Daily Pop, Legendary Swords

The return of Legendary Swords?

Hi Gs,

This topic has been a recurring theme throughout the years, mostly because there has been no avail. If any of you remember, Legendary Swords was a mini-quest released years ago (you can still get it from the store). Legendary Swords ended with a cliff hanger and it was to be continued. But it wasn’t.

In Mocktropica, you can find a piece of paper while searching through a trash bin that shows the villain of Legendary Swords. The paper is crumpled up, hinting that the series will never be continued.

However, Daily Pops before and after Mocktropica’s release had been very suggestive of an underground theme, which is very Legendary Swords-esque. Those sort of tapered off until there was no more mention of them — but with one recent Daily Pop, they seem to have risen again.


The title of the Daily Pop above is “Crystallized” — but the most interesting thing is the description — “The caves have come around again.” Are the Creators acknowledging the seemingly forgotten underground DP posts? If so, are these posts related to Legendary Swords?

And have you noticedย all the Legendary things happening lately? Thanks to CaptainSpencer for giving me this lead. Tell me your thoughts in the comments. ๐Ÿ™‚


15 thoughts on “The return of Legendary Swords?”

  1. The crystals look like the ones from the poptropica design (oh great now I forget the name ;p ) for members. Cool.

    ~~Sent from my iPhone c:


      1. Yeppers! Thanks ;p I forget practically everything… O_o **Insane in da membrane, insane in da brain!**

        I’m also random. But yes, I think they look like something from the Poptropica Labs Project. Could spin either way, but didn’t someone mention another Poptropica Labs coming?

  2. I haven’t played Legendary Swords yet. I’m saving the mini-quests until I finish all the islands so I have something to do while I’m waiting for the next island’s release (I have to do Skullduggery, Steamworks,Wimpy Boardwalk, Twisted Thicket, Super Villain, Virus Hunter, and Poptropolis Games.)

  3. I really liked Legendary Swords! I hope the Creators have decided to continue the Mini Quest!

  4. Man, I’ve been talking about Legendary Swords for YEARS now. And now that it might return, I’m relieved. ^^;

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