Survival Island

The oldest trick in the book (Survival 4 for all this Thurs!)

Hello, fellows. Hi guys. Bonjour, monsiours. (Sorry girls, I coudn’t think of a hello rhyme that applied to you). It is me, Angry Wing, returned from the dead. (I wasn’t really dead.) As you all know, there’s been just a flurry of Poptropican activity in this past year.

First of all, in addition to Mission Atlantis 3 releasing to members this Thursday, the Creators finally confirmed, as if it were an afterthought, that nonmembers wouldn’t be left out: Survival 4 is coming out on Aug 7 for all as well. Exciting, right? AAAAAHHH. Just had to get that out, Poptropica is so busy.



So that’s Poptropica. Now read on if you want to for a valuable life lesson 😀

I must say, it’s made me rather lazy. Yep, LAZY. *shudders* You know it’s like, “Should I post today? Oh lookie, HP and Samwow and Fishy all have posted recently, I can wait.” Or maybe, “Should I post today? Wow, delving into the Creators files? I can’t possibly top that! I’ll wait.” You know? It’s a vicious cycle. (Not really that vicious). I feel terribly embarrassed, because when I signed up for this gig, one of the requirements was that I would be a faithful author. I gave up my Poptropica membership this summer, and I pondered retirement. But no! THE SHOW MUST GO ON!

And it is. Right now. What you are reading is the show going on.

If there was only one thing I could teach you, it wouldn’t be about Poptropica. It’s this:

You’ll always have an excuse. Don’t use it. Ever. Remember, excuses are useless.

Well, anyway, I’ll be back soon. So watch yo back, fools! Just kidding, just kidding.

This has been an inspirational public service announcement from the esteemed, all-powerful Angry Wing, who is also super-awesome and thinks his readers are even more awesome.

11 thoughts on “The oldest trick in the book (Survival 4 for all this Thurs!)”

  1. Hi, Angry Wing! I didn’t start reading this blog until around last year so I don’t really remember you, but welcome back.

  2. #TheStruggleIsReal… anyway, nice to have you posting again, AW! Weird how the Creators didn’t mention Survival 4 for all sooner. It’s like they forgot about everyone else. 😛

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