Galactic Hot Dogs: Princess Dagger prize pack & new costume closet!

Hey Poptropicans – Galactic Hot Dogs is back on Poptropica with some new goodies! This time I found it on Main Street of Super Power Island. Last time the GHD stand was around, it brought along the Ice Blaster Pistol, and the time before that, the Princess Dagger (girls) and Cosmoe (boys) costumes. Those prizes are now back, along with two new ones: Jack and Princess Follower!

ghd prizepack

When you click on the GHD stand to receive your prizes, you’ll also be brought to the GHD site on Funbrain where you can read the graphic novels for free! By the way, Galactic Hot Dogs uses the font “Luckiest Guy”, which PHB author HP once recommended as a free alternative to Poptropica’s title font, Ghostkid AOE. Cool, eh? 😀

Also, here’s a look at part of the prize pack in action: the Princess Follower is as tall as your Poptropican, Jack transforms your head and body into a robot (you can use the Costumizer tool to remove it), and the Ice Blaster Pistol freezes innocent bystanders into a block of ice for a moment.

ghd action

Enjoy your prizes!

Update by Samwow5: Hey everyone! There is a new feature for Poptropica’s costume closet! It’s only accessible on SUIs: you customize a Main Street character and the Costumizer screen pops up.


By clicking the green button with a clothes hanger and a plus, it adds the costume immediately to your closet. When you click the blue button with a hanger, it opens up your closet and lets you scroll through and delete costumes you don’t want.

And in other news, issue #18 of the PHB magazine, The POPCORN, was just released – click here to check out this month’s compilation of Poptropica fanfiction, artwork, fashion trends, and more! Keep on poppin’ on, Poptropicans. 🙂

8 thoughts on “Galactic Hot Dogs: Princess Dagger prize pack & new costume closet!

  1. Happy Bean says:

    What if the stand isn’t there, will appear another time

    slantedfish: Ad items are limited edition – we don’t know if this one will return, but don’t count on it. 😉

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