Mission Atlantis Island, Survival Island

Mission Atlantis (Ep. 3) for members & Survival (Ep. 4) for all!

Surfing for our Mission Atlantis guide (with all 3 episodes)? We’ve got you “tidally” covered.
Or if you need the PHB’s
Survival walkthrough (includes Ep. 4), click here!

Hey everyone! I just wanted to quickly inform you that Mission Atlantis Ep. 3 (Out of the Blue) is out for members! No demo for non-members though. Click here for the whole guide!


For non members, Survival Ep. 4 (Cabin Fever) is out for all! For help on the island, check out the PHB’s Survival Island Guide. Afterwards, check out HP’s review of the episode here!


So, members, how is it fighting aliens & monsters in the world of the deep? And non-members, have you been finding a way to escape from Van Buren? Take the poll below, and tell us what you think of these islands in the comments or on the official PHB chat, the PHC! 🙂

EDIT: 4 PHB authors finished in the top 20 for Mission Atlantis Ep. 3!




ma live map 1 


34 thoughts on “Mission Atlantis (Ep. 3) for members & Survival (Ep. 4) for all!”

  1. I need help with Mission Atlantis-Into the Blue. If anyone reading this has completed this already, someone give tips while I wait for the guide.

      1. Okay. That’s very good. I hope to get a better ranking. I’ll look out for the guide.

      1. Oh. Thanks Sam. Good luck finishing the guide! Is Ep. 3 hard? Is it ‘out-of-this-world’? 😀

    1. It’s correct for him to eat the ball, just run past when he eats it (when he eats it be a good distance away) and when u see him swallow it, run past before he gets you.


    *ahem* anyways… This island overall is just…mediocre in my opinion. It’s not BAD per say, but it’s kinda boring, with the entirely puzzle based gameplay with not as much story as Survival. Can’t wait for Episode 5 of Survival!

    1. However, I give the last cutscene credit for being pretty funny. ;P Man, the Creators are getting great at theatrical cutscenes!

  3. #87! I’ve never gotten that high before. The island was overall so-so, and I hated that big yellow monster. So… gross. Ulch. I didn’t understand much of the third episode, I wish there was less of a strange ending, but it was unexpected, gotta give the Creators that.

    I liked the costume we get at the end though, and it is nice to see one of these episodic islands end. Now we just have to wait for Poptropicon and the CYDI winner island. I can’t wait to see them!

  4. My record is 684… So embarrassing. I got it on survival episode 4. *runs away in shame. * I’ve never ran so fast before! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

  5. Heres my Review of the last episode of mission atlantis:The ending wasnt what i thought it was gunna be. I give episode 3 a 7.5 out of 10 because you kind of do the same thing you did in episode 2, where you power three things then open a door that leads somewhere else, in this case back to your ship. But the explosion at the end is pretty cool. I got number 4 rank which is pretty good, but i think the islands final episode needed like a boss or something. I was visualizing after ep 1 came out that you go into atlantis and get trapped by the Merfolk and have to fight a sea serpent to get back. But it’s still a good underwater poptropica island, it has that mystery element at the end of each episode cuz they leave u hanging, just like survival. Cant wait 4 poptropicon though. U get to take selfies XD

  6. Woohoo beat episode 3 without any guide at all (to be honest it was quite easy though 😛 )! 😀 My rank is #322. Congratulations Sam, BT and HP. c;

  7. You know, the Van Buren dude reminds me of Charles Muntz in Up with all of his adventure stuff 😛

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