

Now a little about myself. My blog is Adventure Time Pop, a Poptropica and Adventure Time site. I admit it’s an odd mix, but at the time I started blogging, Poptropica and AT were my favorite things in the world, and kinda still are. Anyway, I love art (but my digital art isn’t that good because I don’t have a drawing pad – I use my mouse), soccer, reading, writing, and a ton of other stuff. I’m also really into Gravity Falls, but I don’t want to bore you guys any longer, going on and on about myself. 😉

I guess that’s it for now! Hope you guys are gonna like my posts!


P.S. Be sure to check the Mission Atlantis 3: Out of the Blue World Champions live map! What place did you rank? I got #19, so not too bad. 😛 

ma live map 1

35 thoughts on “Spotted – signing in!”

  1. Congratulations SD! You’re so lucky you became one of the PHB Authors! I hope I can be one someday. 😀

  2. That’s awesome SD! 😀 You’ll be a great addition to the PHB team! You’re so lucky. 😛

  3. Wow, I’m POSITIVE you’ll be great on this site!!
    Plus, we’ve got the same name. Which automatically makes you almost as awesome as me. Almost.
    Just kidding! But CONGRATS!!!

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