PopCon selfie, Creators’ Blog widened, & more!

Are you excited for PoptropiCon? PHB commenters Fast Flame and Advika have speculated that it may be a cross between Fashion Crisis Island (a runner-up in the CYDI contest) and Mocktropica. There’s a new sneak peek on the Creators’ Blog – and I’d show it to you, but first, let me take a selfie.

Just kidding, that was the sneak peek! #poptropiconyeah #nofilter #thecamerajustwentoffiswearimnotamodel #doilookcute #yerawizardharry #wegotqueequegscoffeeafterwards #selfiesunday #orwhateverdayitis #dontjudge

Okay, yeah, moving on… have you noticed that the Creators’ Blog made a few subtle changes in design? HP did touch on some changes they made earlier, but now there’s more. It’s now a little wider, and if you don’t have AdBlock, you may notice an ad in the sidebar. Here’s a before and after pic:

before and after PCBBy the way, the Creators’ Blog isn’t the only place that shows sneak peeks – the Daily Pop has tons more, and in case you missed it, the PHB now has the complete collection of Daily Pops archived all on one page for easy viewing – almost four years’ worth! Click here to see it all! Here’s a preview of just a few of the many awesome Poptropica idea images you’ll find there:

Those are for the Tribes of Poptropica, though of course the DP archive contains much more. But if you’re proud of your Poptropolis tribe, you may want to check out the PHB’s various pages for each tribe – each has been updated with concept art, whole common room images, and more! If nothing else, at least take a look at my witty captions. 😛

Also, thanks to the many of you who have taken the PHB readers’ survey! If you haven’t taken it yet, it’ll only take a few minutes, so please do – it gives you a chance to tell us how we’re doing and what you’d like the PHB to focus on! Results are still being gathered, so get heard today!

click for reader survey

UPDATE: One last thing – the Android version of the Poptropica app has been delayed again, according to Poptropica’s official Twitter. Last we heard, they were hoping for a September release, but now they’re not promising anything…

android twitter

That’s all for now — there’s been a number of PHB posts recently, so be sure to catch up on all the latest happenings below! Keep on popping on, Poptropicans. 🙂



15 thoughts on “PopCon selfie, Creators’ Blog widened, & more!

  1. Mαgı¢ Fıяe ♪ says:

    Huh, apparently I can take the survey on my iPad. ^-^ Just a little slow. 😛 I’ll be taking it now. 😀

  2. ★ Brave Tomato ★ says:

    Oh no, the Creators have caught on to the fads of the 2010s! O.O well anyways, I can tell it’s the Not-Gandalf cosplayer holding the camera and the woman next to him may be an expert cosplayer. I mean, just compare the costumes 😛

    #omgijusttookaselfiewithaprocosplayer #ihopeshelikesmyoutfit

  3. ♫★Scary Plug★♫ says:

    Nooo it’s delayed AGAIN?! >.< D': #androiduserproblems #delayed #frustrated #angry #sad #developmentproblems #android #hashtag #thisisanexampleofahashtag #wowsomanyhashtags #maybeishouldstophashtagging #lolno #byeee

  4. Spotted Dragon says:

    #selfieaddict #hashtagoverload #suckedintotherestoftheteenagepopulation #facepalm #ohwell #justembraceit #accepting #someoneplaysummertimesadness
    Dude, I’m trying so hard to embrace this post. I have managed to stay away from every other selfie/hash-tag addict and I will not be sucked in today! XD

  5. OMGitsBudderSorceress says:

    #allthemhashtagstho #ineverusedthismanyhashtagsbefore #dangthatsalonghashtag #hashtag #youtuberreferencemuch #no #bai

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