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Arabian Nights Ep. 1: name, sneak peeks, & plot prediction!

Hey everyone! HP and I were looking behind the scenes and found Arabian Nights: Episode 1’s name & much more about the island! The name is: How Bazaar.


The name is so suitable to this island from what we’ve seen. Some recent Daily Pops have been showing a market, which in the Middle East is called a bazaar.

Whattya Buyin: Got some good things on sale, stranger.
Whattya Buyin: Got some good things on sale, stranger.

The sneak peek description above tells us we are strangers to the area, which goes with the pitch given by the CYDI contest winner:

On Arabian Nights Island, Poptropicans go on a quest across the desert to rescue a sultan’s genie from the Forty Thieves.

The pitch also mentions “sultan’s genie from the Forty Thieves”. Arabian Nights Island is based on the classic tales of Aladdin and the King of Thieves and Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves. Now, let’s go back to the name of the first episode: How Bazaar (nice pun, Creators :P).

After putting all the pieces together and using a bit of reasoning, my prediction is this: You are at the bazaar and the forty thieves take the genie and you travel the desert trying to rescue the genie.

The Creators are making this island in episodes once again, so this won’t happen all in one episode. It’s just my prediction of the basic plot of the island. This week I will make another groundbreaking post about Arabian Nights, so stay tuned! c:


7 thoughts on “Arabian Nights Ep. 1: name, sneak peeks, & plot prediction!”

  1. This island makes me want to watch Aladdin at I said before this and Poptropicon will probably alternate new episodes… It may be fun,but remember:

    A fool off his guard, could fall and fall hard out there on the dunes!

  2. ugh! another episodic island? really creators? 😛 Is this the end of regular islands as we know it!?!

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